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Alauna Research & Investigation

NPS-Default Contact Name David Malin
Location Alcester, Warwickshire, England
Research into Hauntings and reports of Paranormal Activity. Historical
research into buildings and individuals, including Family History.
Information and Evidence Gathering at Investigations.

Old Depot Museum

320101_625436684148591_1399087677_n Address 4 Martin Luther King St.
Selma, Alabama 36703
Phone (334) 874-2197
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The Agency for Eternal Justice Paranormal Investigators

Emblem Contact Name Jesse
Location Florida
Phone (321) 285-9784
Email email
Website www.brooksvillepit.com
Equipment, reports, video making and documentation.  Follow up and historical records digging.

Nocturnal Paranormal

Nocturnal Paranormal Contact Name Nocturnal Paranormal
Location Alton, Illinois
Phone (618) 876-9246
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Specialty: We are a small paranormal research group located out of Alton, Illinois dedicated to helping others and searching for that which goes bump in the night. We do residential locations and offer cleansings as well.
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3:33 Paranormal Research

NPS-Default Contact Name
Location Woodbridge, Virginia
Phone (571) 991-4311
Email email
Website www.333amparanormalresearch.com
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Il-Mo Entity Trackers

Il-Mo Entity Trackers Contact Name Il-Mo Entity Trackers
Location Illinois, Iowa and Missouri
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Website il-moentitytrackers.com
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Woodlands Paranormal Texas


Woodlands Paranormal


Name:  Woodlands Paranormal

Location:  Spring, Texas

Website: woodlandsparanormal.com

Email:  cathy_nance@yahoo.com

Phone:  832-296-1858