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Contact Name Scott Presley
Location Chestertown, Maryland
Phone (443) 480-2827
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We are a team of four very open minded investigators with a non-judgmental approach to the paranormal. We are seasoned with well over 90 investigations under our belts. We use some of the most advanced equipment available we do have a minister that works with us when need be and as always never charge for our services. we will be willing to drive upto 3hours to help anyone out this is our passion and what we are good at so if you feel you have something in your home or building we will be happy to help investigate or do a cleansing.

Fells Point Main Street

1011519_10151764521210805_575168770_n Address Baltimore, Maryland 21231
Phone (410) 675-8900
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Website www.fellspointmainstreet.org/
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Historic Sotterley

1964789_827655877250099_2052808855_n Address 44300 Sotterley Lane (P.O. Box 67)
Hollywood, Maryland 20636
Phone (301) 373-2280
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Website www.sotterley.org/
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Jonathan Hagar House

223369_224025574281228_7997475_n Address Hagerstown City Park, 110 Key St
Hagerstown Maryland 21274
Phone (301) 739-8577 Ext. 170
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Website www.hagerstownmd.org/
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This site is under the care of The City of Hagerstown Parks & Recreation Division, and for that reason, private investigations are not permitted inside the house. Guided Ghost tours are offered in August and October, reservations are strongly encouraged as space is limited.


1186819_427768314008953_516296409_n Address 1901 Gough St
Baltimore, Maryland 21231
Phone (443) 873-8687
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Website cockeysfellspoint.com/
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Hampton National Historic Site

561368_448298241852278_1809672482_n Address 535 Hampton Ln
Townson, Maryland 21286
Phone (410) 823-1309
Website www.nps.gov/hamp/index.htm
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Union Hotel Restaurant

1380279_208206899359418_1142941873_n Address 1282 Susquehanna Rd
Port Deposit, Maryland 21904
Phone (410) 378-3503
Website unionhotel-restaurant.com/
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Point Lookout Lighthouse

524998_543067342392220_1393084529_n Address Point Lookout State Park
Scotland, Maryland 20687
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Website www.pllps.org/
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Yellow Turtle Inn

551119_414948188535989_1218033302_n Address 111 S Springdale Ave
New Windsor, Maryland 21776
Phone (410) 635-3000
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Website www.yellowturtleinn.net/
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Ceresville Mansion

968988_10152809910170537_1273669806_n Address 8529 Liberty Rd
Frederick, Maryland 21701
Phone (301) 694-5111
Website www.ceresville.com/
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Old South Mountain Inn

65054_10151187487243161_1143351862_n Address 6132 Old National Pike
Boonsboro, Maryland 21713
Phone (301) 432-6155
Website www.oldsouthmountaininn.com/
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Ballestone-Stansbury House

10277498_10152200246729983_6750730950697617918_n Address 19 Lindsey Court
Baltimore, Maryland 21221
Phone (410) 887-0218
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Website www.ballestonestansburyhouse.org
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Middleton Tavern

999764_706988482660694_1376735862_n Address 2 Market Space
Annapolis, Maryland 21401
Phone (410) 263-3323
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Website www.middletontavern.com/
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Kitty Knight House

29192_435385337505_504670_n Address 14028 Augustine Herman Highway, Route 213
Georgetown, Maryland 21930
Phone (410) 648-5200
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Website www.kittyknight.com/
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Michael Ritenour

Contact Name Michael Ritenour
Location Lonaconing Maryland
Phone (301) 463-2655
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Ghost hunting

Maryland Society for Paranormal Research

Maryland Society for Paranormal Research Contact Name Heather Llewellyn
Location Brunswick, Maryland
Phone (240) 285-9846
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Website msprparanormal.com
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Maryland Society for Paranormal Research is a group of individuals who have come together to try to find out more information about the unknown and to see try to understand what happens after death. We’re a research based group and part of our mission is to help individuals that may feel that there is something in there home/business that could be disrupting their day to day activities. Our goal is to research to educate ourselves, assist our clients and other individuals out in the field.

Maryland Paranormal Research

Contact Name Maryland Paranormal Research
Location Central Maryland
Phone (410) 988-4102
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Website maryland-paranormal.com
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Maryland Paranormal Research ® employs a technical approach to the   investigation and examination of paranormal phenomena.Our means include technical equipment (audio, visual, electromagnetic/ radio frequency, motion, environmental measurement),  augmented by  historical and genealogical research, timeline analysis, and  reporting.Our technical method involves the use of professional audio sound  stages, video/photo imaging in invisible spectra of light and data  acquisition via machine-synchronized sensors.

DelMarVa Paranormal

Contact Name Sharon Galloway
Location Maryland
Phone (410) 833-5588
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Website www.delmarvaparanormal.com
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Healing prayer, visualization, channeling art, experience with other dimensional “battles”

Fairfield Paranormal Society

Fairfield Paranormal Society Contact Name Nicol Vaselaros
Location Taneytown, Maryland
Phone (443) 340-3358
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South Mountain Paranormal Society

South Mountain Paranormal Society Contact Name Nicol Vaselaros
Location Hagerstown, Maryland
Phone (240) 520-8799
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Website www.southmountainparanormal.com
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Our mission is to provide a service to anyone in need free of charge while maintaining confidentiality. To provide prompt efficient reveals of all investigations performed. We serve the following areas; Central and Western Maryland, Eastern Panhandle of West Virginia, South Central Pennsylvania and North Eastern Virginia.

Inspired Ghost Tracking

Print Contact Name Inspired Ghost Tracking
Location Jessup, Maryland
Phone (443) 790-9762
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Website www.inspiredghosttracking.webs.com
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Antietam Paranormal Society

Antietam Paranormal Society Contact Name Antietam Paranormal Society
Location Hagerstown, Maryland
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Website www.antietamparanormalsociety.com
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Attending Conferences

Paranormal Conferences – Learning with Others

Submitted by Gayle Tiqui


Gayle Tiqui, has been attending paranormal conferences and speaking engagements for several years, in an effort to expand her knowledge base in the field. Here, she shares some of her insights on a few of the speakers she has seen at past conferences.





Brad and Barry Klinge


Brad and Barry’s group is called Everyday Paranormal and they are out of Texas. I met Brad and Barry almost 4 years ago when the group I belonged to was chosen to be their Maryland affiliate making us a part of the Everyday paranormal Family. Talking to them you could see their enthusiasm in the paranormal field and anxiousness to try something new and different! They were offered a show on the Discovery Channel called Ghost Lab. Their mission was to visit the most haunted locations and experiment with new techniques and equipment using the fringe scientific approach. You will never meet friendlier and informative researchers!

They appeared at a couple of the conferences I attended and even though their show was canceled, I don’t believe it will be the last you will see of them on TV.

They are doing a lot of conferences so just keep your eyes open






John Zaffis

I have had the opportunity to see John at three conferences so far. He is a wealth of information on the paranormal and haunted items. His paranormal team is called Paranormal Demonology Research Society of New England.

John is a Nephew of one of the biggest names in demonology Ed and Lorraine Warren, and studied under them for years.

John has been in the “business” for over 37 years and considered one of the top demonologist in the world. His number is listed is on speed dial with many paranormal groups and lectures all over at numerous conferences every year. You will always come away with so much knowledge after listening to him either on or off the stage!

His show “Haunted Collector” on SyFy channel is entering its second season. Along with John, Brian Cano , of Scared from NY, stars with him as one of his investigators.





Chip Coffey

I have seen Chip at conferences three times and can never grow tired of him. He is an internationally acclaimed psychic, medium, writer, speaker and paranormal investigator. He is compared to other medium and psychics such as John Edwards in accuracy with a “tell it as it is” demeanor of Dr Phil.

 He has made appearances on numerous TV shows from CNN, Larry King to over 30 episodes on Paranormal State to mention a few. He is about to release a book this year and has become ever more present in the paranormal lecture community. His background is interesting as well. He is a Great Grandson of famed Native American medicine woman Minnie Sue Morrow Foster.

He usually has a gallery reading which is “extra”( not included with your conference ticket) which I have attended a few times. I have to warn people however, always bring a tissue, even grown men seem to weep after specific messages from beyond.

Paranormal Conferences abound across the nation, and more are cropping up every day.  Attending conferences and lectures can give you the opportunity to see how other investigators are doing things, and perhaps spark ideas for new experiments to try in the field.  It is worth checking to see if there are any in your area.

Gayle Tiqui is the Maryland State Representative of the NPS and founder of S.I.G.N.S. Paranormal. 



S.I.G.N.S. Paranormal Contact Name S.I.G.N.S. Paranormal
Location Baltimore/Annapolis, Maryland
Phone (443) 995-6733
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