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Symbolic Languages Used for Secrecy in the Occult

By: Tamara Ortiz

Hello Paranormal Seekers,

You will find that many practitioners of the occult will keep what is known as a “Book of Shadows”, the book will contain very important information regarding ingredients, incantations, rituals and things of this nature. The book of shadows for most practitioners is a very private affair and is usually not shared with anyone unless the practitioner is part of an origination, convent and or temple of some kind. Then the book is usually shared amongst its members but they will all keep the secrets known in the book of shadows. With the secrecy surrounding a practitioner’s book of shadows, more often than not the practitioner will write in some kind of symbolic language to further aid in keeping the information secret.

There are many different symbolic languages out there that are known and used. Practitioners will even spend years developing their own coded symbolic language that is known only to them. I am going to point out only three symbolic languages today, the Celtic Oracular alphabet, Enochian alphabet and the Theban alphabet. I use all three in certain rituals and when writing in my book of shadows.

The Theban Alphabet (also known as the Witches Alphabet or Runes of Honorius)

The age of the Theban alphabet is unknown, and what we do know of its origins is pure speculation. The first documentation of the Theban alphabet appeared in Cornelius Agrippa’s “Three Books of Occult Philosophy” published in 1531. In the third book of the series, Agrippa attributes the alphabet to Honorius of Thebes but there are no known works proving this theory. Also the letters “J”, “U” and “W” were not a part of the original alphabet and appear approximately at the beginning of the 20th century. The Theban alphabet adopted the name witches alphabet because the symbols are carved onto stone or wood and used in a similar way for divination like witches runes. This alphabet is often used in the creation of charms and talisman.

Enochian Alphabet

Enochian alphabet first appears in history around the 16th century. Occultist Dr. John Dee and his associate Sir Edward Kelly reported to have conducted hundreds of communication sessions with angels from 1581-1585. The results of these communication sessions became what is known as the Enochian alphabet. This alphabet is often used in what is known as Enochian magic.

The Celtic Oracular Alphabet (also known as Ogham)

The Celtic Ogham alphabet appears around the fourth century. This alphabet received its name from the Celtic god known as Ogmos, god of communication and knowledge. What makes this alphabet standout from the other two is each symbol has sub meanings. Such as the symbol standing for the letter “B” also represents the Birch tree and stands for purification, cleansing and new beginnings. All twenty symbols of the Celtic Ogham alphabet represent a letter, a different tree and have a divination purpose.

There are very many alphabets and symbolic languages out there. I would love for you to share any language or symbols you may use. Please share the history and mysteries found surrounding these symbols.

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