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Spirit Rescue California

Spirit Rescue Contact Name
Location Worldwide
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Website www.spiritrescueonline.com
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Spirit Rescue is different than other paranormal teams. Like those other teams, we investigate your home or business which includes taking photos and recording audio and video (if wanted), however the difference is that at the end of the investigation we help the unwanted spirits go through the doorway to the white light that takes them Home To The Other Side. Then we bless your family and property thus removing the negativity that has been plaguing you.

Fourth Dimension Investigations of North Texas Texas

Fourth Dimension Investigations of North Texas


Team, organization, or location name: Fourth Dimension Investigations of North Texas
Website:  www.facebook.com/FourthDimensionInvestigations
Location:  Dallas, online slots TX
Specialties:  Paranormal research, house cleansings, private residence, historical locations and business investigations. Researching all that is considered “unexplained”.

Another Paranormal Society Texas


Another Paranormal Society


Name:  Another Paranormal Society

Location:  East Texas

Website:  www.anotherparanormalsociety.com

Email:  brandy@anotherparanormalsociety.com

Phone:  903-292-8735


Old North State Paranormal

Old North State Paranormal Contact Name
Location Wendell, North Carolina
Phone (919) 219-6587
Email email
Website www.oldnorthstateparanormal.org/
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