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Grounding, Cleansing, Blessing, and Sealing


Jose Prado with added annotation from Ketty Robaina, Richard Wills, and Roger Phillips


Ingredients: Two glasses of Lukewarm water and a water bottle (to offer the tree).

Please read the entire article before doing anything.

When you have just cast a spell or done a powerful ritual like a spirit summoning or exorcism, you have generated a large amount of magickal, spiritual, and physical energy that you now need to dispose of. If you don’t the consequences are many but here are the three main consequences I have encountered:

1) Too much un-used energy in your body will light you up like a Roman candle and spirits and other magick users, will be able to see you. I don’t think I need to explain further what the ramifications of this are. It is dangerous,very dangerous and you would remain open to other spirits or energies. And even the nice ones can play nasty tricks on you sometimes.

2) All this pent up energy can cause physical conditions like the body over heating, being too hyper, heightened emotions where you can say or do something you’ll regret later (like being drunk on power) and when you sober up you’ll realize it only too late. This can also cause mild to severe headaches, nausea and diarrhea, not to mention insomnia.

3) You can accidentally hurt someone and yourself. When that much power is coursing through your veins, literally anything can happen. If you say “Go to Hell!” You might actually curse someone or even hurt them because of the level of power you currently hold. Likewise if you are jealous of someone else, even without saying anything your subconscious mind will channel that power within you to hurt that person. Maybe break them up with their significant other, or try to cause them to commit suicide and many other terrible things.

If you are naturally paranoid, keeping that energy bottled up can cause you to become more paranoid and even curse yourself by accident. That is why one must be careful when using magick and never use it if you are sick, emotionally unbalanced, or under stress. When you are super charged with that much power even making a joke can speak something into existence and alter your reality. So Grounding is Paramount. But, before you do this you must prepare the Holy Water for the cleansing.

Blessing of the Waters

Take two glasses and fill them with lukewarm water. In Santeria as well as Trinidadian Folk Magick its customary to drink room temperature water after finishing a magickal working to seal or close it. Pray over both glasses of water like this:

“Sacred waters of healing and life by (whatever divinity you worship) be blessed to cleanse, heal, and bless me and to close whatever doorways or channels I have spiritually or magickally opened until the time comes when I need them opened again. And also may they be exorcised to protect me both awake and asleep from all Enemy, Renegade, and Unwanted negative beings, powers, and energies including Enemy Witchcraft, May they fill the void with exorcised holy positive energy, Amen.”

One you will drink, the other will be saved for last. Don’t drink anything yet, wait till the grounding portion of these instructions. When you drink it, you will be cleansed, blessed, healed, and those doorways and channels you’ve opened will be closed or sealed all at once. Until you need to open them again that is. That way nothing will be able to get at you via those channels or doors now closed.

There are many ways to do this but I like to do it like this because its more efficient and gets the job done right. Blessing the water you’re going to use should be done before you even start grounding. That way you’re not powering up again for another spell because you did it before hand. It’s always important to do these before bed. It will make you safer in sleep.

Be sure to bless the water against harmful entities, energies, and intentions so it can protect you also. And visualize the water being enchanted with positive energy that radiates from within the water itself with blue light to replace the negative energy you removed from yourself. Whatever you banish you must replace with something. Otherwise if you banish negativity and leave the void open; that negativity will return to you three fold or more. So positively charge the water when you bless it with your prayers or affirmations.


To do this you go bare foot under a tree. Place your feet on the dirt of the tree and ask the tree to remove all un-needed and impure energies or substances from you. Then imagine your toes turn into tree roots (alternatively you can do this with your hands too) and connect to the Earth then say:

“All un-needed energies and impurities, be sent to Mother and Father Earth for purification so mote it be!”

This will drain the energies from you. Just be sure not too drain out too much you can make yourself sick and tired like that. That’s why you ask only for those un-needed and impure things to be driven from you. But those pure and needed energies need to remain or you could die at worst or be sick at best. Once this is done the roots will turn back into your fingers and toes again or you’ll know in your heart that it’s done and you will be able to change them back into fingers and toes using pure will without another visualization.

Make sure you have water to offer the tree when you’re done. Pour it on the roots and thank him or her with it. After this you’ll be able to ground anywhere, without a tree, and with shoes and socks on, but the traditional way is the best. On another note those energies will be purified by Earth and sent to someone else when the time comes to help them. So you’re also helping someone across the world which brings you good Karma at the same time.


Now you are going to close the spiritual gates and channels. Take one of the glasses and only one, dip your thumb (the finger which represents spirit), in the water, and on your forehead, back of your neck, and crown of your head make the sign of the cross. Any spiritual symbol will do. Make the sign seven times upon each area, then drink the rest of the water. You will then take the other cup of water and throw it out the front door to clear and bless your home.

Plus it will bar entry of evil and other negative forces from entering the home while positive energy comes in. And there you are, done.

* Note The water seal information came from Ketty Robaina, as well as Richard Wills and Roger Phillips. The casting of the water out the front door was shared with me by Ketty who is a Mayor pronounced Ma-your (Elder) in Santeria.

* In Magic an ‘exorcised’ blessing, is a blessing specifically made to counter evil. So asking for exorcised holy positive energy is asking for the good energy not only to bless; but to protect from harm of all sorts.