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May 15


By: Christopher “Lobo” Ostrowski
Demonology Team Chair


24 Broadway, Jim Thorpe, PA 18229

Phone:(800) 329-2599

The Inn at Jim Thorpe in Carbon County is a New Orleans style hotel that dates back to 1849, when built in 1833.

The inn, originally built as the ritzy New American Hotel, was erected on the ashes of the burned out White Swan Hotel. The Guests have reported, the usual Paranormal sightings of, seeing orbs and shadows in their photographs, and even in their beds. TVs operate by themselves, objects move. Some guests in Room 315 have reported to be awakened to find the chairs in their room have been turned upside-down. It should be noted that several famous people have spent nights here, including Gen. Ulysses S. Grant, President William H. Taft, Buffalo Bill, Thomas Edison and John D. Rockefeller.

There is one ghost, that some say, remains at the inn because she is welcome there. It is believed, back when it was called The American House, She and her lover had planned a rendezvous there. They were supposedly to reserve a room on the same floor. But a clerical error by a new employee at the front desk, gave her a room on a different floor than that of her lover. Of course upon his arrival, he wasn’t able to find her. Desperate in her situation, and feeling spurned by her love, she ended up committing suicide in her room.

It became The Inn at Jim Thorpe in 1988.

Here are some other Rooms that might be of interest to Investigators.
It is reported that a Nurse becomes quite annoyed when you occupy the same bed as a patient she is tending to, in Room 310. If you lie down in the same the bed as her Spectral Patient, it is said you can feel her Icy Grip. You may also see her white figure. Another Spirit has been reported there, too, a tall man with slicked back hair.

Room 211 has a problem with the TV going on and off by itself. My belief, since it targets men, it’s a “Football Widow”, JUST KIDDING. Also items disappear then reappear in different spots. The Spirit is definitely mischievous. One Gentleman reportedly left his boots by the door, only to wake and find them outside his room. Towels are sometimes shoved in the toilet. The sounds of laughing children are heard when there are no children around. Cigar and cigarette smoke is smelled when no one is around,
Down the hall at Room 303, there are unexplainable shadows and orbs.

In Room 203, a guest claimed that a ghost put his cell phone in the refrigerator.
A faceless lady in Victorian attire has disappeared into closed doors. Guests have supposedly seen many spirit shadows in the downstairs foyer and lobby, and have orb and mist photographs to bolster their claims. The Innkeeper has even set up a little disclaimer about Spirits in the house.






Christopher Lobo Ostrowski's photo.
Christopher Lobo Ostrowski's photo.

Apr 17

Central Catholic High School

Central Catholic High School
By: Christopher Rogue Ostrowski
William H. Luden was the famous developer of the menthol cough drop and founder of the Luden’s company, which is also known for the original “5th Ave. Chocolate Bar”.
Luden launched a backroom candy business in 1879 in the rear of his father’s jewelry shop at 35 N. 5th St., Reading, Pennsylvania;
Luden built two mansions, one on 5th Street in Reading Pa., and one at1400 Hill Rd, Reading, PA. The latter called Bon-Air.
Luden sold the mansion to the Catholic Archdiocese of Philadelphia in 1939. It was turned into a Catholic High School. It welcomed its first students in 1940. An expansion the following year, roughly doubling its size, linked the mansion with its carriage house.
The doors may have closed on Central Catholic High School in 2011, the ghost stories that have spun out of the former Luden Mansion on Hill Road, may never stop operating.
The hauntings of the stately structure range from the natural deaths of Luden family members to a report of the suicide of one of William H. Luden’s sons.
Built over an old iron mine, the home he called Bon Air was a spectacular residence with a ballroom, bowling alley and a total of 33 rooms, including servants’ quarters on the third level. There were tunnels and nooks beneath the building.
Seated above what is now “City Park”, the mansion’s western side of the estate gave the Luden family a large view of the city.
And it is said that on that porch, one of William Luden’s sons hanged himself
The tales of death there have taken lives of their own. Stories of murders and mayhem have in numerous websites, in Urban Legends on the streets of Reading and in the stomping and shouting of upstart paranormal groups, which clumsily parade floor to floor.
Staffers have told stories of Temperature fluctuations, Papers being turned slowly on desks. “Things” that are walking around after hours. BUT, because of fear of repercussion, no one will allow a name or Title to be used. This hurts, of course, credibility
Christopher “Papa Coyote” Ostrowski
Demonology Department Head

Christopher Rogue Ostrowski's photo.
Christopher Rogue Ostrowski's photo.

Apr 17

The Quaker church

The Quaker church

BY: Christopher Rogue Ostrowski

on Quaker Church Road in Perryopolis Pa., contains multiple different ghost stories. Now Quaker Church was founded by none other than a bunch of Quakers in the 1700’s. It was a sight where they killed supposed witches and where others practiced black magic later. The hellhound that haunts the church is just one legend.

Supposedly, past investigators have talk to people that have driven or walked past the church. One even stated that he hit a big black dog and it rolled up his hood and over his car. The dog got up and started chasing the car, It is stated that the Dog kept up with the car. But, once he cleared the church it had disappeared.

There are many more “Legends” about this once, a Quaker Church. One is that inside there is believed to a written description on the wall about how someone, a supposed witch was killed and if you read, that’s how you die. There is graffiti, quite a bit. It looks as if there “Satanists” and “Devil Worshipers” there at one time.***

Now there is an old tombstone that glows, supposedly There is a very creepy inscription on it,

A similar Inscription can be seen at The church of Sta. Maria Novella, in Florence. There is a fresco by Masaccio, “The Trinity” (ca. 1427). Below the fresco is a skeleton in the wall, with the epitaph, “io fu gia quel che voi siete e quel chio son voi anco sarete” (“I was once that which you are, and what I am you also will be”).
But this inscription is Americanized and says:
“Remember youth as you go by. As you are now so once was I. As I am now so you shall be. Prepare for death and follow me.”

The “legend” says if you sit on the tombstone when it’s glowing and read the inscription you and everyone you’re with will die. I don’t know if it’s true,

*** Probably just kids out for kicks. No respectable Satanist, Luciferian or “Devil Worshiper” would destroy a place like that



A Brief History of Providence Meeting House as compiled by Joan Lyons from the recollections of Mr. David Binns and from Himshaw’s Encyclopedia of American Quaker Research.

Apr 17

The Rehmeyer House

The Rehmeyer House

By: Christopher Rogue Ostrowski


In a Place now known as Spring Valley Park, stands the Rehmeyer House. This place was once Rehmeyer’s Hollow, named after the owner of the House, Nelson Rehmeyer.

Nelson Rehmeyer was what called, in this area, a Pow Wow Doctor. This hits a chord with me because I too practice this type of Folk Medicine.

On Nov. 27th, 1928, Nelson was murdered by a gentleman and three accomplices. John Blymire believed that Nelson Rehmeyer, believed to be a witch, cursed or hexed him. He consulted Nellie Noll, known as the Marietta River Witch. Noll told him that 2 things needed to be down to break the Hex:
1. Steal Rehmeyer’s spell book “The Long Lost Friend” and burn it.
This is a book written in 1820 by John George Hoffman. A type of “Spell book” for this PA German Shamanic Folk Medicine
2. Cut a lock of Rehmeyer’s hair and bury it 6-feet in the ground.

Blymire and his two accomplices broke into Rehmeyer’s home. There was a fight. They brutally beat Nelson and strangled him. The home was set ablaze to cover their tracks.

Somehow, the flames extinguished themselves. The police found enough evidence from the body and scene to charge all three men with Murder of Nelson Rehmeyer.
This became known as the “York Hex Slayings”

Since the Murder, there have been reports of Black dogs with red eyes on the grounds and in the woods. “Smoke” is seen coming from the home. Even “UFO sightings have been reported.

The grounds are said to be “Bad Grounds” by local Native Americans.

Fate Magazine, 1949


Jan 10


fRockwood Mansion / Museum By Katie Snow
610 Shipley Road
Wilmington, Delaware 19809

Built in 1851 for Quaker Merchant Joseph Shipley, this Gothic Revival Home was held by his descendants the Bringhurst Family until it was donated to New Castle County in 1973 and turned into a park and event facility.

It is said it is one of the most haunted locations in Delaware. From footsteps in the dark to giggling children at play when none are present, this mansion was shown on my ghost story presented by the Bio Channel.
It not only holds events but also ghost tours and investigations of this large almost chilling property.

Deleware Online
Haunted Places

Dec 24

The Dohney Mansion

w905 Loma Vista Dr.
Beverly Hills, CA 90210

In the stewardship of Mount Saint Mary’s University is the 1899 Mansion once owned by the Posey family. The home shows the wealth and oppulance of a bygone era that gained greater Los Angeles and the Beverly Hills society the glitz and glamour known today.

On the evening of the 16th of February 1929 there was a gunshot that resounded from the guest bedroom which upon entrance held the injured body of Mr. Posey and his Secretary Hugh Plunket’s dead body. It is of the thought that it may have been a suicide pact and is known as the DeMille Conspiracy.

It is now said that part of the mansion is in a bit of disrepair as night ground maintenance can not remain employed due to screams and other noises that can be heard coming from inside the home.

Tours are offered by the University of Saint Mary’s

The Shadowlands
Haunted Places

Dec 24

Professor Java’s Coffee Sanctuary

217 Wolf Rd, Albany, NY 12205
(518) 435-0843
6:30 AM – 10:00 PM
This wonderful restaurant warns the patron right on the website that there are spirits in the building, not to be scared, and also states that one might just have an encounter. Many mention seeing grown men in mirrors but not in the actual room. Workers hear noises at night. Most report feelings of unease or feelings of an extra person at or around their table. A spirit of a dog has also been seen and heard. Workers often refuse to go to the basement alone, as they feel that this is where the activity emanates. Originally a residence, the building became a hair salon before it became the coffee house. Personal experiences include cold spots, breezes from no definable sources, and feelings of not being alone in the rest room.
Personal visits from Lillee Allee

Dec 22

The Brightside

13The Brightside
Raquette Lake
In the heart of the Adirondacks, NY
(not accessible by car)
While it is currently being used for Fiber Optic training classes, you may contact
John Bruno for more information at 315-737-2157 or email jbruno@fiberinstrumentsales.com
The Brightside Hotel is a rustic inn on Raquette Lake \in the Adirondacks. Originally a residence in the 1880s, the Bryere family build a hotel and a complex in the style of the Adirondack great camps. Now owned by The Light Connection, it has been renovated and modernized.
The owners admit to non-living gusts and residents and share living guests’ stories. Many have reported being touched or seeing something watching them. In the 1970s, a husband’s death in a blizzard, has since caused witnesses to see the wife waiting for her husband in their room if the piano is being played below. During renovations workers found two coats from yesteryear on a coatrack; a situation that has never been explained. Because the original owner was the county’s coroner, bodies were stored in the basement if the ground was frozen. One room seems to have continual reports of blue orb-like lights seen by the naked eye, if that is not enough, the bed also sometimes shakes. There are other reports of activity in the kitchen, doors acting strangely without human intervention, and cameras taking pictures on their own.
According to the Brightside’s web site, in 2002, the Mohawk Valley Ghost Hunters investigated and found some evidence in the original building.
The building is only accessible by boat.

Dec 22

The Big Moose Inn

12The Big Moose Inn
on historic Big Moose Lake
1510 Big Moose Road
Eagle Bay, New York 13331 (open throughout the year)
(315) 357-2042 | (888) 924-4666
On the shores of Big Moose Lake in the Adirondacks, sits the historical Big Moose Inn. For decades this has been a beloved vacation spot, but is best known for the murder of pregnant Grace Brown in the early 1900s. Built in 1902 as Burdick’s Camp and then Waterman’s Camp, it became Big Moose Inn in 1946, and more new owners offered more building and renovations. The Inn now boasts 16 guest rooms, a dining room, and a tavern.
The story of Ms. Brown has been immortalized in a book called “An American Tragedy” by Theodore Dreiser. Native to South Otselic, New York, Brown started working at the Gillette Skirt Company in Cortland, New York in 1905. An illicit affair with the owner’s nephew, Chester Gillette, resultedin pregnancy. Gillette, an entitled young man took this working glass girl to Big Moose Lake, with promises of marriage and a new lifestyle. Witnesses saw the two on the lake onJuly 11th, but Gillette returned alone. Brown’s body was found in the lake the next day. It is believed that Gillette knocked Brown out with a tennis racket and threw her out of the craft to drown in the lake. Gillette was executed in 1908 in Auburn Prison.
This became a story of poverty, pregnancy and privilege. Jennifer Donnelly’s novel A Northern Light. and the non-fiction Adirondack Tragedy: The Gillette Murder Case of 1906, by Joseph W. Brownell & Patricia A. Wawrzaszek, and Murder in the Adirondacks: An American Tragedy Revisited by Craig Brandon. George Stevens’ 1951 film, A Place in the Sun, starring Montgomery Clift and Elizabeth Taylor, was also inspired by the murder.
Many hotel guests have allegedly seen Brown’s ghost by the lake, and the ambience of the area adds to romantic and other unsettling feelings deep in the heart of the forest.

Dec 22

Wolfe Manor/ Clovis Ave. Sanitarium

112674 Clovis Avenue
Clovis, Ca.

In a town noted as the “Gateway to the Sierras” stood an opulant mansion known as Wolfe Manor. Completed in 1922 for Anthony Andriotti it stayed as a private residence until the upkeep bankrupted the owner who turned to alcohol and died in 1929. The manor has never known happiness and earned a reputation for a black hole of woefulness and death.

The manor sat empty until 1935 when it became a Sanitarium named Hazelwood. Hazelwood took in patients that were dying from TB. In 1942 it once again changed hands and became known as the Clovis Avenue Sanitarium and adopted a new role as a place for both the physically as well as the mentally ill. Many were dropped off at the door and things declined rapidly as many suffered behind its’ closed doors. The newly dead were stored in
the basement and locals told tales of the steady stream of bodies being carried out and it closed down shortly after.

In the year 1997 Todd Wolfe bought the property to make a Halloween attraction, however the obvious presence in the manor could not be denied. It seems something constantly harassed his employees and a figure that has been spotted in one of the rooms known as Mary’s room has physically grabbed those who have come in contact with the ghostly

Sources –
Haunted Locations
The Travel Channel

Dec 22

Saint James (Brantley) Hotel

101200 Water Ave.
Selma, AL 36701
Phone:(334) 872-3234
Opening as The Brantley in 1837, the Saint James Hotel overlooks the Alabama River in the center of downtown Selma. Selm has a history not only of the riots for voting, but also as a very important foothold for the Confederate Army during the Civil War however most of the town was burned by the Union Soldiers during the Selma Battle. The hotel and a few other buildings were spared.

After the war this hotel was operated by Benjamin Sterling Turner,(the first African American ever elected to the United States Congress). It is said the hotel was host to outlaw brothers Frank and Jesse James in 1881.
In 1892, the hotel fell upon hard times and ceased operations.
For a century the doors remained closed however a group of investors purchased the old building and officially reopen the doors of the establishment in 1997 as the St. James Hotel.

Paranormal Activity –
Legend states that two of the most reported “hauntings” in the hotel include Jesse James and his girlfriend Lucinda. Employees and guests alike claim to have seen the apparition of a man dressed in attire that was common for a man in the late 1800s. He is most often seen in the rooms in which he typically stayed – rooms 214, 314, and 315.
several witnesses have observed what appears to be residual hauntings of individuals who are fully clothed in dress that were common to the 1800s. They seem unaware of the “living” surrounding them.
Additionally, the sounds of apparent ghost dogs can be heard in the area. Jessie James, some have said, once owned a black dog that was his companion for many years. Many guests at the St. James have reported hearing a dog running up and down the halls.
Source – Strange Alabama

Dec 22

The Sagamore Hotel

9110 Sagamore Road
Bolton Landing, NY 12814
Hotel Direct: 518.644.9400
Reservations (Toll-Free): 866.384.1944
Group Sales: 855.700.OPAL
The Sagamore Hotel, just north of Lake George in the Adirondacks) was originally opened in 1883 . Its land covers almost all of Green Island. The main building was destroyed by two fires in 1893 and 1914 and reconstructed in 1930 and closed in 1981. Empty for two years, it re-opened in 1983, 100 years after its original construction. The building is now listed in the National Register of Historic Places.
According to The Free George, many visitors since the 1950s have given corresponding accounts of strange occurrences. Some say they’ve seen the ghost of a middle-aged woman wearing a blue polka-dot dress moving through the hallways and the Trillium, the hotel’s fine dining restaurant. Sometimes the woman is accompanied by a man and walks down the stairs into the reception area. Others hear children giggling in the hallways or on the golf course. An undocumented legend says that a little boy was hit by a car while running after a golf ball and died, staying to haunt the golf course forever. There are even reports of one room being closed off to visitors because of strange noises during the night. One previous employee claimed that the hotel is built on a Native American cemetery, which is the source of the strange feelings and ghosts sightings reported by many of the guests and employees. A prep cook quit after a tall woman in white spoke to him and then walked through him and disappeared.

Dec 22

Beardslee Castle

8123 Old State Road
Little Falls, NY 13365
According to The Free George, Beardslee is truly a castle–a replica of an ancient Irish castle built in 1860 by masons from Ireland and Switzerland. Beardslee Castle may be one of the most haunted buildings in New York State with tales of death and unexplainable events on the Beardslee property dating back more than 300 years. In the mid-1700’s a group of Native Americans were killed when they tried to enter a homestead filled to the brim with munitions and powder. Route 5 travelers have reported seeing a blinding light rush from the trees, resulting in many fatalities as cars drove off the road. Some drivers have reported seeing a young child walking along the road in the middle of the night, with reports that the ghost of Mr. Beardslee was seen holding a lantern and searching for a lost child. The suicide of Pop Christensen, the first owner of the castle when it was a restaurant added to the stories. Recent guests speak of a young woman dressed in white who is walking outside. Two drivers witnessed the young woman being hit as she stepped into the road one night, but no one was on the road and there were no marks on the car. Employees of the castle are afraid to be there alone, hearing steps, music and voices. Tables have been found overturned and chairs moved around in the mornings.
Over one hundred psychics and paranormal experts have concluded that it is indeed haunted. A recording done by the New Hampshire Institute for Paranormal Research in 1983, picked up playful whispers throughout the night. In October 1999, the Castle was featured in a segment of “Haunted History” on the History Channel, and the producer said that a picture of a ghost in the dungeon was the best he’d ever seen.
The castle serves dinner four nights a week and also hosts wedding receptions, banquets and special events. Guests can head down to the Dungeon for drinks at the bar and perhaps an extra fright, as most of the sightings have taken place in this specific area.

Dec 22

Kanai Cemetery

31st Ave and Coral St
Kenai, AK
United States
This Cemetery hides secrets from a brutal past. Servants brought here to mine for gold were brutally murdered after the gold mines ran dry. The owners would rather have them killed then pay to feed them. They were buried in unmarked graves outside the main cemetery.
Paranormal Activity- There have been numerous sightings of a heavyset woman named Marie. There has also been sightings of a spirit named Arthur who tends to the graves at night.

Dec 22

Hotel Captain Cook

2939 W 5th Ave
Anchorage, AK 99501
United States
Many have reported strange sightings after 2 women committed suicide at this Anchorage hotel.
Paranormal Activity: Guests have reported seeing the ghost of a woman in the bathroom of the hotel. Doors have been reported to open and close on their own.

Dec 22

Birch Hill Cemetery

1City Lights Blvd
Fairbanks, AK
United States
The cemetery was built in 1938. It is known for its many folk monuments and beautiful landscape.
Paranormal Activity- Many have reported seeing a “white lady”, several shadow figures, and a little boy who looks like he is from the 1930’s.

Dec 13

Moon River Brewing Company

z721 W Bay St.
Savannah, GA 31401
(912) 447-0943
This stately builing was built in 1821 by a Charleston native by the name of Elazer Early as the town’s first hotel and post office. The name of the hotel was The City Hotel and was quite upscale. The northern clientele were not so charming to the locals and in 1864, after an increased wave of violence, the hotel closed as Gen.Sherman led the Union Army throughout Georgia. Surviving the War this building sat unused until 1999 when it was renovated into the now Moon River Brewing Company.

Since it has open it’s doors the staff as well as customers encountered many unexplained activity. Sometimes very violent in nature. Stories of bottles being thrown and people being touched, pushed, and slapped by the unseen.
One of the ghostly figures is known as “Toby,” who will lurk in the bar’s billiard room where he has been known to assault patrons and staff. It is also said that a glowing white apparition has been seen on the restaurant’s upper floors and is believed to be the spirit of a hotel worker who died there in the late 1800s.
There have been reports of other activity as well and should be a stop on any paranormal vacation.
Source – The Travel Channel

Dec 13

Santa Margarita River Bridge

z5Santa Margarita River Bridge
De Luz Rd
Fallbrook, Ca 92028
It is said that during the California Gold Rush, a small group of wagoners were killed at the river near the current newer bridge in the early 1900′s, which was the same year Fallbrook Union High School was first established. Legend has it that on the first Prom night of the new Fallbrook High School three pair of teens disappeared and were later found dead in the river. There have been dozens of strange occurrences in this area and in local police reports all regarding the area of the river.
Source – Haunted History

Dec 13

Cherokee Cemetery

z4Cherokee Cemetery
831 Industrial Way
Lodi, CA 95240
Phone:(209) 334-9613

It is stated that the town sweetheart was murder in the 1800’s and her murderer burned alive in the home he owned across the street from the cemetery. Legend says that if you visit this cemetery after dark you will hear loud stomping in a deserted area of the cemetery. There is another legend that says a child and his father passed away on the same day and if you bring flowers and sit them on the headstone you will be visited and thanked by them.
Source – The Shadowlands

Dec 13

Union Hotel

z3Union Hotel
401 First Street, PO Box 874
Benicia, California 94510
(707) 746-0110

The Union Hotel seems to be haunted by two apparitions,a young man and a young woman. Legend states that in the 1800s a young, distraught woman hung herself in one of the rooms.She is described as having a woeful demeanor.
They say she has been seen as a full apparition wandering the hallways & several of the bedrooms as well as sadly peering out the windows. She has been heard crying and talking to herself when the hotel is still and empty. Lights also turn off and turn on by themselves.The Young Man apparition is thought to be connected to her in some way.
Has has been seen in the bar area and the dining room looking wistfully toward the staircase.
Source – Haunted Houses

Dec 13

Rose Hill Cemetery

Z2Rose Hill Cemetery
Pittsburg, California 94565
Floating & glowing crosses have been mentioned when talking about this cemetery. 13 apparitions of children dressed in black have also been seen in the graveyard and surrounding areas. There have also been Menacing, angry presences that have been felt by the living. Sounds heard include that of of bells as well as ghostly cries and laughter. This old graveyard is located on the the 5,000 acre Black Diamond Mines Regional Preserve.
Source – Shadowlands

Dec 13

Adelaida Cemetery

Z1Adelaida Cemetery
9899 Chimney Rock Rd
Paso Robles, California 93446

It is stated that a women wearing a long white nightgown roams this cemetery on Friday nights between 10 PM and midnight.
Legend has it that it is Charlotte Sitton, the young wife of a minister who had committed suicide at 19 years of age in December of 1890.
Her child or children supposedly died during a diphtheria epidemic and now she leaves flowers on the grave(s) and is said to appear near either her grave or her child’s grave. Occasionally she can be seen carrying flowers and laying them upon the graves of children.
Source – Weird Claifornia

Dec 06

Kate Shephard House Bed & Breakfast

91553 Monterey Pl
Mobile, AL 36604
The historic bed and breakfast is haunted by the apparition of an elderly woman, who has been seen in guest rooms all over the building.
A strange presence has been felt by guests and staff.
Source Haunted Places

Dec 06

State University of Albany (2)

8Pierce Hall, Alumni Quad
1400 Washington Ave,
Albany, NY 12222
(518) 442-3300
Throughout the last decades, students have reported alleged sightings of a young woman who wanders the halls. There has been no investigation as to who she was or why she remains at Pierce.

Dec 06

State University of Albany

8Mohican Hall, Indian Quad
1400 Washington Ave,
Albany, NY 12222
(518) 442-3300
Reports of an apparition that appears “young looking” started in 1994. It wanders the halls of the dorm.

Dec 06

Oakwood Cemetery 2

750 101st St.
Troy, NY 12180
This cemetery is also allegedly one of the most haunted cemeteries in the United States. Witnesses have reported alleged spots of light, apparitions, the Virgin Mary statue weeping blood, and paranormal activity around Uncle Sam’s burial plot. It remains open with listed visiting hours. There are also reports of late night rituals and moving entities, but as you can see from the photos this may be only wildlife.

Dec 06

Oakwood Cemeteries

4940 Comstock Ave,
Syracuse, NY
(315) 565-2874
Visitors report apparitions, moving tombstones, sounds and voices. The cemetery is open for visitors but obey the posted hours. It is also known for its variety of trees and birds. Many are drawn to visit due to the beautiful variety of stone designs.

Dec 06

Maple Hill Cemetery aka Dead Childrens Playground

3202 Maple Hill St SE
Huntsville, AL 35801
(256) 539-5537
Maple Hill Cemetery is the oldest and largest cemetery in Huntsville, Alabama. Founded on two acres in about the year 1822,
it now encompasses nearly 100 acres and contains over 80,000 burials.
There is a playground set up near the cemetery. It is said the ghosts of children play and swing on the swingsets.
Apparitions have been seen, and captured on film by investigations.
The swings sometimes can be seen swinging by themselves, and sounds of laughter and children’s voices are heard.
Around 1960, a group of abducted children’s bodies were found on these grounds.
It was added to the Alabama Historical Commission’s Historic Cemetery Register in 2008,
and to the National Register of Historic Places in 2012.

Dec 06

Forest Park Cemetery also known as Pinewoods Cemetery

2387 Pinewoods Ave.
Brunswick, New York (east of Troy)
This is allegedly one of the top ten haunted cemeteries in the country. However, there are clearly no trespassing signs placed around the property, so do not visit without permission. It is currently owned by the Town of Brunswick.One of the mysteries of the site is that when two beautiful statues on monuments were vandalized, one decapitated with both arms broken off, blood flowed. One theory to this is that there is a red moss that may cause this anomaly, however another theory is that the iron rods built into the monuments for stability may have started to rust. Either way, again while this is common knowledge in the area, there is no evidence to back up the existence of the “blood.”One aspect of the folklore that has also been debunked is that a mausoleum that collapsed was devoid of coffins, hence adding to the mystery. However, the mausoleum was in reality a receiving building with a copper roof and skylight with individual marble compartments to hold bodies for burial after the brutal winters in the Capitol region. The original building had beautiful marble shelves and the remains show the building was made of granite and brick.One last urban legend that is commonly attributed to the cemetery is that in the beginning of the twentieth century, two lovers went to the cemetery to be alone. The man stepped out of the car to get help when it would not start, and in the morning the police, on patrol, woke up the female, and found the male hung in the tree. It is interesting though that this legend has cropped up in many books, attributed to many other places
.**I*** Jen or Melissa – please link article in ghosts and hauntings to this.Forest Park Cemetery listing,
http://www.strangeusa.com/ViewLocation.aspx?IDForest Park Cemetery,https://en.wikipedia.org/…/Forest_Park_Cemetery_(Brunswick,…
Personal interviews and visits in 2014 and 2015.

Dec 06

New York State Capitol, Albany, NY

1Located between Washington Avenue, State Street, Eagle Street and South Swan Street in Albany, Albany County, New York. To get there, go to the east side of the Empire State Plaza area, on State Street, with Washington Street behind you. Take Broadway to State Street, which will bring you into Empire State Plaza from the south side.
Ghosts allegedly include: Night Watchman,Samuel Abbott who has been seen and there are reports of jangling Shadow figures the 4th & 5th floor corridors.Artist William Morris Hunt whose best work was destroyed by fire and renovation is said to haunt the the Assembly Chamber. There are cold spots in this area.Door knobs rattle, and doors open and close at will.Cold spots are felt and occasional flickering seen. A Fruit Vendor died and he has been felt on the staircase, seen to fall from the staircase, and cold spots are felt.
Haunted tours are hosted in October with additional stories of famous apparitions.

Dec 05

Seward House Museum

d1Seward House Museum
33 South Street
Auburn, NY 13021
(315) 252-1283
According to the University of Rochester on the museums website, “William Henry Seward was one of the foremost politicians of nineteenth century America; a New York State Senator, Governor of NewYork, a U.S. Senator, and served as Secretary of State in the Lincoln and Johnson administrations. His task during the civil war was perhaps the most difficult ever faced by any Secretary of State; to maintain the neutrality of foreign countries in our darkest hour, at a period in history before international law and modern diplomacy.” There are reports of hauntings from the tragedies of the family toWilliam Seward Jr.’s ghost regiment

Dec 05

The Queensbury Hotel

c1The Queensbury Hotel
88 Ridge Street
Glens Falls, NY 12801
Hotel Direct: 518-792-1121
Hotel Fax: 518-792-9259
Sales Office Direct: 518-792-4453
Reservations Toll Free: 800-554-4526
The Queensbury Hotel may be one of the best kept secrets in terms of haunted hotels in the Adirondacks. This historic hotel is open for business and many guests have reported apparitions and strange sounds in empty rooms, in their own guest rooms, in the lobby and in the hallways and even in the pool area.

Nov 30

Saline memorial Hospital

q3Saline memorial Hospital
1 Medical Park Dr.
Benton, AR 72015
(501) 776-6000
There seems to be a lot of paranormal activity located on the sixth floor of this medical facility.The smell of foul odors and doors slamming upon their own will. Water drips from the ceiling and cries can be heard from rooms not occupied.

Nov 30

Opossum Walk Cemetery

q2Opossum Walk Cemetery
Coal Hill
Johnson County
Opossum Walk Cemetery is reported to have gates that are hot to the touch, even in the cold of winter. Witnesses have heard footsteps walking behind them and seen apparitions out of the corner of their eye. It is said
You can hear whispering and grunting. Witnesses say you can see glimpses out of the corner of your eye of someone standing there looking straight at you, but when you turn to see who it is, there is no one there.
Earliest internment is 1874.

Nov 30

Liberty Baptist Cemetery

q1Liberty Baptist Cemetery
1099 N Maple St.
Searcy, AR 72143
Though now owned by Liberty Baptist Church this cemetery has been known to be haunted long before this congregation formed. There have been reports of Strange lights and an apparition of an elderly woman in a rocking chair in the upstairs window of the church have been reported. There is also a spirit of a young lady woman killed nearby in the early 1900’s that has also has been seen along with the apparition of a small boy that has appeared in photographs taken of the cemetery.

Nov 24

The 1884 Bridgeford House

v1Arkansas – The 1884 Bridgeford House
263 Spring S.
Eureka Springs, AR 72632
Phone:(479) 253-7853
This home has a listing in the library of congress as a haunted location and is on record as stating they have two spirits in residence.
Library of congrss ref:http://catdir.loc.gov/catdir/toc/ecip041/2003005399.html

Nov 24

The Empress Hotel

bb1Arkansas – The Empress Hotel
2120 S Louisiana St
Little Rock, AR 72206
Phone:(501) 374-7966

Little Rock’s The Empress is a Luxury Hotel and Bed and Breakfast which has had numerous recorded sightings by the owners. The owners also host a haunted little Rick tour for guests of the inn.




Nov 24

The Queen Anne House Bed & Breakfast

aa1Arkansas – The Queen Anne House Bed & Breakfast
610 W. Central Ave.
Harrison, AR 72601
Phone:(870) 365-0888

In an Arkansas town in Boone County,the Queen Anne House is a restored two story Victorian Home now serving as a
Bed and Breakfast. It is nestled in the Ozark Mountains, only blocks from the historic town square
and has had reports from guests of being visited by those from another realm. Feelings ranging from someone standing beside
you to odd knockings throughout the residence have been reported by numerous guests.




Nov 24

McConnell Hall

i1Arizona – McConnell Hall
324 E. Pine Knoll Dr.
Flagstaff, AZ 86011
Mc Connell Hall is a modern four story building built in 1987. It was refurbished just over ten years ago It is a co-ed dorm and is the only one on this campus with carpet in each room. The story surrounding this building is that the architect of the hall was a perfectionist and insisted that each room should receive at least six minutes of direct sunlight This could have contributed to what is a complicated floor plan. It is shaped like a bio-hazard sign from an aerial view. The crux of the story is the architect found one of the room’s sunlight quota a little off so killed himself
in the building. According to the examiner, students have witnessed strange happenings and report seeing an apparition of a male ghost. Small ghostly children have been seen playing on some floors. Sinks turn on and off and some hear scratching on the walls.

Nov 24

Casey Moore’s Oyster House

h1Arizona – Casey Moore’s Oyster House
850 S Ash Ave.
Tempe, AZ 85281
(480) 968-9935
The Phoenix New Times reports that this is popular haunt due to the stories it’s resident ghosts.A favorite involves a woman lived upstairs in the former boarding house and residence built in 1910 and was strangled by a jealous boyfriend. Neighbors have report seeing figures moving around after closing time through the windows of Casey Moore’s second floor (which is now a dining room) longtime manager Michael Loney and co-owner Gavin Rutledge also claim a few ghostly encounters.

Nov 24

Vulture Gold Mine

g1Arizona – Vulture Gold Mine
36610 N. 355th Ave,
Wickenburg, AZ 85390
Email: info@vultureminetours.com
Vulture Gold Mine is a scary place where celebrity paranormal shows and documentaries have been filmed. This is an abandoned 1880s-era former gold prospector’s workplace. Alleged happenings include, thorn rocks
and video and audio recordings.

Nov 24

Jerome Grand Hotel

f1Arizona -Jerome Grand Hotel

200 Hill St
Jerome, AZ 86331
Phone: (928) 634-8200
This haunted hotel is found in a haunted ghost town. Built in 1927 as the United Verde Hospital, it was where local miners came after suffering gruesome injuries while digging for copper (many of who succumbed to their grievous wounds) or where the insane were brought to be cured of their mental illnesses. After closing in 1950, the building reopened some 47 years later as a vintage hotel where guests have reported scared by visions nurses, cries and screams.

Nov 24

Thornton Road Domes

d1Arizona – Thornton Road Domes
just off of Interstate 8 in Casa Grande
These are abandoned buildings and as such trespassing is against the law. These unusual-looking UFO-shaped concrete structures are located on a five-acre patch of desert terrain off Interstate 8 south of Casa Grande. Vacant since the early ’80s, when a now-defunct California electronics manufacturer constructed the buildings the so-called Thornton Road Domes have become interesting to artists, photographers and those who are interested in the paranormal. Alleged experiences include shadow figures scurrying seen on the property, sound of slamming car doors, throwing rocks, or unearthly screams.

Nov 24

Oliver House

c1Arizona – Oliver House
26 Sowle Ave.
Bisbee, AZ 85603
Phone: (520) 432-1900
Oliver House is a two-story bed and breakfast which dates back to the early 20th century. According to local lore, the former boarding house has been the site of numerous murders stemming from cases of adultery and philandering spouses. One particularly ghastly story involves a cop who blew away his cheating wife and her paramour in 1920 before going
slaughtering more than a dozen others throughout the building. Over the years, according to the Phoenix New Times, guests at the Oliver House have reported doors and shutters closing, ghostly footsteps in hallways, and sounds of gunshots.

Nov 24

Morton Hall

12295400_966162340129303_4131967766517810444_nArizona – Morton Hall, NAU,
224 McMullen Circle
Flagstaff, AZ 86011
In Northern Arizona University, there is a women’s dormitory that is almost one hundred years old and said to be haunted.The ghost is allegedly named Kathy who hanged herself in a stairwell in the early 1950s. There are two supposed reasons for this tale: 1) she was in a fight with her family who disowned her or 2) her boyfriend died in combat. Either way,
according to the Phoenix New Times, paranormal problems include lights flickering, radios and televisions malfunctioning,posters flying off the walls, and blankets being pulled off beds.

Nov 24

Birdcage Theatre

b1Arizona – Birdcage Theatre
517 E Allen St
Tombstone, AZ 85638
(800) 457-3423
The historical Birdcage Theatre was a saloon, gambling den, and brothel where 16 different deadly gunfights happened. According to the Phoenix New Times, the Birdcage is a hotspot for alleged ghost sightings and other unexplainable encounters.

Nov 24

The old gas chamber at the Arizona State Prison Complex

a1The old gas chamber at the Arizona State Prison Complex
Florence, 1305 E Butte Ave,Florence, AZ 85132
Main Telephone: (520) 868-4011
According to the Arizona Department of Corrections96 death row inmates had been executed by hanging, lethal injection,
or this gas chamber. According to the Phoenix New Times, there are reports of inmates and guards witnessing several
instances of “mists that looked in human form” or hearing “screams and other strange sounds” in the building that houses
the prison’s death chamber or the adjacent cell blocks.

May 14

Penns Ghost Paranormal

 Penns Ghost Paranormal Contact Name  Dave Sweigert
Location  Reading
State and the Surrounding area
Email email
Website  pennsghost.com/
Follow Us  facebook
Cleansing, multimedia, tours; Researching and documenting public and private haunted locations
throughout Pennsylvania and surrounding areas.

Feb 19

The Rose Prince Pilgrimage In Lejac British Columbia

here Miracles Happen by Virginia Carraway Stark

Lejac British Columbia is now a way station between two very small towns,
Picture of Rose’s Grave during the annual pilgrimage in JulyScreenshot_1

Fraser Lake and Fort Fraser B.C., two towns along the infamous Highway of Tears. Rose Prince was a student at the residential school that used to stand in the field that is now empty of everything except for a graveyard, a shrine and once a year, thousands of people who come from around the world to witness the miracle that takes place outside my front door.

Father Vince James did not initiate the pilgrimages that began with a handful who wanted to come and remember their time with Rose, but he toiled over it and every year he prays for a miracle that will allow him to continue with the arduous job of planning out a gathering of so many people.

Screenshot_2 The Church and the Indigenous community work hard to feed all the pilgrims who come free of charge and provide the hillside as well as their own homes

Father Vince James OMI

for any and all who come to experience the peace and grace and the healing power of this place.

What makes the miracle happen?

Well, that’s all down to Rose. Rose lived an ordinary life. She was a quiet girl who suffered from a hunch in her back and was never physically very strong. She devoted her life to the church and died at a young age in 1949 of tuberculosis. She was buried in the cemetery and nobody really knew how special she was until two years later when the graveyard was being moved to a different location.

Rose’s coffin broke open when they tried to move it and inside they found a perfectly preserved body with even her clothes untouched by any rot.

Bodily incorruptibility is accepted by the Catholic Church as a sign from God of a life of great holiness. This is based off of scripture, “You will not allow your holy one to experience decay” -Acts 13:35

But it is also based off of historical research and avid documentation by the church. Since it’s inception there have only been about 200 cases where the body was preserved in such a way. Just to be clear: this is NOT mummification. The body is not desiccated, it is pristine and looks as though the person could still be alive.

They are sometimes described as being slightly translucent and that is the only thing that distinguishes them from the living.

After people started coming to the pilgrimage the pilgrims started to talk about the miracles they experienced. People’s pain went away, chronic diseases were cured, soon more and more people came, many of them bringing sick or dying friends in the hope that they too would experience a miracle.

People bring oil and water to be blessed during a ceremony at the site and they collect dirt from Rose’s grave to take home with them each year.

The church is still gathering evidence to make Rose a saint. It is an extensive procedure and is not undertaken lightly. Father James is tireless in his protection of the site and in his endless support of Rose.

I myself have attended the pilgrimage for several years and I was also a kind of caretaker for the site as well. I can say that it is one of the special places on this planet and the second weekend of July is even more special.

You can contact Father Vince James OMI at St. Andrews Parish, Box 580, Fraser Lake, B.C. V0J 1S0


Feb 02

Stonehouse Brewery

Deb Daniel Jansons

Deb Daniel Jansons

Assistant Director / Haunted Locations at National Paranormal Society
I am Deb Daniel Jansons. I was born and raised in the Huntsville, Al area, but lived in Ontario, Canada for 12 years, before coming back home to be with my grandson. I have had an interest in the paranormal since I was a small child and had my first experience. I love going out to places that are known to have strange things happen, but I always look for an explanation of anything that might happen when I am there and take nothing at face value. I also love to read anything that I can get my hands on concerning the paranormal and other people’s experiences. One of my hopes is that the day will come, during my lifetime that we will have absolute proof that there are spirits, aliens, etc out there. Until then, all we can do is investigate and hope.
Deb Daniel Jansons

Latest posts by Deb Daniel Jansons (see all)

reno-area-june-2012-034Feb. 1, 2015
Haunted Locations Submission

Stonehouse Brewery
Nevada City, California

In the 1800’s there was a rush to the Eastern coast in hopes of finding gold in California. Some people did find their “pot of gold” and became successful business men, while others were left with nothing more than a pipe dream. It is from these brave pioneers, that towns like Nevada City, California, were born.

In 1882, George Gehrig, who was a local businessman, hired Italian stonemasons and Chinese laborers to build a new business up the street from the blacksmith’s shop, in Nevada City, California. The three story building was made from local quarried granite blocks and is 10,000 sq ft. in size.

All of the antique fixtures used in the brewery are from the home of John and Sarah Kidder located in Grass Valley, Ca. It is also believed that the carved wooden doors are from this same home.

A storage cave was also dug into the hillside and was used to age the casks of ale. There is now a patio area that covers where the storage cave was accessed. This cave had been connected to other tunnels that ran under the city. When Route 49 became a freeway about 100 years later, these tunnels were filled in.

During the time of the Stonehouse Brewery, Chinese immigrants were used to dig the tunnels. No one knows exactly what happened, but the tunnel collapsed while the Chinese workers were there. They don’t know if it merely collapsed or if the workers hit a gas pocket that exploded.

Instead of going to the expense of trying to repair the problem and try to resuce the workers and possibly save some lives, it was decided that they would blow the tunnel up, with the trapped Chinese immigrants inside.

It is reported to this day that the Chinese immigrants haunt the Stonehouse Brewery.

There are also 2 other known spirits that love to spend time at the brewery. The first spirit is known for it’s horrendous odor. He seems to emerge from a room behind the bar on street level and lets his presence be known from a garbage like odor. The 2nd spirit loves to sit at the bar. Reports say that he looks like a miner from his clothes and that he is scruffy looking. The way that those who have seen him know that he is a ghost, is because even though you can see him sitting at the bar…..he has no legs.

If you are ever in Nevada City, California and you decide to stop in for a meal or a drink, don’t be surprised if you see a gentleman sitting at the bar with no visible legs, suddenly smell a horrendous odor, or see an old Chinese immigrant, that simply wanted a better life shuffling through.


Jan 01

Rose Hall Estate

Deb Daniel Jansons

Deb Daniel Jansons

Assistant Director / Haunted Locations at National Paranormal Society
I am Deb Daniel Jansons. I was born and raised in the Huntsville, Al area, but lived in Ontario, Canada for 12 years, before coming back home to be with my grandson. I have had an interest in the paranormal since I was a small child and had my first experience. I love going out to places that are known to have strange things happen, but I always look for an explanation of anything that might happen when I am there and take nothing at face value. I also love to read anything that I can get my hands on concerning the paranormal and other people’s experiences. One of my hopes is that the day will come, during my lifetime that we will have absolute proof that there are spirits, aliens, etc out there. Until then, all we can do is investigate and hope.
Deb Daniel Jansons

Latest posts by Deb Daniel Jansons (see all)

rhall Rose Hall Estate
Montego Bay, Jamaica

This month, we are going visit beautiful Montego Bay, Jamaica. Our final destination will be the Rose Hall Estate, which sits high on a hill with a panoramic view of the vivid blues of the ocean. We will be stepping back in time to a location where sugar was king of the island and she was still a jewel in the British Crown.

Annie Mae Patterson was born to an Irish father and an English mother, who moved her to Haiti when she was around 10 years old. It was here that she met her nanny, who would also become her teacher in the practice of Voodoo. Annie parents died when she was young, and the nanny continued to raise her and teach her Voodoo until her death when Annie was 18 years old. After the death of her nanny, Annie moved to the Island of Jamaica to seek her fame and fortune, in the manner of a rich husband. She is reputed to have been beautiful and petite, standing only 4′ 11″ tall.

It was in Montego Bay, Jamaica, that Annie met and married John Palmer. John owned Rose Hall Estate, which consisted of 7,000 acres of sugar and 2,000 slaves, in addition to his large and ornate home. Annie had found her fame and fortune. However, happiness in her marriage to John was short lived.

Annie began to take slaves as lovers and John found out about it. One day he found her with one of her lovers and proceeded to beat her with a crop. Outraged over what had happened, Annie poisoned his coffee and John died, leaving her the sole heir of his vast estate and holdings.

After the death of her husband, Annie became a tyrant. She could often be heard shouting at the slaves from her balcony. She often had slaves tortured and killed for displeasing her, or simply to use them as an example to the others.

She took a string of slaves as her lovers, none of which lasted long. When she would tire of them, she would murder them. In addition to her lovers, she also took two other men as her husband, supposedly killing them also and inheriting their wealth, to add to her own. She had each of her husband’s buried by the slaves and then killed them before they could return to the estate. Her terrible treatment of the slaves, along with the rumors of her Voodoo rituals earned her the name, the White Witch of Rose Hall.

Annie finally made a fatal mistake that would ultimately cost her her own life. She set her sights on Robert Rutherford, a bookkeeper. However, much to her displeasure, Robert was totally in love with another. Annie placed a Voodoo curse on the woman in question which is called “Old Hige”. This curse will cause a ghost to visit the victim of the ritual whose very presence will cause the victim to slowly wither away and die. Annie’s mistake came in casting this spell on the granddaughter of the local obeah man, Takoo. Her name was Millicent and when she died, Takoo became so outraged over her death, that he rounded up an army of slaves and they strangled Annie Palmer to death.

The White Witch of Rose Hall was immediately buried in a deep hole on the estate. The slaves also gathered all of her personal belongings and burned them, fearful that her spirit had somehow tainted them. A Voodoo ritual was also carried out when Annie was buried. However, it is said that the ritual was not performed correctly and that her spirit still haunts Rose Hall to this very day.

In 1977, a former Miss USA, Michele Rollins and her husband, John, bought Rose Hall Estate and went to great personal expense to refurbish it. They allow tours to be carried out on the property which includes the dungeon where bloodstains can still be seen on the walls.

Night time tours are also available for those who are not weak of heart and spirit. If you ever get the chance to visit Montego Bay, Jamaica, and you go to Rose Hall, maybe you will be the one to catch the spirit of Annie Palmer, the White Witch of Rose Hall in a photo. Just be wary and don’t let the banging on the walls or the footsteps of an unseen visitor frighten you too much.


Dec 02

The Pioneer Living History Museum/Village, Phoenix, Arizona

Deb Daniel Jansons

Deb Daniel Jansons

Assistant Director / Haunted Locations at National Paranormal Society
I am Deb Daniel Jansons. I was born and raised in the Huntsville, Al area, but lived in Ontario, Canada for 12 years, before coming back home to be with my grandson. I have had an interest in the paranormal since I was a small child and had my first experience. I love going out to places that are known to have strange things happen, but I always look for an explanation of anything that might happen when I am there and take nothing at face value. I also love to read anything that I can get my hands on concerning the paranormal and other people’s experiences. One of my hopes is that the day will come, during my lifetime that we will have absolute proof that there are spirits, aliens, etc out there. Until then, all we can do is investigate and hope.
Deb Daniel Jansons

Latest posts by Deb Daniel Jansons (see all)

pioneerThis village/museum sits on 90 acres just North of Phoenix, Arizona and contains approximately 30 buildings on the site. It was officially opened in 1969 and gives the visitor the opportunity to step back in time from 1863-1912. These buildings were rescued from decay and destruction and placed at the museum in an effort to show how life was during that time in our history.

Just a few of the original buildings include the Ashurst Cabin, boyhood home of Arizona’s first Senator, Henry Fountain Ashurst. The original Phoenix Bakery from 1881 is here, also. The Opera House started out as a general store in 1876, and was turned into a theater in 1882, after it was sold. The Flying V Cabin is also located here. It was built circa 1880 and even has notched gun ports for protection against Indian attacks. It was raided during the July 17, 1882 Battle of Big Dry Wash, the last Apache war in the area. In moving these buildings to the museum area, it appears that the spirits have moved with them.

[pullquote align=”left|center|right” textalign=”left|center|right” width=”30%”]There have been several paranormal groups to investigate this location, with each of them reporting strange noises, happenings and recorded EVP’s.[/pullquote] Even though the caretaker of the village swears that he doesn’t believe in ghosts, he has also heard and experienced some strange things that he just cannot explain.

The museum also offers Ghost Tours, with “ghouls” as your guides. They take you to each of the buildings in an effort for you to have your very own unique experience with their resident spirits.

If you are ever in Arizona and want to step back in time to see what a pioneer’s life was like during the day, and what spirits still reside here at night, this is the place for you.


Oct 15

Erie County Paranormal Investigators

10698581_10152596470579471_590447981772835946_n Contact Name
Location Erie County, New York
Phone (716) 480-2259
Email email
Follow Us
We investigate Haunted Homes and Locations in Erie, Genesee, and Niagara counties. We will also cleanse homes and locations. Call us if you think you may have a haunting.

Sep 29

Paranormal Society of Middle Georgia

ParanormalSocofMidGA Contact Name Paranormal Society of middle Georgia
Location Warner Robins, Georgia
Phone (478) 508-2645
Email email
Follow Us  facebook
Investigating alleged haunted locations.

Sep 10

Trinity Paranormal Investigators

unnamed (1) Contact Name
Location North Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas
Email email
Follow Us facebook
Investigate known haunted locations, try to capture EVPs, use the Spirit Box, REM Pod etc… “We don’t provoke or disrespect spirits/ghosts.”

Sep 01

Glamis Castle

Ken Weigand

Ken Weigand

Senior Director / Webmaster at National Paranormal Society
Ken is a graphic designer, web developer and co-founder of One True Paranormal, a para-group in southwest Missouri.
Ken Weigand

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glamis castle

Glamis Castle, Glamis Tayside, Scotland

When you see a photo of Glamis Castle, or the actual castle itself, it’s like looking at something straight out of the pages of many fairytales. You would never believe that it is considered to be the most haunted castle in Scotland. Over the years, there have been legends and stories, that in addition to ghosts, include a witch and a vampire that call this magnificent castle “home”.

[pullquote align=”left|center|right” textalign=”left|center|right” width=”30%”] Did the devil actually take Beardie’s soul and condemn him to play cards until doomsday? There have been numerous reports of Beardie standing over the beds of children watching them and loud shouts coming from him.[/pullquote]There was a village here, many years before a royal hunting lodge or castle were even thought of, that can be traced all the way back to the 8th century. An Irish missionary by the name of Fergus settled in this area in 710 A.D. The church St. Fergus Kirk, was named after him. There was a Pictish stone found in the nearby village of Eassie, that shows there are prehistoric traces in this area. A Royal Hunting Lodge stood at the site in 1034, where King Malcolm II was murdered. Shakespeare’s play, “Macbeth” has the character of Macbeth dying at Glamis Castle, even though the actual King Macbeth had no connection to the castle at all.

Sir John Lyon, Thane of Glamis, married King Robert II’s daughter in 1376 and a castle was built that has remained in the Lyon’s and Bowes-Lyon’s family since that time, except for a time when King James V lived in the home.

There is a legend involving Earl Beardie from the 15th century. There are several versions of the story, but they all revolve around Earl Beardie playing cards. The story takes place on a Sunday and according to 2 of the stories, either his hosts refused to play cards with him, or a servant advised him to stop because it was after all the Sabbath. Lord Beardie became so enraged that he vowed to play cards until doomsday, or with the actual Devil, depending on the version of the story. A stranger suddenly shows up at the castle and joins the Earl in a game of cards. The stranger is identified with the Devil. The 2 men basically rocked the castle with their swearing and yelling. One story includes a servant that tried to take a peak into the room where they were playing, thru the keyhole and was struck blind. Lord Beardie was found dead the next morning. Did the devil actually take Beardie’s soul and condemn him to play cards until doomsday? There have been numerous reports of Beardie standing over the beds of children watching them and loud shouts coming from him.

The 6th Lord Glamis, John Lyon, married a woman by the name of Janet Douglas. She was the daughter of the Master of Angus, who at the time was involved in a feud with King James V. Janet was accused of treason against the King in December of 1528, for bringing supporters of the Earl of Angus to Edinburgh. Her husband, the 6th Lord of Glamis, had died on Sept. 17, 1528, so she was charged with poisoning him. She was eventually accused of witchcraft and burned at the stake at Edinburgh on July 17, 1537.

There is a small chapel in the castle. The chapel is still used today, but 1 seat is always left vacant and no one is allowed to sit there. This seat has been reserved for the “Grey Lady”, a ghost that is said to live at the castle. The Grey Lady is thought to be the ghost of Jane Douglas, Lady Glamis. She has been seen and felt by a number of visitors to the castle over the past 3 centuries. She walks around the chapel and has also been seen above the clock tower.

The most famous legend associated with the castle is the Monster of Glamis. The “monster” was supposedly a hideously deformed child that was born into the family. Some of these stories came from the accounts of a singer and composer by the name of Virginia Gabriel who stayed in the castle during 1870. In her story, the “monster” was kept in the castle for its’ entire life and his rooms were bricked up after his death. Another version of this story is that every generation of the family has had a vampire child born into the family and is walled up in the room

It is said that guests of the castle once hung towels from the windows of every single room, trying to find the bricked up room where the “monster” lived. As the story goes, when they would look at the building from the outside, there were several windows that did not have towels hanging from them.

Some think that the legend of the “monster” was inspired by a true story. There was a family by the name of Ogilvie. They sought protection from a family that was their enemy at the castle. Somewhere inside the 16 ft. thick walls of the castle is the famous “room of skulls”, where the Ogilvie family were all walled up and died of starvation.

Hamish Rue Glamis, the 9th Laird of Glamis, was executed for treason after being betrayed by the Ruthven family. His ghost has been seen several times in full Scottish regalia. It is said that if you hear Scottish music being played, that this is signaling the specture funeral procession of Hamish. You can see 6 dark figures carrying a blackened coffin across the castle grounds.

Other stories include a “tongue-less woman”. She has been seen running across the castle grounds at midnight, tearing at her mouth. There are other reports of screaming, banging noises and doors that refuse to stay closed, even after they have been bolted and hammered shut. There is a story of a young black boy that is seen sitting in an old stone seat by the door of the Queen’s bedroom. There have reports of this sighting for at least 200 years.

Glamis Castle is open to the public. If you feel like taking a vacation or trip to Scotland, be sure to check out this magnificent piece of Scottish history and maybe…..just maybe if you are very lucky, you will see one of the past residents of the castle dropping in to tell you hello. Just beware of becoming involved in a card game with Lord Beardie.

For more information on Glamis Castle, you can go to their official website


Apr 02

Three Doors Paranormal

Threedoorsresized Contact Name Three Doors Paranormal
Location Kansas, also serve Iowa and Nebraska
Phone (913) 827-6445
Email email
Website www.threedoorsparanormal.com
Follow Us  twitter  facebook
Private Investigations, more severe paranormal cases, investigations of haunted locations to provide answers, help, discover true evidence and to debunk anything not paranormal.  Our goal is to help anyone facing a haunting with finding answers for what may be going on, and determine whether it is paranormal or not.

Dec 22

Newnansville – Florida’s Ghost Town

Katie Snow

Katie Snow

Chair: Aliens & UFO's at Dead Ringer Paranormal
My name is Kathy Snow however in the Paranormal world I am simply known as katie! My team and I take the paranormal field very seriously and have been up and down the eastern seaboard investigating known and unknown locations. My team consists of all family members giving us the opportunity to work well together with no drama. I am a national as well as internationally published paranormal writer. Our evidence has been shown on My ghost story caught on camera and we work hard within our community to bring awareness and understanding to the field. There are four ordained ministers on the team. After 16 years in the field we no longer do in house investigations as we are out trying to find unknown haunted locations and we consult on cases other teams may have questions on. After founding 3 teams, we have recently relocated and our new team name is Dead Ringer Paranormal. We are proud of the work we do and try to show the community it is a scientific field of study and a lot of work goes into what we all do. We are an old world team meaning we investigate with just what we need, we do not hook up wires and tons of equipment, we believe in studying the paranormal in traditional proven ways. I am excited and proud to have been asked to be a rep for NPS..
Katie Snow

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Founded in 1812 by the Dell Brothers, Newnansville was not incorporated until 1824 and lays northeast of the City of Alachua Florida.
Newnansville was the site of a well-developed nineteenth century village which became the first county seat in Alachua in 1828.
Standing at the junction of several important roads, it prospered as a commercial center for the growing crop industries of the
expanding central Florida frontier. In 1854 the county seat was moved to Gainesville and the town lost population and importance.
When a new railway line was built in 1884, it bypassed the town and Newnansville was totally abandoned by 1890. Today all that survive
are two cemeteries, the remains of a dirt road, and a sign marking its place in Florida history.

It is two hours northwest of Ocala, Fl and quite a beautiful ride through small towns such as Micanopy to larger cities as Gainesville. k1
Off Rt. 235 stands this historic cemetery that is marked by its’ modern namesaked entrance. Turning down the remaining dirt road that was once
this city you will walk to the entrance gates which stand proud guarding the interred inside.

Although there were some older grave sites, most of this area was that of the newly resting. This is a large cemetery with different sections
that are fenced off from each other and though most would have left I must say if you cut through you will enter a section not fenced but very weeded.
This is the area you would want to see as the statue commemorating the soldiers of the Confederate Army with the names of those buried there would tell us.

There are many lows or holes in the land so be careful if you go after dark. The area police officers are very k2informative on this cemetery,
and the ones we spoke with were believers of the paranormal and told us this cemetery is one of the most active in the state of Florida
and many teams from Jacksonville Fl. down to south come to investigate. He also noted that due to the large number of farming here there is a heavy population of Haitians in this area. It seems they practice Voodoo right under the Confederate Memorial and the last time the officers were there
they were called to clean up the severed head of a goat that the practitioners left behind and to please be careful. They will tell you who to contact for permission and also ask you let them know you are going should there be any calls of people roaming in the area, however there are no residences in sight.

Make a mental note before you go that a full moon on a Voodoo Sabbath may not be the best time to revisit this area, and bring flashlights as
there are no lights to guided your way. Very out of the way it should still be on your list to probe as the activity is as some say “beyond real”
in this haunted cemetery of days gone by.

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Team, organization, or location name: British American Paranormal Community Forum
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Location: Primarily based in the city of Derby in England in the United Kingdom
We like to cover many aspects of the paranormal, from haunted locations, unexplained mysteries, ufo’s to urban legends and their origins and look for how the legends started. We even have a section for recipes for returning to after a cold nights investigation. We have a section for recommended facebook groups also, groups which have proven to be honest and trustworthy, and who are not just out to make a quick buck like so very many in this field. I am the founder, we dont do cleansings but have a facebook group which can help you contact a trusted group if needed.

The facebook part of our community, where we encourange active discussions on all aspects of the paranormal field.
we are against cyber bullying and commerical exploitation of this field and support the Para-Unity Worldwide group on facebook.
We do have many members that regularly go out on investigations, for non profit, at current myself am not getting out in the field anywhere near as much as i would like to due to family commitments. I do spend a lot of time researching haunted locations so that we can let people know of haunted locations history’s etc. We do have have a medium with us that does tarot readings, numerology etc.
The name devils master isnt because i am a devil worshipper or anything like that, but is in fact due to my 2 and half year old son
that is a pedigree rottweiler called Lucifer, who literally chose his own name with a yip as i was saying out loud a group of names that i liked, Lucifer being an angel before being cast from heaven, so isnt actually an evil name at all, and i am his master ( well i am his daddy and moving chew toy lol )


Dec 11

Colorado Ghosts – Part 3 by Deb Anderson

Denver- Belle Worden’s House- The ghost of John  Fitzgerald haunts the whorehouse where he was murdered. 

On March 19, 1884, he was stabbed to death as he lay  sleeping in the bed of a prostitute.

His lifeless body was thrown into cherry Creek and found  by a group of boys two months later.  Madame Bell Worden and two of her employees were sent to jail for the  murder robbery.  The phantom of  Fitzgerald has returned to make sure the place would never again be a house of  ill-repute. The house is a private residence at 578 Holiday Street.


Bombay Club-Owner Greg McAllister says he serves cowboy  ghosts as well as living guests in the 1895 saloon.  The Bombay Club is located at 1128 Grant  Street.


Bradmar-The haunting of this Tudor mansion began when a  ceiling beam was split by a ghost.  The mansion was built in 1920 by George Gano, when he died; Hubert Work  bought the house and married Gano’s widow Ethyl.

Many years before her death, Ethyl told friends and  relatives that when she died she wished to lie in state before the  fireplace.  She promised that on  that night she would split a certain beam on the ceiling above her coffin.  The beam split just as she had  promised.

After the Works died, no one lived in the house until  1962, when it was purchased by Dr. Robert Bradley and soon after moving in; the  Bradleys experienced ghostly presences, levitating objects, odors, and moaning  sounds.

Dr. Bradley consulted renowned psychic Arthur Ford who  identified the spirits as Ethyl and Hubert Work.  Bradley wrote a book about the  experiences and finally the house was sold in 1980.  The people who bought it couldn’t stand  the paranormal activity and moved out shortly after.  It is still a private residence at 4100  South University Blvd.


Croke-Patterson-Campbell Mansion-The haunting began in  1970 when tenant’s offices were remodeled.  The often heard typing in the building at night and when they brought in  two Dobermans to guard the place, the found them the next morning dead on the  sidewalk, the animals had been so frightened of something they jumped from a  third floor window.

In the same year, a baby died in the third floor nursery  and the distraught mother committed suicide.  The mansion was then turned into a  museum at 428 East 11th Street.


Denver Courthouse-In 1900, every night for a week at 3:00  AM, the ghosts of departed souls walked the hallways accompanied by the stench  of brimstone.  Not one but dozens of  spirits were reported by night watchmen and janitors and one of the ghosts was  the courthouse elevator operator who had fallen to their death down the elevator  shaft.

The courthouse is located on the corner of 16th  Street and Tremont  Avenue.


Grant-Humphreys Mansion-This old house is said to be  haunted by five ghosts, one the former owner, A.E. Humphreys.  Humphreys died on May 8, 1927 from a  suspicious gun accident despite being an excellent marksman. 

A séance sponsored by radio station KNUS contacted  several ghosts.  The Grant-Humphreys  Mansion is located in the Cheesman Park area and ghost lectures are held in  October.


Littleton Town Hall Arts Center-Ghostly laughter and  music have been heard coming from this community theater building late at  night.  The ghost also likes to mess  up workers desks and move their personal belongings. 


Molly Brown House-The ghost of Molly Brown wanders her  former home, which was built in 1889.  Molly survived the sinking of the Titanic and died in 1932.  Her husband James Joseph Brown’s ghost  has also been detected in the home as visitors sometimes smell cigar smoke in  his study.

Molly Brown House Museum is located at 1340 Pennsylvania  Avenue.


Peabody Mansion-This house was built by Colorado Governor  James Peabody at the turn of the century and haunted by later residents.  It is rumored a woman was brutally raped  in the basement and that someone committed suicide in the bathroom.

Whatever the cause of the disturbances, many people feel  bad vibes here.


Reynolds Cottage-This historic house is haunted by Madge  Reynolds who had an adulterous affair with Denver Post owner Fred Bonfils.  She collapsed and died in her bedroom  after a horseback ride with Bonfils.  Ever since, her ghost has been seen roaming in the rooms on the north  side of the house.  The house is a  private residence on Logan Street in the Capital Hill area of Denver.


Fairplay-Buckskin Cemetery-J. Dawson Hidgepath came to  Fairplay to find gold and a wife, but only found tragedy in 1865.  His broken, lifeless body was found at  the bottom of the West side of Mount Boss where he had apparently fallen while  trying to prospect the mountainside. 

Soon after, the bones of the wandering lothario were  found in the bed of a dance hall girl in the town of Alma.

Believing some prank had occurred, the citizens of  Fairplay reburied the bones in the Buckskin Cemetery. Time and time again, the bones would find  their way to the house of some fair lady. 

By 1872, Dawson’ bones were the talk of the territory,  and in a last attempt to rid themselves of the wandering bones; someone threw  them into an outhouse where they seemed to have stayed. 

Alma is two miles east of Buckskin Cemetery though not  much is left of the town.  Buckskin  Cemetery is in the town of Laurette eight miles northwest of  Fairplay.

Dec 11

Colorado Ghosts – Part 2 by Deb Anderson

Alamosa-the  Luther Bean Museum is the site of a UFO sighting that left a horse named Snippy  dead with unusual holes in the ground around the  body. On September 9,1967, the three year old gelding was found  with all the flesh on its neck and shoulder carefully removed and the  internal organs were missing, yet the rest of the carcass was intact.  The  hoof prints of two other worse is turned away from Snippy’s tracks, and headed  back toward the ranch house.  No other tracks were found around the  carcass.
Brown’s Park-Brown’s Hole-the ruin of Butch Cassidy’s cabin  where he and the wild Bunch hit out is rumored to give visitors.   Sensations of being drawn back in time by the powerful emotions of the  individuals who rode through this Valley.  Brown’s Park is in the extreme  northwest corner of Colorado in Moffat County, near Maybell,  Colorado.


Central  city-the Masonic cemetery is said to harbor the ghost of a lady in black  satin dress that has been seen placing blue Columbine flowers on the grave of  John Edward Cameron.  Cameron died of “heart paralysis” on November 1, 1887  at the age of 28.  A beautiful woman in black attended the funeral and  reappears every April 5 and November 1 to put flowers on his grave.  No one  knows who she is, but she is rumored to be a  ghost of a former lover who  committed suicide after Cameron wed another woman.  On November 1 (no year  given), over a dozen people gathered at the grave hoping to get to glimpse of  the ghost.  Then at sundown, she appeared and lay flowers on the grave as  two men tried to grab her, she vanished over the top of the hill.  Ever  since people been trying to catch the faithful wraith on Cameron  Monument.
Chivington-Sand Creek-After fierce fighting here on November  29, 1864, the phantom of the gray wolf appeared to Cheyenne women and children  to lead them to safety.  Colonel John Chivington led the Third Colorado  Regiment in the bloody attack on Chief Black Kettles camp at Sand Creek.   The mysterious animal escorted the few survivors all the way to another  Cheyenne camp near the forks of the Smoky Hill and Republican rivers.  Sand  Creek is also rumored to have a phantom teepees and the sounds of children  and women that appear in the fall near November 29.  Chivington is 28 miles  north of Lamar in Kiowa County.


Colorado Springs-Black  Forest hauntings-Paranormal activity in a two-story log cabin began  when Stephen Lee purchased it in 1992.  Lights flashed through it  sounded like people stomping across the roof and they would hear chains  rattling.  One night they awoke and heard orchestra music.   Strange things started happening every day.  Their two boys complained of  weird lights and shadows in their rooms.  Lights and appliances started  turning off and on by themselves and pungent odors burned family members eyes  and throats.  The sheriff stopped responding to their pleas for help so the  leaves hired private investigators to try to find out what was going on.   They noticed that photographs and videotape taken in certain locations of the  property had strange light streaks running through them and sometimes  translucent faces appeared on the film.  To this day red, yellow, and white  forms are seen and recorded as well as apparitions of an old lady, a little  girl, a burly man dressed in 1800s clothing, and a “flying dog” not to mention  hundreds of forlorn faces seen floating in the mirrors of the house.  So  far, there are 4000 photographs and 400 videotapes supporting the validity of  this case.  The Black Forest area is directly east of the Air Force  Academy, the haunted property is in El Paso County 15 miles north east of  Colorado Springs. ( Www.haunted-places.com)


Dead Man’s  Canyon-Colorado Springs-this can it is haunted by the ghoulish Phantom of a man  with an ax in his four head.  The ghost of William Harkins has haunted the  area since 1863 when he was murdered by a gang of Mexican religious  fanatics.  Over the years dozens of people have reported being chased by  the angry phantom near his cabin on Little Fountain Creek.  Some have  fired bullets at his ghastly shade and one mother struck him in the ear for  scaring her son.  It took a few seconds before she realized the man with an  ax in his head was a ghost.  Dead Man’s Canyon is 10 miles south of  Colorado Springs, follow Highway 115 through the canyon toward Canon  City.


Cripple Creek-the  Dunn  Building-This building is to be a funeral parlor, but Mrs. T. F.  Dunn turned it into a boarding house.  Her presence is still felt in the 11  original rental rooms and her footsteps are often heard scurrying about as  she attempts to clean them up.  Legend says another spirit in the building  is a miner killed in an explosion at the Mamie R Mine.  Late one night,  while the undertaker was preparing the body, the dead miner began to moan in  pain.  Not wanting to delay his job or cancel preparations, the mortician  injected morphine to quiet the man and continued his work.
Fairley  Brothers and Lampman Building-this block square building is home to a ghost  locals call Maggie, who wears a white shirt waist with a long brown dress and  high heeled boots.  Witnesses say Maggie appears to be in her late 20’s and  keeps her shoulder length brunette near hair pinned up.  Contractors,  employees, and visitors have all detected Maggie’s ghost walking in the second  floor corridor or dancing in the third floor ballroom.  The red brick  building is on the corner of Third Street and Bennett Avenue in  Victor.


The Mamie R. Mine-The  ghosts of three minors haunted the depths of this gold mine for several  years.  The men all died in separate accidents in 1894.  Minors  reported encountering their phantoms in the main shaft, at the 375 foot level  and in the isolated dress in the deeper recesses of the mine.  One ghost  carries his severed arm over her shoulder and another like to write in the or  buckets.  It was said the mine was also possessed by mischievous sprites  called Tommy Knockers.  The Earth spirits cause beams to give way and  explosions go off prematurely.  After several unexplained accidents  and ghost sightings, the mine shutdown in 1895.  It is located on Raven  Hill in Cripple Creek.


Palace Hotel-this old  hotel is haunted by the presence of one of the original owners, Mrs. Kitty  Chambers who likes to keep candles lit and placed in certain spots, just as they  were when the Palace Hotel first opened.  Mrs. Chambers died in room three  of the hotel in 1908 and is said to haunt the room.  That doesn’t stop her  from turning up all over the hotel and she may be responsible for turning down  beds in other rooms and stealing all the keys to room nine as well.  The  Palace Hotel and Casino is located at 172 Bennett Ave., Creek.  Www.palacehotelcasino.com