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Day 6: Aliens/UFO’s in the media



Whats that you say? Your second cousin married a grey? E.T is in your home making collect calls? Elvis not dead simply playing for the aliens?

In this day and age, Aliens have had quite the impact on pop culture and the media. From books like the War of the Worlds to the Martian Chronicles, form movies like Aliens to Paul, and TV shows like V or Falling Skies, Aliens have always been a go to for the use in science fiction. As you probably guessed by the intro Aliens and UFO’s have had another significant impact on the media and pop culture with their constant appearances in tabloids and other associated media, most of the time to quite humorous effect.

With this in mind, Is it because of these impacts on pop culture and media that more people are hesitant with coming forward with their experiences? or is the other way around? is it because of these peoples hesitation to come forward that allows pop culture to take what few sightings and experiences that have been documented and twists them for other amusements leading people to be worried about coming off as insane further perpetuating the cycle?

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Day 1: Ancient Astronauts/Aliens


According to many theorists, extraterrestrial life has come to earth over the millennia to influence multiple aspects of human civilization and culture such as technology, religions, and various other areas. The most prominent example of technology is found in Hindu scriptures as well as in some of the books in the Judeo-Christian faiths. It is believed that several religions were created based upon the visitation of alien races, some of these are Scientology, Raelism, and Heavens gate. It is also believed that structures such as the Pyramids and Stonehenge were built as megalithic structures either as means of spiritual communication or as sites for landing.

Day 1 Links: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ancient_astronauts