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Positive and Negative entities and their misconceptions in the Media


By Eric Jobes,  Guest Writer

As Paranormal Investigators we all know when dealing with intelligent hauntings, there are two types of entities; Positive entities and Negative entities. Positive entities are typical spirits that were nice in life and when they died they stay on this plane. They for the most part are still nice, sometimes pretty mischievous, or just neutral when it comes to spirit to human interactions. Negative entities on the other hand can be further broken down into sub categories such as human and inhuman. Human negative entities are people who were mean or evil before they died and continue to be so after they are dead. Inhuman negative entities are spirits who are not human and are usually very malicious towards humans, Demons and Elementals are typically examples of inhuman spirits. Now with this being said not every positive entity is going to be a Casper the friendly ghost or Nearly Headless Nick, just like not every negative entity will be like Saeki (The Grudge) or the red faced man (Insidious). In most cases positive and negatives entities manifest themselves as shadow people. The media and pop culture need to make these things exaggerated to help bring in big bucks in the movies. If they made a movie about realistic investigations it probably wouldn’t sell as well as they wanted. That being said entities in either category should never be taken lightly, they should be treated respect and caution respectively.

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