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Texas UFO Sightings Texas

Texas UFO Sightings

Team, organization, or location name: Texas UFO Sightings
Website: http://www.texasufosightings.com
Location: Texas – based in Austin
Comprehensive UFO blog/documentation for the great state of Texas.

Jim Brown

Jim Brown Contact Name Jim Brown
Location Pennsylvania
Phone (724) 564-9998
Email email
Website www.jimsdestinations.com
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In depth scientific study of paranormal claims.  I am an independent researcher with nearly 40 years in the field.  My specialties are UFO / alien reports and cases of general strangeness that don’t fit the common paranormal format. I also do complete analysis of EVP recordings using state of the art hardware; multitrack recording techniques, and sensors.  I do not condone the use of EMF meters as ghost detectors, ghost boxes, cheap digital voice recorders for EVP, and other methods which have been proven to give false positives. Instead I do a complete, objective analysis of all claims and am able to debunk 95% of them as common place events simply mis-identified as paranormal.  I am willing to work with, or as a consultant to any group that adheres to strict scientific protocols.

Utah Mutual UFO Network- MUFON

Utah Mutual UFO Network- MUFON Contact Name John York
Location Utah
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Website utahmufon.wix.com/ufowatch
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Utah MUFON is a proud State Chapter of the Mutual UFO Network- the world’s largest and oldest International civilian UFO research organization.


Dedicated to the research, investigation and documentation of UFO’s since 1969, MUFON continues to expand worldwide in an effort to understand the phenomena.