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Profilers of the Unknown

pown Contact Name Jade Martin
Location Philippines
Phone +639168915529
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Website profilersoftheunknown.webs.com
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We are a team of open-minded, experienced and skilled ghost hunters, ghost investigators and paranormal investigators, who were drawn together by a common interest, passion and advocacy — to explore the
paranormal, validate which is authentic and educate others.What makes us different is that we are made up of people who are experts in certain fields, which are essential in paranormal investigation.When we investigate, we use Science, Logic, Sensitivity, High Analytic Skills, Knowledge Based on Research and Experience, Ghost Hunting Gadgets, to mention a few. We can explain the possible causes of a
paranormal activity and give enlightenment on how it can be dealt with.

Lloyd Villegas

NPS-Default Contact Name Lloyd Villegas
Location Lahug Cebu City, Philippines
Phone +09499093921
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Paranormal Investigations

Young Paranormal of Negros Occidental International


Denise Christian Pada-on kolz_koi@yahoo.com

Team, organization, or location name: young paranormal of negros occidental
Phone:  09481356325
Location:  Silay City, Negros Occidental
Premonition and oftentimes I can see dead people and now I’m looking forward to learn more about Exorcism

Allysa Stephanie International

Allysa Stephanie: allysastephaniebelo@yahoo.com
Phone: 09178547173
Location: Manila Pandacan
Specialties: I can read future, Read people’s mind, Ghost act, read what ghost will do next

Philippine Paranormal Investigators Society

NPS-Default Contact Name Philippine Paranormal Investigators Society
Location Manila, Philippines
Phone + 63 923 883 85 78
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