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The Rex

1373904334 Address 2401 Montana Ave
Billings, Montana 59101
Phone (406) 245-7477
Website www.therexbillings.com/
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Juliano’s Restraurant

24061_110888802268546_583102_n Address 2912 7th Ave North
Billings, Montana 59105
Phone (406) 248-6400
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Melton Hotel

1798754_250970635072738_1692866360_n Address 5 S Railroad Ave
Dillon, Montana 59725
Phone (406) 683-2335
Email email
Website www.metlenhotel.com/
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Carroll College

295329_10151889771064466_1150118510_n Address 1601 N Benton Ave
Helena, Montana 59625
Phone (406) 447-4300
Email email
Website www.carroll.edu/
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Little Bighorn Battlefield

527119_10150620457746389_935376013_n Address P.O. Box 39
Hardin, Montana 59022
Phone (406) 638-2621
Website www.nps.gov/libi/index.htm
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Historic Kempton Hotel

537042_694650703896540_1663776985_n Address 204 Spring Street
Terry, Montana 59349
Phone (406) 635-5543
Email  email
Website sites.google.com/site/historickemptonhotel/home
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Dude Rancher Lodge

58799_10151443163918130_1784514260_n Address 415 N 29th St
Billings Montana 59101
Phone (406) 259-5561
Email email
Website www.duderancherlodge.com/
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Copper King Mansion

64307_10150644731474326_170250768_n Address 219 West Granite
Butte, Montana 59701
Phone (406) 782-7580
Email email
Website www.copperkingmansion.com/
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Bear Canyon Campground

1929276_65298494265_8211685_n Address Exit 313, I-90
Bozeman, Montana 59715
Phone (800) 438-1575
Email email
Website www.bearcanyoncampground.com/
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Alberta Bair Theater

1235433_10151899496524808_1240106442_n Address 2801 3rd Ave N.
Billings, Montana 59101
Phone (406) 256-6052
Website www.albertabairtheater.org/
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Western Heritage Center

64307_10150644731474326_170250768_n Address 2822 Montana Ave
Billings, Montana 53101
Phone (406) 256-6809
Email email
Website www.ywhc.org/
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The Pollard

10443612_10152201516382794_985368913954300607_n Address 2 N Broadway Ave
Red Lodge, Montana 59068
Phone (406) 446-0001
Email email
Website www.thepollard.com/
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Mining City Paranormal

NPS-Default Contact Name Ginnie Lowney
Location Butte, Montana
Phone (406) 249-4516
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Investigations of paranormal activity.

Montana Paranormal Research Society

Montana Paranormal Research Society Contact Name Dustin Benner
Location Billings, MT
Email email
Website www.mtprs.org
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Who are we? We are a professional team of investigators. We seek to find the scientific and logical reasons when it comes to paranormal activity. Only through these methods can we find the truth. Do we charge? No. We are a nonprofit group and are available if assistance is needed. Our main goal with each investigation is not only to seek out the paranormal but to educate those that believe that they are experiencing activity.