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Jan 22

Belief of Djinn (Arabic for Genie) in the gaza area.

ga1By International rep Stephen Russell

Gaza is a region of the state of Palestine. It is on the east coast of Mediterranean Sea.
It is 41 kilometres( 25 miles)long.

The origin of the word is taken from the Arabic word for the semetic root.. Jann which means to hide.
The more know word of genie.. is derived from the French word for genius..which came from the Latin meaning of a guardian spirit.

They are said to have a social structure just like humans.. where there is monarchy and occasions such as weddings and mourning the departed.

ga2They are seen with some traditions as travelling in different forms..such as flying in air (vultures etc)..and snakes and dogs. Even dragons have there place with them.

In recent years at the town of deir al-balah have started to believe that genies are the cause of unexplained housefires in the town itself. The police in the region have stated that it is nothing more than scare mongering and have tried to down playdown the reports. But belief is still strong with these accounts.

The belief in genies has a long history in the region. A region that has a belief system of Fortune tellers and spiritual healing. One of a belief that genies can posses people at ease.

ga3Gaza has a strong Muslim population ,that has a strong belief in the paranormal and Djinn are actually mentioned in the qur’ran as supernatural creatures that are made of smoke or fire. The Muslim equivalent of “satan” is believed to be one also.

The belief has even led to exorcisms of what is believed to be genies. Contrary to the more western beliefs of exorcising due to chritianic demonic enterties.

The belief in genies here, is as strong as it was centuries ago.

Jan 22


1by International rep Stephen Russell

Gabon (the Portuguese name of the Kome River) on the west coast of Africa is an independent state, also formally a french territory.

The country itself has diverse religious beliefs from Christianity, Bwiti to Animism and Islam. At least 5% of the population are considered Atheist in their beliefs. Raconteurs, who are story tellers, are working to keep the oral tradition of local folklore’s and legends alive within the culture.

The masks in Gabon culture, are designed for different beliefs in ceremonies depending on which tribe creates them. Made out of rare wood, or precious metals, they are internationally celebrated for there meanings and design. The masks are generally used in ceremonies such as births, weddings, or funerals. The Panu masks have their own use
of warding off evil spirits and witches. The concepts of life or death are very important in the meaning of the masks.

2When used in the appropriate rituals set to the coinciding music, the mask transforms a male performer into an ideal feminine beauty or a spiritual being, while the carved white mask depicts a serine woman. As funeral rites are performed after a death, the masks contrast the rigorous stilt dances that are performed at the same time.

Another tribal mask is native to the Ogoou’e river basin in the country .The pun-lumbo mask.They are highly collectible and considered valuable pieces of African art. They are oval shaped with narrow eyes, high eyebrows and small ears. The male masks are considered ugly by the local people, where the females are seen as more attractive they have been linked to female ancestry celebrations and funerary spirit ceremonies.


Jan 22


dn1Denmark is the smallest of Scandinavian countries and occupies the Jutland peninsula. The country also consists of several islands in the Baltic Sea. Denmark is the smallest of the five nations in the Nordic region with a total land mass about the same size as Finnmark County in Norway. The country is a constitutional monarchy and its most important sources of revenue are oil, the medical industry, agrigultural produce and shipping and IT services. For more information on Denmark, go here: http://www.norden.org/…/the-nordic-coun…/facts-about-denmark
There are several reports of over 100 spirits within the castle walls of Draghsholm Castle but one of the more notable of the spirits is known as James Hepburn, the Earl of Bothwell. Hepburn was captured by the Norwegians (whom ruled that was then Denmark-Norway) in the mid 1500s. He was imprisoned at the Dragsholm castle and during which, the seclusion had made him mad. Given barely enough food and water to survive, he was eventually tied to a pillar and left to die. Guests today report seeing Hepburn on horseback, and and many visitors have heard the hooves of horses beating on the cobbled yard. During the 1930’s a skeleton in a white dress was discovered within a small space in the castle walls by workmen. She is believed to be Celine, the daughter of the noble Bovles family. Celina fell in love with a commoner and had become pregnant. This angered her father and he held her as a prisoner in one of the castle’s dungeons. This could explain the apparitions of the “white lady.” In the 12th century, the Bishop of Roskilde, Peder Sunsen designed Dragsholm. The last bishop of Roskilde, Joachim Ronnow was imprisoned in his own castle in 1436. Some speculate that his spirit still haunts the Dragsholm’s tower where his captivity had begun.

Just recently, the Denmark ministry of defense had released over 15,000 UFO sighting archives from over the last 30 years and have also set up a link where you can download accounts of the historic UFO sightings, click here to visit that site: http://www2.forsvaret.dk/Pages/forside.aspx The observations of the UFO sightings vary from China lamps, a bright planet, and other natural occurrences to what is known as the “flying gople.” The air force has stated that most sightings do remain unidentified due to a lack of precise details and some reports have ruled out aircraft and weather phenomena. One curious report occurred on January 5th 1981 at about 12:50 which states a flaming square disc was spotted about 45 degrees over frozen land neat the Thule Air Base. It had vanished as fast as it had appeared; coincidentally radar stations at the American base had recorded an unidentified flying object off their radar also at 12:50.

dn2If so far Denmark seems to offer much a mystery, then it should come as no surprise that the mysterious Sealand Skull was discovered by workers replacing sewer pipes in Ølstykke in 2007. The skull’s discovery didn’t make any immediate headlines nor was it acknowledged by science until 2010. Researchers examined the skull at a Veterinarian high school in Copenhagen concluded that “although resembling a mammal, certain features make it impossible to fit the animal into Linnaean taxonomy.”

Since we have already discussed the discovery of a skeleton at the Draghsholm Castle and a mysterious skull discovered, let’s take a look at Denmark’s 2,000 year old army of several hundred ancient warriors that have been discovered in a bog in the Alken Enge wetlands. The remains seem to tell a story of an entire army’s sacrifice. Some of the remains include a fractured skull and a sliced thighbone. Also unearthed at the site were well preserves axes, spears, clubs and shields. The area in which the excavation has taken place is so massive that archaeologists don’t believe they will ever excavate all of what remains. It is believed that these warriors lost a battle to an opposing tribe.

If occult is in your interest then you will be fascinated to learn that “if ever Denmark is in great danger, from his enchanted sleep Holger Danske will rise and the table to which his beard has grown will split in twain, as he can sleep no more in Denmark needs aid”. *quoted from the encyclopaedia of superstitions, folklore, and the occult sciences by Charles McClellan Stevens Danse is regarded as a Danish national symbol, he is also called Oger Le Danois, his name being the only link to Denmark. Danish national author Hans Christian Andersen had in 1845 written the fairy tale Holger Danse where he was described as sitting fast asleep with his beard having grown into the table in front of him and his sword in his lap, prepared to wake up to action in case Denmark had been threatened by outside forces.

Denmark has also more than 500 years of scientific research which provides the foundations of the Danish society as we know it today. One of the most well known inventions to come out of Denmark was Google Maps invented by brothers Jens and Lars Rasmussen. This technology is used all over the world and is one of the most popular go-to mapping services today. So while in Denmark looking for the next haunted location, just remember the Google Maps originated there and you will be sure to find your location as easy as a click.

dn3Finally, if you are looking for any hot spots while in Denmark, I would first start with Copenhagan at Dana Cup where reports claim a little boy was killed playing soccer and reportedly returns to haunt the area. Also be sure to route your way over to Dragsholm castle and see if you can have an encounter with the reported 100 ghosts that lurk within. Perhaps you could bare witness to the white lady, or even James Hepburn or the little boy in Copenhagan.

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Jan 22

Haunted Netherlands

n4The Netherlands is a country about the size twice that of New Jersey located in the Northwestern section of Europe. The country neighbors Germany, Belgium, and the North Sea. According to encyclopedia.com, the land area of the Netherlands increases slightly each year as a result of continuous land reclamation and drainage. In its recent years, the country’s government has placed an increased emphasis on preservation due to economic growth. The nation is also known to have one of the world’s highest levels of industrial carbon dioxide emissions although continued efforts take place to reduce sulphur dioxide emissions. Its rivers also suffer from severe pollution due to agricultural and industrial waste. The major spoken languages of the country are Dutch and Frisian (Frisian is closely related to AngloSaxon tongue with a bit of Dutch in it.) Most residents of the Netherlands as well understand English, French and German.

n3In recent years; the Dutch society has become increasingly secular with a steady decline of church memberships. Roman Catholic religion is said to be the most popular religions followed by Dutch reformed, Muslim, Calvinist Reformists, Hindu, Jewish and Buddhist but the largest group of people report to be atheist or agnostic. At about the 16th century, the Dutch Reformed Church originated during the time of the Protestant Reformation under the influence of Calvinistic teachings. The Dutch Reform paranormal belief is the the spirits are actually malevolent who are deceitful as commanded by Satan. They named them demons, evil spirits and even unclean spirits. Similar churches around the same time holding the same theological views were also founded in France, Switzerland, Germany, Hungary, England and Scotland. Though the church was never considered a Dutch state church, the law demanded that all of its public officials be a member. In 1815, the Kingdom of the Netherlands was established in which the church has become more centralized. The new government then imposed new rules and regulations which placed the church under royal control allowing the king to appoint the church head up until 1852. By 1853, the church and the state were completely separated. This church remained the largest church until the mid 20th century when it was surpassed by the Roman Catholic Church.

Participants from the Netherlands were chosen from a paranormal fair and asked to participate in a study related to the fringe sciences which focused on materials and methods. The participants first were instructed to view a set of 38 black and white pictures of faces and houses that consisted of different levels visual noise in each. The point of this test was to study the neural correlates of perceptual decision making. After completing this task, the participants were asked to fill in a questionnaire form about the paranormal at their own pace. Later a regression analysis was conducted in which the effect of paranormal beliefs on accuracy was investigated after controlling for demographic variables such as gender, age and education. You can read more about this experiment and more by following this link: http://journals.plos.org/plosone/article…

n2In the province of Drenth exists a 5,000 year old monument of huge granite stones known as the Hunebedden in which huge granite rocks are rested on top of smaller rocks. The belief is that simple farmers had moved these large boulders to Drenthe to construct a large burial chamber. It is theorized in 1857 by King Frederic VII of Denmark that they selected boulders found with a flat side, some of which had to be dug out from the sand. The stones were then placed on wooden rollers or sleds by use of levers and manpower did the rest. The curious thing about the structure is that similar structures can be found throughout the world in locations including Germany, Massachussetts, Sicily, Italy, Africa, France India, Korea, Ireland and Spain. These structures are known as Dolmens.

A controversial photo of U.F.O. Over the Netherlands surfaced in 2013 by amateur photographer Corinne Federer. Federer was taking pictures outside of the Muiderslot castle in succession when she managed to capture a tubular shaped object that appears to have an S-shaped fin. Federer claims that she hadn’t noticed the object until reviewing the photos later. This is what she told the Huffington Post: “It was a tubular-shaped object that had an S-shaped fin on it. If it had been any type of missile, it would’ve had multiple fins, but facing the same direction. We heard nothing, it was completely quiet out. The more I flipped through the frames, it was kind of creepy,I’ve been shooting for quite some time and I’ve seen other stuff in the news, but I’ve never seen anything [like this] with my own eye.”

In Amsterdam, Netherlands you can find Anne Frank’s secret annex. It is believed that you can feel cold spots in certain areas of the room and sometimes while walking around towards nightfall, you may be able to see a figure of a young girl. Also in Amsterdam you can find the bell tower which is said that a boy dressed in early 20th century period clothing walks up the flight of stairs and disappears. The most notable of haunted locations in the Netherlands exists in Waardenberg at the Waardenberg castle. At night an unseen spirit will travel the stairs and in some rooms you can hear whispering voices, and toilets flushing in an area where there isn’t a toilet. On the east wing there is a room known as the ghost room where objects are said to move by themselves. You can also travel the house and notice cold drafts in some parts. It is said that human bodies were found in its cellars. It is also said that medieval wizard Dr. Faust had lived at the castle and was supposedly taken to hell from the location by the devil himself. At the location in its window exists two hand prints made of blood that can’t be washed, perhaps the marks left behind by silent witnesses of the happening.

n1Near the river Scheldt in Antwerp it was once believed that Druon Antigoon, a giant would sit by the river and charge a toll in order to cross. If any traveler should refuse to pay the toll, Druon Antigoon would proceed to cut their hand off and toss it into the river. The giant was later defeated by a Roman soldier by the name of Silvius Brabo who managed to cut off the giant’s hand in combat and toss it into the same river that Druon Antigoon would toss the severed hands of nonpaying travelers.

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Jan 22


Greig Pow

Greig Pow

International Rep: United Kingdom at National Paranormal Society
I have spent my life pursuing the existence of extraterrestrials. From a young age I would immerse myself in local libraries absorbing as much information on the possibility that we had been visited by another species, the thought of it inspired me to pursue it through my adult life. I realised after a period of time that my answer lay in the realms of science and I studied the aspects of science and extraterrestrials. Later in life I had my first experience with a ghost in my home I recently moved into . It scared me at first and I remember waking up the next morning compelled to recreate what had happened. I tried to debunk what I saw and to no avail I couldn’t. I began a journey to find what out what happened to me and to prove what I seen was real. I still pursue this amongst a lot of other things that exist beyond the realms of my understanding. I use science and technology, I think skeptical and critically because I always believe if you approach research and investigate as a skeptic you will find the truth.
Greig Pow

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g3Greece is a country in South Eastern Europe (Known in ancient times as Hellas) . The Greek population is around 10.8 million and the capital city is Athens.

The Haunted Houses of Athens.

Over several areas of the city is said to be a hotbed of paranormal activity with various houses in the Greek capital has had several witness accounts of strange activity.

The Tower Of Dreams has been abandoned for a long time is said to be visited by the previous owner who was said to an ambitious and greedy man (a type of Greek Scrooge). Witnesses have reported hearing a man screaming “IT IS MY HOUSE”.

The House Of The Disinherited Sisters. This was the home of 3 spinsters, people have reported seeing apparitions of these women around the house and sometimes seen looking out the windows.

g1On of the locations I found the most intriguing is “The Villa Kazouli”. This house was used in the 2nd world war by the Germans to torture Greek soldiers and in an excavation, 12 bodies were unearthed in the garden. Eyewitness accounts have heard screams coming from the house as well as seeing shadow figures moving around the area.
Historically Greece has been a hotbed of UFO activity, most notable was an encounter a pilot on flight 266 from Athens to London in 2008. The pilot reported seeing a bright object in sky, the object was noted to be changing its position several times and was only reported by the pilot to the control because he was concerned the object was going to collide with the plane. After the flight left the airspace, the control tower continued to monitor the object ( it was reported it could be seen by the naked eye). The Greek air force were also monitoring the object and launched 2 f-16 jets to intercept the object while they continued to monitor it from their control tower. It transpired that the f-16s couldn’t track the object and returned with no further information. The Greek national news channel broadcast the radio conversation between the pilot and the control tower a month later.

g2A recent photograph of a strange sea creature was photographed off the coast of Corfu by Scotsman Harvey Robertson while he took in a boat trip while on holiday on the Greek Island. The photo was analysed Loren Coleman director if the “International Crypto Museum” said it could be a configuration a type of behavioural restructuring of the bodyform of a mundane species like a squid for example, not usually seen.

The Eleusinian is probably the most famous ancient mysteries and occults in Greece. The cult/religion was celebrated in the city of Eleusis to honour Ceres and Persepne.

The people of the Eleusinian School were famous throughout Greece for their beauty and their high standards of morality. The rites if Eleusis were divided into 2 categories, the lesser and the greater mysteries. The lesser were celebrated in the spring in the town of Agrae and the greater in the autumn at Eleusis or Athens. Women and children were admitted to the Eleusinian Mysteries, and at one time there were literally thousands of initiates. Because this vast host was not prepared for the highest spiritual and mystical doctrines, a division necessarily took place within the society itself. The higher teachings were given to only a limited number of initiates who, because of superior mentality, showed a comprehensive grasp of their underlying philosophical concepts. Socrates refused to be initiated into the Eleusinian Mysteries, for knowing its principles without being a member of the order he realized that membership would seal his tongue. That the Mysteries of Eleusis were based upon great and eternal truths is attested by the veneration in which they were held by the great minds of the ancient world. M. Ouvaroff asks, “Would Pindar, Plato, Cicero, Epictetus, have spoken of them with such admiration, if the hierophant had satisfied himself with loudly proclaiming his own opinions, or those of his order?”

The garments in which candidates were initiated were preserved for many years and were believed to possess almost sacred properties. Just as the soul can have no covering save wisdom and virtue, so the candidates–being as yet without true knowledge–were presented to the Mysteries unclothed, being first: given the skin of an animal and later a consecrated robe to symbolize the philosophical teachings received by the initiate. During the course of initiation the candidate.

Ufo casebook.
Google Earth.

Jan 22

Poland’s Auschwitz and The Paranormal

Katie Snow

Katie Snow

Chair: Aliens & UFO's at Dead Ringer Paranormal
My name is Kathy Snow however in the Paranormal world I am simply known as katie! My team and I take the paranormal field very seriously and have been up and down the eastern seaboard investigating known and unknown locations. My team consists of all family members giving us the opportunity to work well together with no drama. I am a national as well as internationally published paranormal writer. Our evidence has been shown on My ghost story caught on camera and we work hard within our community to bring awareness and understanding to the field. There are four ordained ministers on the team. After 16 years in the field we no longer do in house investigations as we are out trying to find unknown haunted locations and we consult on cases other teams may have questions on. After founding 3 teams, we have recently relocated and our new team name is Dead Ringer Paranormal. We are proud of the work we do and try to show the community it is a scientific field of study and a lot of work goes into what we all do. We are an old world team meaning we investigate with just what we need, we do not hook up wires and tons of equipment, we believe in studying the paranormal in traditional proven ways. I am excited and proud to have been asked to be a rep for NPS..
Katie Snow

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p1In a country where atrocities such as the German regimes concentration camps of WWII, one can only wonder if the scars of yesterday left a paranormal marker for today’s paranormal inquisitors.

Auschwitz concentration camp was a network of German Nazi concentration camps and extermination camps built and operated
by the Third Reich in Polish areas during World War II. Being of Polish ethnicity and only 2nd generation American, the paranormal findings of this camp holds a special interest for me. my Father served in the war and saw the horror first hand as he would tell us stories of his time spent there and some of my family visited this camp first hand which is now a World Heritage Site. At least 1.1 million prisoners died at Auschwitz, around 90 percent of them Jewish.

p2Currently Poland consists of many beliefs, however the majority of its population adheres to Christianity. Within this, the largest grouping is the Catholic Church with 87.5% of Poles in 2011 identifying themselves as Roman Catholic which is higher than any other European country. Some believe this religious statistic to be because of the concentration camps as Poland has a lineage to it’s Jewish heritage.

Poland lies in eastern Europe on the Baltic Sea and has a strong architectural medieval flair. The people are artsy and intricately woven to their thousand year history. Poland is proud of it’s achievements and now stands as a highly developed country. According to nations encyclopedia “Poland’s average altitude is 568 ft; 75.4% of the land is less than 656 ft above sea level. The highest point, Mount Rysy (2,499 m/8,199 ft), is located in the Tatra Mountains on the Slovakian border.”

p3Auschwitz lies approximately 37 miles west of Krakow near the prewar German-Polish border in Upper Silesia, an area that Nazi Germany annexed in 1939 after invading and conquering Poland and was the largest of its’ kind. According to the American Holocaust Museum, ” The SS authorities established three main camps near the Polish city of Oswiecim: Auschwitz I in April 1940; Auschwitz II (also called Auschwitz-Birkenau) in October 1941; and Auschwitz III (also called Auschwitz-Monowitz) in October 1942.”

This is a first hand account by my Brother upon returning home from his trip to the camp back in 1979, he stated, “It was the most depressing place I have visited during my stay. The smell of death lingers in the air as if it wraps its’ arms around you, dragging you in to feel the sadness that occurred there. There were claw marks from those contained in the gas chambers upon the cement walls, I felt a tear roll down my cheek. I did not feel as if they ever left, meaning the spirits of those departed.”

p4As I searched for paranormal information on Auschwitz, I found my Brother’s thoughts were not unfounded. It seems he is not alone on his feelings. the personal blog of heparanormalblogging.blogspot.com/…/auschwitz-most-haunted-…, also felt the despair of the
gas chamber. It is also noted that visitors to this camp have captured pictures and videos of strange forms in the gas chambers, also some visitors have noticed cold spots and the feel of being touched by in non-existent hands.

In the small gift shop located in this dim dark remembrance of a time best left laid to rest, they sell small flowers to place throughout Auschwitz
as the Poles believe flowers calm the spirits that roam the halls. From screams heard and cold spots, to the gripping almost unnerving feel of death that haunts this place, I can only imagine if any place could be haunted this would be high on the top ten list.

Photos from

The American Holocaust Muesum

For more information on this camp

Jan 22


Katie Snow

Katie Snow

Chair: Aliens & UFO's at Dead Ringer Paranormal
My name is Kathy Snow however in the Paranormal world I am simply known as katie! My team and I take the paranormal field very seriously and have been up and down the eastern seaboard investigating known and unknown locations. My team consists of all family members giving us the opportunity to work well together with no drama. I am a national as well as internationally published paranormal writer. Our evidence has been shown on My ghost story caught on camera and we work hard within our community to bring awareness and understanding to the field. There are four ordained ministers on the team. After 16 years in the field we no longer do in house investigations as we are out trying to find unknown haunted locations and we consult on cases other teams may have questions on. After founding 3 teams, we have recently relocated and our new team name is Dead Ringer Paranormal. We are proud of the work we do and try to show the community it is a scientific field of study and a lot of work goes into what we all do. We are an old world team meaning we investigate with just what we need, we do not hook up wires and tons of equipment, we believe in studying the paranormal in traditional proven ways. I am excited and proud to have been asked to be a rep for NPS..
Katie Snow

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In the former Soviet blocked nations of the southern Baltic States you will find Lithuania. It is a little known gem that is known as the land of wood and water. It’s shores grace crescents of white sand known as Curonian Spit and lush beautiful forests that enhance the beauty of the country and it’s wildlife.

l1The capital, Vilnius, makes it a worthy visit with it’s stunning antiquity courtyards, cobblestone streets and garish baroque churches along with a community that boasts a vibrant culture. My great Grandparents spoke very little English and I myself do understand some of this language as it was spoken within my home along with some Polish. If my Great Grandparents who married upon arrival on Ellis Island were a showcase of the people who live in this country I would say they are honest, hardworking and a kind culture with many traditions.

According to “True Lithuania” and “Wikipedia” the religions practiced in this small country is as follows. “As per the 2011 census, the predominant religion in Lithuania is Christianity, with the largest confession being Roman Catholicism. Lithuania was the last pagan country in Europe, with the Roman Catholic Church becoming widely accepted only as late as the 17th century”.

The topography of this Baltic state is a lowland terrain with small lakes and rich fertile soil. There are some highlands that lie to the east and south, with a some hills to the west.

When researching the paranormal in one of my ancestry homelands I could not help but be immediately drawn to the Hill of Crosses. The Hill of Crosses, also known in native tongue as Kryzių Kalnas, is located 12 kilometers north of the small industrial city of Siauliai and is a Lithuanian national pilgrimage center. The city of Siauliai was founded in 1236 and was occupied by Teutonic Knights during the 14th century. The tradition of placing crosses dates from this period. The placing of crosses were memorials to the dead with no bodies to bury, so instead left crosses on this hill to commemorate their fallen soldiers which seem to escalate as a Ritual after an uprising against the Russian Tsar in 1831. When Russia occupied the country they bulldozed this site twice only for it to be resurrected. Today there are an estimated 200,000 crosses, carvings and shrines at the site made out of many different materials.In 1991, when Lithuania re-won its independence, the hill became a dual symbol of its Catholic faith and national identity.

l2Paranormal activity – though I could not find much in the way of spectral visitations this site is considered one of the most creepy and mysterious sites in this nation. Much has been broadcast both on TV as well as newspapers across the world. It is a site to behold both the traditions and faiths which in itself in my opinion is paranormal of the people of Lithuania.

Not to be deterred in the paranormal experiences of this country I decided to see what the UFO scene was. Much to my surprise Lithuania actually has much activity in this area of the fringe sciences. While scanning the pages of ufo-hunters.com I found that there are quite a few reports up until the moments I submitted this article. Perhaps the largest sighting was that of a disc shaped craft in the skies over the capitol of Vilnius in 2012.

I also decided to take a look into the phenomena of cryptids to see if there were any sightings of creatures unknown to us in the United States. All I could locate was a strange animal in a pond which to me has no cryptozoology facts to back up this sighting.

l3I will leave you with a bit Lithuanian folklore, The Baubas, which many believe that folklores were created by a real story somewhere along the way!

The Baubas, an evil spirit with long skinny arms and wrinkled fingers with blood red eyes. Harassing people he tears at their hair. To the children of this country, he is the equivalent of the boogeyman. A misbehaving
child will be told: “Behave, or Baubas will come get you”. It could also be described as a black and dark creature living under the carpets or in some dark spot of the house. A good reason to clean your room!