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The “Unexplained” Investigators

 NPS-Default Contact Name Jeff Porter
Location Hickory, North Carolina
Hickory and surrounding areas
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The Basement Files Texas

The Basement Files

Mr. Tracy Frost: basementfiles@hotmail.com

Team, organization, or location name: The Basement Files

Phone: 210-632-4974
Location: San Antonio Texas

I host a 1-2 hour Paranormal show on CBS-Para-X radio once a week.
Shows cover a wide range of Paranormal topics and local investigations I participate in with various local groups.


Paranormal Palace Radio Texas


Paranormal Palace Radio


Name:  Paranormal Palace Radio with Royce Holleman

Location:  Houston Texas

Website:  http://www.paranormalpalace.com/

Email:  redneckradioman@comcast.net

Phone:  713-859-5762

Global Radio Alliance Nationwide



Name:  Global Radio Alliance

Location:  Nationwide

Website:  http://www.globalradioalliance.com/

Email:  globalradioalliance@gmail.com



Truth Theorem Radio Nationwide


Truth Theorem Radio


Name:  Truth Theorem Radio

Location: Nationwide

Website:  http://www.truththeoremradio.com/

Email:  truththeoremradio@gmail.com


Unknown Paranormal Radio



Name:  Unknown Paranormal Radio Show

Location: Longview, TX

Website:  http://www.blogtalkradio.com/unknownpg     http://www.facebook.com/UnknownParanormalRadio

Email: jeff@unknownpg.com

Phone:  903-445-2875