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Solutions For Your Paranormal Problems

 NPS-Default Contact Name Aryan Metzender
Location Patna India
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Website globalparanormalhunters.webstarts.com 
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Our team solves paranormal cases around the world. We are basically based in India but we have members in our team from all over the globe. The name of our team is Global Paranormal Hunters but we are running our page on facebook with the name Solutions For Your Paranormal Problems. We have members with many psychic abilities & have many paranormal cases around the world. We do home cleansing, aura reading, aura healing, home blessing, face reading & reiki.

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 NPS-Default Contact Name Nino Daep
Location Manila, Philippines
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This organization shall be known as the Philippine Intuitive Learning for Light-workers Awakening the Recognition to Spirituality (PILLARS). To provide free knowledge in the field of Spirituality, Parapsychology
and Metaphysics. To collaborate & work with other respectable research teams in order to advance the field of Spirituality, Parapsychology and Metaphysics.
We vowed to share for free knowledge and guidance in spirituality, parapsychology and metaphysics as Light-workers and light bearers of the universe.