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Derby Paranormal Investigators International England

 Derby Paranormal Investigators Contact Name  Mark Whyatt
Location  Derby United Kingdom
Derby and Surrounding area
Phone  07534544371
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Website  paranormalderby.co.uk
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We offer our services FREE of charge and only on occasions ask for a small travel fee depending on the location. We aim to prove whether a property or location is actually haunted or experiencing paranormal occurances by using a scientific approach.
All investigations we do we have an open mind and the plan to debunk and find a logical and natural reason for the evidence we find first before assuming that it could possibly be of a paranormal nature. We rarely use mediums or clairvoyants due to the information being very hard to prove and we strictly forbid the use of Ouija boards, Witchcraft, Table tipping, and Seances as we do not believe in opening new doorways into the unknown.
We do not claim to be experts in the paranormal since there are no experts in the Paranormal Field being professional at what we do is merely how we conduct ourselves on investigations & by taking our work
extremely seriously. All of our team members have signed confidentiality & safety agreements so privacy for clients is assured.
We also carry public liability & indemity insurance of up to 5million should you require it.



Cumberland Valley Paranormal Society

NPS-Default Contact Name Kevin Lococo
Location Chambersburg, Pa
Phone (717) 809-9272
Email email
Website www.cvparanormalsociety.com
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We are very experienced in residential investigations. Our team includes a professional counselor, and a researcher with a background in real estate research.

Savannah Paranormal Investigations and Research Information Team

Savannah Paranormal Investigations and Research Information Team Contact Name Reverand William Dewayne Patterson
Location Savannah, Georgia
Phone (912) 227-0259
Email email
Website www.SavannahParanormal.org
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We investigate all claims of the paranormal. We use the best equipment available and the basic senses to determine unexplained happenings.