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San Jose Paranormal

 San Jose Paranormal Contact Name Jessie Garcia
Location San Jose, CA
California and Nevada
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Website  sanjoseparanormal.com
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San Jose Paranormal is a not-for-profit group based out of the San Francisco Bay Area. Our goal is to gather evidence and document information as we attempt to uncover the truth about the paranormal, prove its existence and reveal its cause. Our team of professionals have over 15 years of combined investigative experience. Whether together, or as individuals, SJP team members have investigated notorious locations afflicted by unexplained or paranormal activity. Such locations include Preston Castle, Bobby Mackey’s Music World, Linda Vista Hospital, Brookdale Lodge, USS Hornet, Point Sur Lighthouse and the Pardee House Museum, just to name a few. San Jose Paranormal is a team of investigators who – through their individual paranormal experiences – developed a mutual passion to pursue and gather evidence supportive of the existence of the
supernatural and unexplained phenomenon. San Jose Paranormal neither condones nor practices the usage of Ouija Boards, seeances and occult-like practices. Client discretion and protection of their privacy is an essential part of every investigation. San Jose Paranormal believes in paranormal unity and will continue to remain active and network with other paranormal groups and investigators to achieve their goal. If you, or someone you know, is experiencing unusual or unexplained phenomenon please do not hesitate to contact us at