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Jul 07

Tom Mihok

Name: Tom Mihok
Email: ttmihok@verizon.net
Team, organization, or location name: Individual Paranormal Investigator
Phone: 412 708 3351
Location: Pittsburgh, Pa

Paranormal Investigations

Jul 06

Michael Ritenour

Contact Name Michael Ritenour
Location Lonaconing Maryland
Phone (301) 463-2655
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Ghost hunting

May 10


BB paranormal Team

Kirstin Morris

Email: Kirstinhmorris@gmail.com

Location: Strasburg, VA

Professional Photographer, Photograph Anaysis

May 08

Sharon Hill

Email: idoubtit00@gmail.com

Team, organization, or location name
Lithospherica, LLC

Website: http://sharonAhill.com


Writer and researcher on cryptozoology, hauntings, poltergeists,
paranormal investigation groups, anomalous natural phenomena,
skepticism, skeptical inquiry, science methodology. I have an
extensive background in these topics current and historical. I am a
licensed geologist and have a EdM in Science and the Public.

Apr 21

Cindy Ponds Newell

Name: Cindy Ponds Newell

Email: cmorerocks@windstream.net

Website: https://www.facebook.com/authorcindypondsnewell?ref=hl

North Carolina, USA

I’ve always been interested in ghosts and ghostly phenomenon.  After
living in a haunted house for six years, I decided to write about my
experiences. Since then, I’ve written four novels.  My latest has
become an Amazon bestseller

Apr 02

Steven A. Katonka


Website: www.StevenAKatonka.com

Phone: 1-216-903-4090


I specialize in demonic cases and have served the state of Ohio and
the mainland United States since 2005.

Dec 28

Ashad Washington



Email: supernatural.services@gmail.com

Team, organization, or location name:  independant investigator
Location:  WA

violent hauntings

Sep 12

Jim Brown Pennsylvania

Jim Brown

Jim Brown: caverat@jimsdestinations.com

Team, organization, or location name: Independent Researcher

Website: http://www.jimsdestinations.com

Phone: 724-564-9998

Location: Pennsylvania

In depth scientific study of paranormal claims.  I am an independent researcher with nearly 40 years in the field.  My specialties are UFO / alien reports and cases of general strangeness that don’t fit the common paranormal format. I also do complete analysis of EVP recordings using state of the art hardware; multitrack recording techniques, and sensors.  I do not condone the use of EMF meters as ghost detectors, ghost boxes, cheap digital voice recorders for EVP, and other methods which have been proven to give false positives. Instead I do a complete, objective analysis of all claims and am able to debunk 95% of them as common place events simply mis-identified as
paranormal.  I am willing to work with, or as a consultant to any group that adheres to strict scientific protocols.

Sep 12

DelMarVa Paranormal

Contact Name Sharon Galloway
Location Maryland
Phone (410) 833-5588
Email email
Website www.delmarvaparanormal.com
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Healing prayer, visualization, channeling art, experience with other dimensional “battles”

Mar 26

Robby Rush

Robby Rush Contact Name Robby Rush
Location Mesquite, Texas
Phone (214) 382-1699
Email email
Website RobbyRush.wix.com/TheOccultSpecialist/
1- Occult investigation
2- Paranormal investigation
3- Countermeasures

Nov 15

Cheryl Dunn Washington


Cheryl Dunn:  cheryl.dunn69@yahoo.com

Team, organization, or location name: self
Phone: 360-591-7062
Location: Ocean Shores Washington State
Specialties:  tugging, voices recorded, smells, knocking, shadows, lots more……

Oct 13

Mitchell Goth

mitchell-goth Contact Name Mitchell Goth
Location Janesville, WI
Phone (608) 295-3465
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My specialty is focused on scientifically oriented investigations with an organised and semi-skeptical approach. I’m not the person to look to for metaphysics and psychic abilities. However, I pride myself in being able to approach paranormal investigation in the most technologically up to date and advanced way.

Sep 06

Cyle Strahl Virginia


Name:Cyle Strahl

Location:VA Beach, VA



Aug 31

David Ingham South Carolina



Name:  David Ingham

Location:  Columbia, SC

Email:  dvdingham@yahoo.com

Phone:  803-738-5640

Aug 25

Oxford Paranormal Society

OPS Contact Name Trey Hudson
Location Alexandria, Alabama
Phone (256) 238-2575
Email email
Website oxfordparanormalsociety.com/index.html
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Aug 22

Tx-Paranormal Search Investigators Texas


Name:  Tx-Paranormal Search Investigators

Location:  El Paso, Texas

Email:  dreamcatchertmz@yahoo.com




Jun 21

Anita Brown Ohio


Anita Brown


Name:  Anita Brown – Paranormal In Dayton

Location:  Dayton, Ohio

Website:  http://www.examiner.com/paranormal-in-dayton/anita-brown

Email:  ghosthunter_goddess@yahoo.com



May 26

Jenn Lehman Pennsylvania


Name:  Jenn Lehman

Location:  Orangeville

Email:  jennlehmanherself@gmail.com


May 25

HauntedMo Missouri

NPS-Default Contact Name
Location Fenton, Mo
Phone (636) 600-1280
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May 24

Len Dorman

NPS-Default Contact Name Len Dorman
Location Chicago, Illinois
Phone (773) 737-9598
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May 23

Michelle Roan Texas

michele roan


Name: Michelle Roan

Location: Denton, TX

Email: ghostgirl@charter.net

Phone: 940-595-9300