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The AfterLife Research Agency (TARA)

tara Contact Name  Tami Vang
Location  Campbell, NY
Southern Tier of New York
Phone  607-329-3751
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Website  theafterliferesearchagency.com
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TARA’s mission is twofold in nature. First and simply put, we want to research the afterlife. What happens to our souls after death – immediately after, three days after, three months after, thirty years after death? Do we retain the personal characteristics in the spirit world as we carried in this life? Are all of the spirits that humans encounter tied to this world for some reason (unfinished business)? Or, do some spirits just want to come back to visit their loved ones still living in this world of ours? These are some of the questions we want to answer in our paranormal work.
Since our team consists of different souls following different paths in this life, we each come from a different background and bring a different focus to TARA. This diversity creates a synergy with our investigations that allows us to question, test hypotheses and form opinions. Individually we are counterbalances for each other that create a smooth-running team.
The second nature of TARA’s mission is to help others in our community – whether located here in this little berg or in another part of our land. We have all had paranormal experiences of one shape or form and have come to terms with those experiences and the existence of spirits. However, we have all come across neighbors, relatives, friends or co-workers who live uncomfortably with their paranormal experiences. Our team is here to help those people better understand those interactions with the spirit world and bring them to a more comfortable place.

Southeast Paranormal Society

 NPS-Default Contact Name Leon Wilkes
Location Warner Robins, GA
Georgia and all states in the Southeast
Phone 478-234-5189
Email email
Website southeast-paranormal-society.com
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We are a team that specializes residential cases that involve demonic activity. We also investigate normal paranormal activity as well.

Alabama Spectral Investigations

Alabama Spectral Investigations Contact Name John Poe
Location Auburn, Alabama
Email email
Website www.alaghostteam.com/
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Scientifically-minded and Intelligent professionals research, gather data, and investigate possible paranormal activity in the Lee County and surrounding areas. Our mission is to eliminate the obvious first using technology and Logical means.Many of our members have over 20 years experience in the field and are skilled at putting clients at ease during a calm and ethically-minded data-gathering experience.

Derby Paranormal Investigators International England

 Derby Paranormal Investigators Contact Name  Mark Whyatt
Location  Derby United Kingdom
Derby and Surrounding area
Phone  07534544371
Email email
Website  paranormalderby.co.uk
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We offer our services FREE of charge and only on occasions ask for a small travel fee depending on the location. We aim to prove whether a property or location is actually haunted or experiencing paranormal occurances by using a scientific approach.
All investigations we do we have an open mind and the plan to debunk and find a logical and natural reason for the evidence we find first before assuming that it could possibly be of a paranormal nature. We rarely use mediums or clairvoyants due to the information being very hard to prove and we strictly forbid the use of Ouija boards, Witchcraft, Table tipping, and Seances as we do not believe in opening new doorways into the unknown.
We do not claim to be experts in the paranormal since there are no experts in the Paranormal Field being professional at what we do is merely how we conduct ourselves on investigations & by taking our work
extremely seriously. All of our team members have signed confidentiality & safety agreements so privacy for clients is assured.
We also carry public liability & indemity insurance of up to 5million should you require it.



Para-Unity Worldwide International

Para-Unity Worldwide

Dan DevilsMaster: dan_the_devils_master@yahoo.com
Team, organization, or location name: Para-Unity Worldwide
Website: https://www.facebook.com/groups/ParaUnity.Worldwide/
Location: No real set location as we are worldwide
We have a facebook group that is against cyber bullying and the exploitation of people for profit by groups and individiuals who not
only con people, but who can put people in danger though lack of knowledge just to make a quick buck. We allow only authorised groups and organisations to advertise on the group, so that our members are safe in the knowledge, that should they
need a medium, cleanser or investigation, that any group link they click on is a trusted group, and will not put the public in any
Anyone is free to join and partake in discussions as long as they follow a couple of basic rules:  Everyone is entitled to their
opinion, and to express their opinion, as long as it is not disrespectful or bullying to any other member. Only authorised groups that are on the pinned post at the top of the group page are allowed to advertise their groups as they have proven
themselves to be trustworthy and knowledgeable. Failure to adhere to this simple rules will result in removal from the
group and the prevention from rejoining. This is not that any group thinks they are better than anyone, this is to keep the members safe from harm, exploitation and their facebook account safe,  as there are many people posting links that like to try
and steal your information such as facebook password etc. For this reason we enforce the rules with an iron hand.

Though unity within the respectable groups we can make the field of paranormal investigation safer.


British American Paranormal Community Forum International

British American Paranormal Group

Dan DevilsMaster: dan_the_devils_master@yahoo.com

Team, organization, or location name: British American Paranormal Community Forum
Website:  http://www.britishamericanparanormal.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/britishamericanparanormal/

Location: Primarily based in the city of Derby in England in the United Kingdom
We like to cover many aspects of the paranormal, from haunted locations, unexplained mysteries, ufo’s to urban legends and their origins and look for how the legends started. We even have a section for recipes for returning to after a cold nights investigation. We have a section for recommended facebook groups also, groups which have proven to be honest and trustworthy, and who are not just out to make a quick buck like so very many in this field. I am the founder, we dont do cleansings but have a facebook group which can help you contact a trusted group if needed.

The facebook part of our community, where we encourange active discussions on all aspects of the paranormal field.
we are against cyber bullying and commerical exploitation of this field and support the Para-Unity Worldwide group on facebook.
We do have many members that regularly go out on investigations, for non profit, at current myself am not getting out in the field anywhere near as much as i would like to due to family commitments. I do spend a lot of time researching haunted locations so that we can let people know of haunted locations history’s etc. We do have have a medium with us that does tarot readings, numerology etc.
The name devils master isnt because i am a devil worshipper or anything like that, but is in fact due to my 2 and half year old son
that is a pedigree rottweiler called Lucifer, who literally chose his own name with a yip as i was saying out loud a group of names that i liked, Lucifer being an angel before being cast from heaven, so isnt actually an evil name at all, and i am his master ( well i am his daddy and moving chew toy lol )


T.O.P.I.C (Tecumseh Oklahoma Paranormal Investigation Committee)

NPS-Default Contact Name Shawn Harlan
Location Tecumseh,OK
Phone (405) 598-8435
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Specialties I Shawn Harlan am a founding member of TOPIC and also Assistant Director of B.P.I.S and  State Director of U.P.I, I have been investigating for about 7 years as a group, my first paranormal experience happened when I was very young around 7 years old, we lived in a house in California that was inhabited by a poltergeist. I have investigated several hundred cemeteries, several homes, several businesses, an abandoned hospital several times,a nursing home, a theatre, an antique store, and a courthouse/jail! I am also a member of N.O.D.A.P.S and Paranormal Shadows, I enjoy investigating and teaching younger and/or less experienced investigators what I have learned and experienced, as well as learning more myself!

Montana Paranormal Research Society

Montana Paranormal Research Society Contact Name Dustin Benner
Location Billings, MT
Email email
Website www.mtprs.org
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Who are we? We are a professional team of investigators. We seek to find the scientific and logical reasons when it comes to paranormal activity. Only through these methods can we find the truth. Do we charge? No. We are a nonprofit group and are available if assistance is needed. Our main goal with each investigation is not only to seek out the paranormal but to educate those that believe that they are experiencing activity.

Central Missouri Paranormal Investigations

NPS-Default Contact Name Charla Gross-Hook, Don Hook and Bryon Lovell
Location Central Missouri
Phone (660) 553-8579
Email email
Website www.centralmissouripi.com
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We are a small group of professionals who research and investigate both public and private locations to help individuals find answers to those unexplained and unusual things that happen in life. We do believe in God and a life after this one, and think that contributes to the spirits that reside around us.

Forest Moon Paranormal

 NPS-Default Contact Name
Location  Concrete, Washington
Phone  (360) 853-7065
Email email
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