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Dec 05

The Ghost of Chloe

Allen Marston

Director / Chair Health & Safety at Apocalyptic Paranormal Investigation & Research
Allen grew up in a small town in Southern Virginia. His interest in the paranormal began as a young child after his parents told him of some experiences that they had over the years involving UFO’s and Ghosts. He began reading every thing about the paranormal he could get his hands on, thanks to his mother. As the years went by he had many experiences and feelings that he could not explain. One day he found out about a group in his area that was actually conducting paranormal investigations in his area and attended a public investigation with this group. He was totally hooked and began doing investigations with this group. After some time he and another member decided to leave the group to gear towards conducting more scientific investigations. Allen is co-founder of Apocalyptic Paranormal Investigation & Research where he specializes in audio and EVP. His team is the first to ever investigate the buildings of the Appomattox Court House Historic Park, where the surrender of Civil War occured. He has a passion for the paranormal and strives to bring all teams together to hopefully find concrete proof of the fringe sciences. When Allen is not working as a professional firefighter, you can find him spending time with his wonderful family, working other jobs to make money, creating artwork or finding more places to investigate.

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ghostchloeOur story begins sometime in the 1800’s on a plantation near St. Francisville, Louisiana. Like many southern plantations of this time, slaves took on many of the duties on the farm and in the home. This plantation was no different than any of the others. The owner at the time, Judge Clark Woodruffe, had chosen a slave girl by the name of Chloe to serve as the governess for his two girls.

Chloe tended to the day to day activities of what ever the Judge’s daughters needed. After some time the Judge became very fond of Chloe. He began to make sexual advances towards the governess. Chloe did not really want to go along with his advances, but you have to remember at this time pretty much anything was better than being sent back to fields to hard labor and discipline, so she complied. This went on for some time and she began to get the feeling that he may have began to get tired of her. She feared that he would find someone new and she would be stripped of her “freedoms” and be sent back to the fields.

Her fears got the best of her, so she decided to see what she could find out by eaves dropping on the day to day activities in the house.

Story has it that she would sneak up to the doors and listen through the key hole. Its unsure of how long this went on, but one day the Judge caught her. After talking with Chloe he was so furious that he chopped off her ear. From that day forward she wore what has become her recognizable green turban. Sadly enough her fears of being sent back to hard labor didn’t cease.

Chloe began to thinking of ways that she could make herself seen as an asset and was needed in the house. She devised a plan to take oleander, a poisonous plant that grows in the south, and bake it into a birthday cake. She figured that that the family would get sick and she would be there to nurse them back to health. She felt that this plan would make her valuable again.
Chloe decided to go through with her plan so she gathered just enough oleander leaves to make the family sick and baked the cake. After dinner she brought out the cake for everyone to “enjoy”. It’s unclear if the Judge had any of the cake, but the rest of family definitely partook in it. Immediately after eating the cake the judges wife and two daughters fell to ground in agony. She helped the family to the beds and began to take care of the family. Despite all her efforts the daughters and mother (who was also pregnant) died.

It didn’t take long for the news of what happened to spread between the other slaves. Now it’s know if Chloe told someone, or they put two and two together and figured out that it was her that made them sick, but they decide to take care of the problem before the Judge took it out on all of them. Story has it that late one night they got together and captured Chloe as she slept. They proceeded to hang her from one of the oak trees on the property till she was dead. Supposedly they then they cut her down, weighted her body down with rocks and threw her into the Mississippi River.

Guests have stated that they have woke up in the middle of the night by what seems to be a slave girl with a green turban on her head. She has also been seen in numerous places on the grounds. Something is definitely going on there, but it’s not known if it is Chloe. To be honest, they are not sure that Chloe ever existed. From what I can tell there is no record of anything going on at the Myrtle’s Plantation involving this girl. I’ll leave the mystery for you to find out.

Sep 17

Beauregard Keyes House

541283_509263319103137_582199867_n Address 1113 Chartres St.
New Orleans, Louisiana 70116
Phone (504) 523-7257
Email email
Website http://www.bkhouse.org/
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Sep 17

Oak Alley Plantation

46453_10151421451039703_1062451863_n Address 3645 Hwy 18
Vacherie, Louisiana 70090
Phone (225) 265-2151
Email email
Website www.oakalleyplantation.com/
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Sep 17

Hotel Provincial

417368_225611304203295_851854731_n Address 1024 Chartres St.
New Orleans, Louisiana 70116
Phone (504) 581-4995
Website www.hotelprovincial.com/
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Sep 17

The Pontchartrain Hotel

1229946_560940113972533_293545401_n Address 2031 St. Charles Ave
New Orleans, Louisiana 70130
Phone (504) 524-0581
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Website www.thepontchartrainhotel.com/
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Sep 17

Prince Conti Hotel

1549522_739298679423882_569113787_n Address 830 Conti St
New Orleans, Louisiana 70112
Phone (888) 626-4319
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Website www.princecontihotel.com/
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Sep 17

LaFitte Guest House

10365345_504922826275439_87074998863424235_o Address 1003 Bourbon St.
New Orleans, Louisiana 70116
Phone (504) 581-2678
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Website lafitteguesthouse.com/
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Sep 17

French Quarter Guest Houses

374401_433498110049391_44172495_n Address 1005 St. Peter St.
New Orleans, Louisina 70116
Phone (504) 947-1161
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Website www.frenchquarterguesthouses.com/
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Sep 17

Flanagan’s Pub

10399050_129455220574_3275239_n Address 625 Saint Philip St
New Orleans, Louisiana 70116
Phone (504) 598-9002
Website flanagans-pub.com/
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Sep 17

The Andrew Jackson Hotel

24285_454105681329215_1564090989_n Address 919 Royal St.
New Orleans, Louisiana 70116
Phone (504) 835-7667
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Website www.andrewjacksonhotel.com/
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Sep 17

T’frere’s House Bed & Breakfast

10361596_794580173910033_1729793675882859689_n Address 1905 Verot School Rd
Lafayette, Louisiana 70508
Phone (337) 984-9347
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Website www.tfrereshouse.com/
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Sep 17

Destrehan Plantation

376541_10150399591578730_608442516_n Address 13034 River Rd
Destrehan, Louisiana 70047
Phone (985) 764-9315
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Website www.destrehanplantation.org/
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Sep 17

Loyd Hall Plantation

36820_143593805664344_7743861_n Address 292 Loyd Bridge Rd
Cheneyville, Louisiana 71323
Phone (318) 776-5641
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Website www.loydhall.com/
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Sep 17

Spanish Moon

578341_10150649540177493_836811899_n Address 1109 Highland Rd
Baton Rouge, Louisiana 70808
Phone (225) 383-6666
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Website www.thespanishmoon.com/
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Mar 05

Louisiana Spirit Seekers

Louisiana Spirit Seekers Contact Name Brice Ponders
Location Dubach, Louisiana
Phone (318) 478-1197
Email email
Perform cleansings, blessings, or other rituals. I also fallow the
Native American ways .

Jan 12

PSI of the South Louisiana

PSI of the South Contact Name Helen Helverson
Location Haughton (Shreveport/Bossier) Louisiana
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We investigate sites where unusual or unexplained happenings occur, using many different types of equipment. If you would like us to come out to your home or business, drop us a message here and we will be happy to get in contact with you.

Dec 28

Ghost Dynasty

NPS-Default Contact Name Lauren Eidson
Location Slidell, Louisiana
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Investigating paranormal activities  in residential homes.

Dec 28

Valkyris Dragon

Valkyris Dragon Contact Name Valkyris Dragon
Location Greater New Orleans, Louisiana
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I am a psychic and healer. I remove curses, and do spiritual  cleansings

Nov 22

South East Cryptids

Ted Milam

Ted grew up in Maryland and spent his early years near Antietam Battlefield, where he witnessed a few unexplained things as a young kid. When Ted graduated high school, he joined the United States Marine Corps, and spent 10 years on active duty traveling the United States and quite a few Countries along the way. After a paranormal experience while serving in Japan, Ted knew he had to find out some answers. After leaving the Marines in 2002, Ted was hired as a Firefighter in the San Diego area, where he spent the next 6 years. In 2008, he went to Iraq as a contractor for a year, then in 2009, moved to Georgia where he works today as a Firefighter in the Savannah area. Ted founded Ghost Watchers Paranormal Investigations – Savannah, in 2010. Ted’s goal is to find some common answers in the paranormal field.

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Honey Island Swamp Monster

Sasquatch? Skunk Ape? Is the Honey Island Swamp Monster a Louisiana version of the two? It seems the description is the same…Large(7ft tall) Bipedal creature with silvery hair and red glowing eyes…it also is accompanied by a strong smell of sulfur or a rotten egg smell, much like the Skunk Ape of Southern Georgia and Florida.

The first known encounters of the creature were in 1963 when a wildlife photographer allegedly took super 8mm film of the creature…but does the film exist? Several footprints in the area of the Honey Island Swamp Monster have been found on the 1960’s and 1970’s. Is it dangerous? It has been to blame for wild boar deaths and other wildlife in the local area, but to humans? That is unkown.

A popular local legend says an escaped chimpanzee interbred with an alligator. Is it half primate half alligator? Who knows, but if you have any information, please let us know.

More information:




In the heavily forested, mountains and coal mines of West Virginia and Virginia lives the legend of the Sheepsquatch.

What is it? Three basic descriptions are universal…white to yellowish hair, Quadra pedal and it has a set of horns on its head. It is also very large, weighing several hundred pounds and is accompanied by a

smell of sulfur. Some accounts say it has claws of a raccoon and a tail of an opossum. Basically if you watched Star Wars when Luke woke up in the Ice Cave…the monster that came in looks similar to the Sheepsquatch.

Although generaly not thought of as a threat to humans…it can be unnerving if spotted, one account has it attacking a car.

Look for the Sheepsquatch in these counties: Boone, Kanawha, Putnam, and Mason…as they have

the most sightings since the 1990’s.


More information:


Jun 10

Dark Static Paranormal Investigators

Dark Static Paranormal Investigators Contact Name Ashley Lewis
Location Louisiana
Email email

Mar 26

Red River Parish Paranormal

NPS-Default Contact Name Will Vaughan
Location North West, Louisiana
Phone (318) 947-2332
Email email
Website redriverparishparano.wix.com
We wish to help others understand their experiences with the unseen
and unknown. We are a non-profit organization who will never charge
for our services. We provide each of our clients with detailed
discriptions of our investigation as well as recorded audio and
picture evidence.

Aug 18

Kandy Lee Babin-Brunet

NPS-Default Contact Name Kandy Lee Babin-Brunet
Location Houma, Louisiana
Phone (985) 870-6293
Email email