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Quarantine Station, Australia

13by Ayran MEtzender

Although picturesque and peaceful-looking, Sydney’s Quarantine Station (QS) harbours a dark past, entrenched in isolation, suffering, disease and death.

Built on ground used by Indigenous tribes for healing and burial rituals, the QS has been used for isolation of suspected disease carriers for over 150 years. From the 1830s to 1984, migrant ships arriving in Sydney with suspected contagious disease stopped inside North Head and off-loaded passengers and crew into quarantine to protect local residents from becoming sick. The QS ran for 150 years, growing during periods of infectious disease and shrinking during periods of health and reduced government coffers.

Many paranormal tours are run through the management of the QS, ranging from family-friendly tours to extreme tours, with an option of staying overnight. Guests can also take part in paranormal investigations run by the tour guides.

According to the site’s resident medium, there are at least fifty spirits wandering the hospital, the dining halls, the shower block, and the morgue, where an ominous mannequin lies under a sheet and the stench of death ignites the imagination. People who visit the now empty Quarantine Station are often pushed by people who are not there.