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Laguna paranormal solutions

 NPS-Default Contact Name Anna
Location Elk grove, CA
Sacramento Area
Phone 916-790-2077
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Website Lagunaparanormalsolitions.com
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We are a experienced non profit team of investigators, mediums specializing in investigation, cleansing, blessings, and banishing troublesome spirits free of charge in the greater Sacramento area.

Texpart Paranormal LLC Texas

Texpart Paranormal FA

Jennifer (J.J.) Rice: jj.texpart@gmail.com

Team, organization, or location name: Texpart Paranormal LLC

Phone: 972-854-2099

Website: texpartparanormal.com

Location: 100 E Louisiana Ste 5,  McKinney,  Texas 75069


Texpart is a diverse group. We realize that there may be more than one explanation for hauntings, even more than one paranormal explanation. Texpart does utilize mediums when needed. Several members are also part of the Texas Parapsychology society, and we study how ESP, survival of consciousness and psychokinesis may all have signifigance in apparitions and hauntings.  We are education-focused, with events like the Paranormal Lecture Series and monthly public investigation sessions.