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Location Virginia Beach, VA
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Psychic medium, Cleansings/blessings.

Fort Worth Ghost Tours

NPS-Default Contact Name Paula Schermerhorn
Location Fort Worth, TX
Phone (817) 975-2686
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Website www.fortworthghosts.com
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I have been a paranormal investigator for over 15 years. I have been on investigations in Nevada, California, Oklahoma, Colorado, South Carolina, North Carolina, Georgia, New York, Missouri, Illinois, and Texas. I have investigated historical places at the request of historians in both Texas and Illinois. I hold a certificate in Paranormal Investigating from Nevada School of Paranormal Studies, Parapsychologist Certification from Flamel College, Certification as UFO Investigator form Flamel College, as well as a Bachelor in Metaphysical Science from the University of Metaphysical Science in Arcata, California. I have designed classes that I teach in Paranormal Investigating, Psychic Protection, and Ghost Psychology as well as classes in Charka, Energy Healing and Psychic Development. I have been a speaker at paranormal conferences as well as small groups in the DFW area. I also am a practicing psychic medium with experience in helping Police and Sherriff department in missing person cases. Seances and private readings are also available.

Shadownight Paranormal Investigations

NPS-Default Contact Name Ryan Roberge
Location St Augustine, Florida
Phone (407) 459-3817
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We perform cleansings,blessings,other rituals when needed or asked.We use our psychic talents to figure out what is in the house,building or other places that we investigate,We investigate anyplace.We have one
who studies Demonology. We do try to help others learn about the paranormal so they will not be as scared or skeptic of it. We are friends with others in the paranormal community and we have been around since 2000’s.. We do take time to research places as well so we better understand what we are investigating when possible..We do not ask for money to do places but any donations are welcomed to help buy equipment and such.. We do our area and Central Florida and other… we are always up for more..

Searching the Ohio Paranormal (STOP)

NPS-Default Contact Name Steffani Dauch
Location Sandusky, Ohio
Phone (419) 656-5065
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Website searchingtheohioparanormal.weebly.com
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We investigate possible paranormal activity in homes, businesses and public locations using state-of-the-art scientific equipment.  We have a psychic/medium working with us who will perform cleansings upon request. Our investigations our free of charge and client satisfaction is our goal.

Moving Forward

NPS-Default Contact Name Nichole Crockett
Location Council Bluffs, Iowa
Phone (402) 657-1401
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Website spiritexperts.weebly.com
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Moving Forward consists of 2 Mediums and 3 Intuitives. Our group has interacted with the Spiritual World our entire lives, and strives to make the best connection possible. Moving Forward specializes in Home/Business cleansings as well as personal cleansings.

Kansas Paranormal Investigators

Kansas Paranormal Investigators Contact Name Vicky Millard
Location Wichita, Kansas
Phone (785) 969-9390
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Website kansasparanormalinvestigators.com
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Business / Home Paranormal Investigations, Lower Negative Energy Clearing, Psychic Medium & Bioenergy Healing!