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Infinite existence – an answer we can never know


While trying to get my head around the nature of the universe, I find myself coming back to a troubling bit of the puzzle. Can intelligence make the universe larger? Throughout history, we find the extent of the universe to be limited by our beliefs. As our minds became capable of realizing additional beliefs, our universe has expanded. We can apply similar logic to different species.

Once upon a time, the “human” reality/universe didn’t extend far beyond acquiring food, a mate, and perhaps shelter. What we might find over there or out there was not even a concern. The universe was defined by surviving until the next sunrise. As we gained knowledge and created technologies, we found more things in the universe and our realization of the universe became larger.

The problem developed here, is the apparent relationship between mental ability and the size and nature of the universe. Can it be so simple; the more stuff we believe, the more stuff will exist? If we believe in everything then must everything exist? If we believe anything can happen then must it happen?

The problem grows when we take into account how different mental abilities will affect the universe. A single cell organism can not conceive the universe as we do yet its universe is no less real. This organism’s universe exists within ours yet from its perspective we likely do not exist. To further the complication, we must acknowledge how we change the organism’s universe even though it is not aware of us. Likewise, some of these organisms can destroy us without actually being aware of our existence. A species from another galaxy may perceive us as little more than single cell organisms. While from our perspective, they may not exist at all. A human with a certain degree of brain damage will perceive the universe much different than others do. Brain activity in a vegetative state can vary from nil to hyperactive. Has the hyperactive brain of a vegetative human found a different and perhaps larger universe?

The easy answer is to accept only one defined universe for all things and all levels of intelligence. However, if we do this we must set limits on the universe; meaning we must accept nothing beyond what we know at this moment is possible or even conceivable. The simple acts of imagining, calculating, and conceiving what is possible must cease.

If the universe is not what we know it to be; it must be infinite. It is everything we can conceive it to be but, it must also be everything which does not yet exist. Greatly simplified quantum mechanics tells us existence requires an observer. In order to exist, all things must reside within the perspective of something. Yes, this does lend to “logical proof” of the existence of some sort of almighty deity, but it also requires something equivalent or even greater to allow a deity to exist.

This brings me to the final thoughts and bits of the puzzle which are both confounding and intriguing. Deities are often thought of in terms of infinite intelligence. If we are to achieve this infinite intelligence can we then do anything and everything? Would we realize an answer to that which is indefinable or would it continue to be infinity? If we were to achieve infinite intelligence would we be deities ourselves or would something still be beyond us? If we evolve, must our deities evolve ahead of us? If they do not evolve, do we surpass them or do we cease to exist?