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NPS-Default Contact Name Shaunie Deidre Perez
Location Grand Prairie, Texas
Phone (469) 322-9862
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I am a sensitive.  I often feel what others feel so much that it affects me, as most know,  after the encounter. I believe that spirit often comes through, good and bad and learning how to block the bad is difficult as it sometimes overwhelms you,  there will be a regular need for cleansing of the mind, body and soul.  I do like to talk to the spirits and encourage them that is okay to move on and  to the evil ones I have quoted scripture, I carry  Holy water, Bible, and crucifix  in order to try and rid a place of some of the evil. I’ve only been doing this for 8 years alone but I’m at a spiritual time where I feel it’s time to start helping others and growing myself.  I have equipment that I have done EVP recordings, analysis, used the Ovilus, etc.  The places  I’ve  done these recordings have been in homes of relatives or on my own.  I’m excited to begin the journey with others in the field.