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Hershey Park

By: Christopher “Lobo” Ostrowski
Demonology Team Chair

Hersheypark is a family theme park situated in Derry Township, Pennsylvania, United States, about 15 miles east of Harrisburg, and 95 miles west of Philadelphia. – Wikipedia
Address: 100 Hersheypark Dr, Hershey, PA 17033
Opened: May 30, 1906
Area: 121 acres
Phone: (800) 437-7439
Owner: Hershey Entertainment and Resorts Company
Roller coasters: 13
Water rides: 14

Hershey Park was created by Milton S. Hershey, in 1907, as an outdoor recreation center for his factory workers. The park was an ideal setting for picnicking and boating (“Hershey, The Sweetest Place on Earth”). In the years following, amenities were added including a swimming pool, an outdoor amphitheater, and rides. Admission to the park was free, but the attractions had a pay-as-you-ride policy.

Pools were added in 1929. These were located across from the “Chocolate World” attraction. The story goes that over the years, several kids drowned in the pools. In the 1970’s, these where filled in and all that remains are Lighthouses that were located nearby. There have been reports over the years of children, in old swimming attire, running where the pools once stood.

Night Watchmen have smelled the distinct odor of Cigars. It is a known fact that Milton S. Hershey was a connoisseur of cigars, possibly checking in on the progress of his creation.

Another story of that Night Watchman is The Grand Carousel, with its lights ablaze and the Wurlitzer Military Band Organ piping out “Let Me Call You Sweetheart,” revolving in the wee hours of the night.

In the 1970’s, several tracts of house where bought up from the surrounding land for an expansion. An Elderly women, stressed from the pressure to sell her house, committed suicide from the “Kissing Tower”.
Today people buying French Fries, at the stand nearby, claim to hear her moans and cries for help.

During that expansion period, new rides were installed including the SooperDooperLooper, the first looping rollercoaster on the East Coast. This was plagued with issues from the start. During its Inaugural run, July 4, 1977, the coaster broke down, with the park’s CEO in the front seat, stranding the passengers on the lift hill. All the VIPs had to climb out of the train and walk down the precarious catwalks to safety.

On August 25, 1977, William Harter, a sixteen-year-old Lebanon High School senior, was in a vocational training program, working at Hersheypark as a maintenance man. Harter was working on the SooperDooperLooper, removing bolts from a magnetic control device switch which normally stops the train. He was standing between the track’s rails with his back towards the train. The train suddenly started to move and ran over him. There are reports of seeing him walking the tracks at all ours. Still making sure the ride functions

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Christopher Lobo Ostrowski's photo.
Christopher Lobo Ostrowski's photo.
Christopher Lobo Ostrowski's photo.
Christopher Lobo Ostrowski's photo.