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Jan 22

Orbs and Aerodynamics



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I have had numerous experiences in my life that have tied me to thisplane of existence and others. I came to the paranormal field,compelled by curiosity and the need for knowledge. On a very personal level, I understand my connection to this earth. However, I look toscience for clarification, standards of methodology. The mysteries that surround us provide a plethora of opportunities I believe that my professional background and my spiritual experiencescomplement each other, allowing me to bring my strength andperspective to the NPS.

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With the bazillion discussions we have about Orbs…. I think it is prudent that we have a basic understanding of Aerodynamics. The reason I am bringing this to the table is so that we can collectively explore the possible flight pattern of environmental contaminants. Many people start off saying, my home is not dusty or dirty. Fair enough. But, unless you have magically or medically managed to hermetically seal your home… Stuff is floating through the air.

So, lets focus on the flight patterns of this ‘stuff’.

Every action has an equal and opposite reaction. Imagine yourself running your finger through a sill body of water. Even the slightest touch creates visible results. Not, just imagine the results that are not visible to the naked eye; undercurrents from the bottom of the water, vibrations originating from the Earth itself, and countless other factors that cause even the most minute disturbances.

Lets apply this to air. Air is much like water in the fact that it moves around fixed objects. If you think about it, air is invisible dry water in a sense. Ebbing and flowing from the atmosphere, the lowest valleys, in hospitals and yes… In our own homes, in constant and never ending motion.

How can we come together to learn to create a distinction between debris and possible orbs?

Useful information about aerodynamics!

Nov 25

Day 2 – Orbs!


Yes, today we are going to talk about one of those controversial subjects called orbs…which most of the time are really dorbs (dust orbs). I can tell you right now, if you pick up a picture and see a round object it in that you immediately call an orb, you are NOT doing your work as a researcher and investigator. Our job is to debunk FIRST and THEN look for something paranormal. To not go out and research probably causes to why you are seeing orbs in a picture is you failing yourself as an investigator and failing your client. There are several places on the internet that will give you examples of what dust orbs, moisture orbs and bugs look like so that you have a comparison for your photo; further, there are great examples of lens flare you might look at as well. (Remember, we talked about lens flare during the last Photography Discussion Week.)

So, let’s look at a few places on the web that talk about orbs specifically. I also found a few articles online that I personally found interesting about orbs that I also wanted to share with everyone. Please read these articles and then tell me what your thoughts are. I will also include the link to Wide Awake Paranormal’s website where they give examples of what orbs look like so that you can bookmark it for comparison of your own photos later on.

Feel free to share photos where you think you may have caught an orb or where you may have a question about what is in the picture.

What Are Ghosts & Orbs?:  http://www.ghoststudy.com/a_what_are_orbs.html

Enough About Orbs Already!:  http://paranormal.about.com/od/ghosthuntinggeninfo/a/Enough-With-The-Orbs-Already.htm

Jun 24


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