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Supernatural Investigation Group “SIG”

NPS-Default Contact Name Deborah Broadus Kwan Founder/Director
Location Mississippi
Phone (601) 528-4905
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We wish to help others understand their experiences with the unseen and unknown. We are a non-profit organization who will never charge for our services. We provide each of our clients with what ever help
that they need in order for them to feel safe in their home. We offer cleansings and blessing to those that are in need of them after the investigations. Please feel free to contact us to set up a investigation are cleansing. We do all types of investigations. Feel free to contact us we understand we have been there before too.

Rowan Oak

420082_179687498811810_1158385738_n Address Old Taylor Rd
Oxford, Mississippi 38655
Phone (662) 234-3284
Email email
Website museum.olemiss.edu/historic-homes/rowan-oak/
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The Old House Burlaep

1005825_184913138353812_1997286368_n Address 122 N Jackson St
Starkville, Mississippi 39759
Phone (901) 848-6479
Email email
Website www.burlaep.com
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Waverly Plantation Mansion

1466155_1416262201939015_1259279188_n Address 1852 Waverly Mansion Rd
West Point, Mississippi 39773
Phone (662) 494-1399
Email email
Website  http://www.newsouthernview.com/pages/nsv_ie_waverley.html
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1016575_714842081880731_1023968506_n Address 3201 Clay St
Vicksburg, Mississippi 39183
Phone (601) 636-0583
Website www.nps.gov/vick
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Monmouth Historic Inn

1238798_671951842861297_953390046_n Address 36 Melrose Ave.
Natchez, Mississippi 39120
Phone (800) 828-4531
Email email
Website www.monmouthhistoricinn.com
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Duff Green Mansion

284537_228071467237559_6634997_n Address 1114 First East Street
Vicksburg, Mississippi 39180
Phone (601) 636-6968
Email email
Website www.duffgreenmansion.com/
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Magnolia Hall

10314764_887855267898208_4874048902445437385_n Address 215 S Pearl St.
Natchez, Mississippi 39120
Phone (601) 443-9065
Website www.natchezgardenclub.org/
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21841_324619652605_1247510_n Address 905 Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Dr
Meridian, Mississippi 39301
Phone (601) 483-8439
Email email
Website www.merrehope.com/
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Anchuca Mansion

295130_148216078652363_2077899162_n Address 1010 First East
St. Vicksburg, Mississippi 39183
Phone (601) 661-0001
Email email
Website anchuca.com/
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Linden Bed & Breakfast

1451620_1392080087703128_1966976789_n Address 1 Conner Cir
Natchez, Mississippi 39120
Phone (601) 445-5472
Email email
Website www.lindenbandb.com
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Kings Tavern Natchez

10462600_814071798612664_3970708320444479791_n Address 613 Jefferson St
Nachez, Mississippi 39120
Phone (601) 446-5003
Email email
Website www.kingstavernnatchez.com
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Cedar Grove Inn

993688_442891669157557_1569751057_n Address 2200 Oak Street
Vicksburg, Mississippi 39180
Phone (601) 636-1000
Email email
Website www.cedargroveinn.com/
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Dunleith Historic Inn

228445_368059766596254_1164619460_n Address 84 Homochitto St
Natchez, Mississippi 39120
Phone (800) 433-2445
Email email
Website dunleith.com/
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Historic Blue Rose

73467_160755493962577_5878477_n Address 120 W Scenic Dr
Pass Christian, Mississippi 39571
Phone (228) 452-0949
Email email
Website historicbluerose.com
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Spirit Rescue California

Spirit Rescue Contact Name
Location Worldwide
Email email
Website www.spiritrescueonline.com
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Spirit Rescue is different than other paranormal teams. Like those other teams, we investigate your home or business which includes taking photos and recording audio and video (if wanted), however the difference is that at the end of the investigation we help the unwanted spirits go through the doorway to the white light that takes them Home To The Other Side. Then we bless your family and property thus removing the negativity that has been plaguing you.