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Belief of Djinn (Arabic for Genie) in the gaza area.

ga1By International rep Stephen Russell

Gaza is a region of the state of Palestine. It is on the east coast of Mediterranean Sea.
It is 41 kilometres( 25 miles)long.

The origin of the word is taken from the Arabic word for the semetic root.. Jann which means to hide.
The more know word of genie.. is derived from the French word for genius..which came from the Latin meaning of a guardian spirit.

They are said to have a social structure just like humans.. where there is monarchy and occasions such as weddings and mourning the departed.

ga2They are seen with some traditions as travelling in different forms..such as flying in air (vultures etc)..and snakes and dogs. Even dragons have there place with them.

In recent years at the town of deir al-balah have started to believe that genies are the cause of unexplained housefires in the town itself. The police in the region have stated that it is nothing more than scare mongering and have tried to down playdown the reports. But belief is still strong with these accounts.

The belief in genies has a long history in the region. A region that has a belief system of Fortune tellers and spiritual healing. One of a belief that genies can posses people at ease.

ga3Gaza has a strong Muslim population ,that has a strong belief in the paranormal and Djinn are actually mentioned in the qur’ran as supernatural creatures that are made of smoke or fire. The Muslim equivalent of “satan” is believed to be one also.

The belief has even led to exorcisms of what is believed to be genies. Contrary to the more western beliefs of exorcising due to chritianic demonic enterties.

The belief in genies here, is as strong as it was centuries ago.