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Paranormal Response Team

  Contact Name  Jerry Emery
Location  Duluth, GA
NW Georgia and surrounding
Phone  678-361-2034
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Website prtga
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We present the utmost in data collection techniques and client focused resolution. So many teams are just out there satisfying their urban explorer desires. Not the PRT. We want to help people, not stir it up and leave them hanging.

Waldorf Paranormal Society

 NPS-Default Contact Name Justin “Benji” Benjegerdes
Location Forest City, IA
Phone 641-420-0677
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We are a university club of students and staff with a passion for all areas of the paranormal and unknown. We use logic and science to attempt to disprove haunting and only until we have ruled out all other possibilities do we consider something “unexplained ” we are also advised by a local paranormal investigation team ministers of the haunted.

R.I.P. Rural Indiana Paranormal

 NPS-Default Contact Name Lee Poye
Location Clay City, IN
Central/West central Indiana
Phone 812 239 0781
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Website ruralindianaparanormal.com 
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Our primary goal is to provide assistance, reassurance, and support to those who are living with unwanted alleged paranormal activity. Our secondary goal is to research, document, and analyze scientific data
pertaining to alleged paranormal activity, thereby furthering the field of paranormal research. Was it something other than an alleged haunting? We will investigate mysterious sightings of creatures and phenomena in the Central Indiana area as reported by individuals who are frequently concerned that they will be laughed at and ridiculed for what they saw. Upon investigating these reports we will move to track, and if possible trap these creatures. We want to help these people to have peace of mind and know that they are not alone in their
mysterious encounters.