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May-Stringer House

maystringer Address  601 Museum Ct.
Brooksville, Fl 34601
Phone  (352)799-0129
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Website  hernandohistoricalmuseumassoc.com
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May-Stringer House was built in 1855 by John L. May. Legend has it that as many as 8 ghosts roam the property.


Claims include cold spots, mists, shadows, and disembodied voices. The location does offer private investigations on Friday and Saturday nights for a fee by appointment only.Private investigations are offer as either a 2 hour individual tour or a late night 6 hour group tour. Please contact the location at the above phone or email to schedule an investigation.

The Brown Mansion

315827_10151286959896860_1840153190_n Address South Walnut & Elbridge
Coffeyville, Kansas 67337
Phone (620) 251-0431
Website www.brownmansion.com/
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Construction was completed on the Brown Mansion in 1906. It was owned by William Pitzer Brown and his wife Nancy. They had 5 children. 4 of which passed before the age of 12. Claims at this location include dogs barking. shadowy forms, footsteps, disembodied voices and beds getting unmade. The location does allow private investigations for a fee by appointment but only on available Saturday nights once or twice a month. To schedule an investigation contact  Kris Crane at 620-988-0700 or kcrane5@cox.net.

Rockwood Museum Park

10273415_749568961753264_7585866488104943334_n Address 610 Shipley Rd
Wilmington, Delaware 19809
Phone (302) 761-4340
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Website rockwood.org/
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Winchester Mystery House

Winchester Mystery House Address 525 S. Winchester Blvd.
San Jose, California 95128
Phone (408) 247-2000
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Website winchestermysteryhouse.com
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