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Haunted Hill House

 HHH Address 501 NE 1st St
Mineral Wells, Texas
Phone (817) 688-9644
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Website www.hauntedhillhouse.com/
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The House has direct ties to the Baker Hotel and was a Brothel supplying working girls and bootleg for the Baker at one point. Several Deaths in the house happened during this time.The house is reported to be inhabited by 9 spirits. We have intelligent haunting, residual haunting and visitations from the Baker Hotel. Perhaps the most unusual and most dominate is that of a little boy spirit that inhabits the upstairs area.The little boy that haunts the house was a mongoloid born to one of the working girls. He lived there until he was around 6. One of the owners reportedly fell in a well out back and died. He is reported to be one of the permanent guests.
Many people become nauseous, some get a headache and ill upon entering the grounds. Some are visited by a malevolent spirit the next day after visiting the house. Since investigations have started, all the groups doing investigations have agreed, the house is haunted. We have class “A” EVP’s, pictures, videos, ORBS, K2 sessions with intelligent conversations. Groups have had balls moved by the little boy spirit. Two have had things thrown at them, two people have been scratched and one bitten.
We were going to renovate the house to live in but the levels of paranormal activity are such we could not. We were convinced to turn it into a Paranormal Research Center. This will allow Paranormal groups to research and practice their skills in a confirmed haunted house. The house is now open weekends all year round for Paranormal Research groups to conduct investigations. Individual groups can also spend the night. Do you want to experience spending the night in a real Mineral Wells haunted house? We are in the shadow of Texas’s most haunted hotel the Baker, please contact us!!!
PLEASE NOTE…due to the level and type of paranormal activity we will not allow small children. We do not recommend pregnant women, anyone with serious medical conditions or anyone under the age of 15.

Hill House Manor

HHM Address Gainesville, TX
Phone (469) 855-0821
Email  email
Website www.hillhousemanor.com/
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One of the creepiest houses in America (per HGTV) and available to tour or investigate year round.  Reservations required.

Heaven Sent Paranormal

Contact Name Kathy Duncan>/td>
Location Port Neches, Texas
Phone (409)-225-0435
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Hi!! I’m Kathy Duncan founder of Heaven Sent Paranormal. We are looking for answers to the unknown and unexplained.  I have been interested and actively pursuing the Paranormal for many years.  We do not claim to be experts in this field but we do our best to prove or disprove what may be going on in your establishment. We document all findings and present them to the client.

La Posada Hotel

LaPosada Address 1000 Zaragoza St
Laredo, Texas 78040
Phone (956) 722-1701
Website laposada.com
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The Historic Ott Hotel

otthotel Address 305 Travis St
Liberty, Texas 77575
Phone (936) 336-3832
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Miss Molly’s Hotel

Miss Molly's Hotel Address 109 W. Exchange Ave.
Fort Worth, Texas 76164
Phone (817) 626-1522
Email email
Website www.missmollyshotel.com
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Dallas Heritage Village at Old City Park

Dallas Heritage Village at Old City Park Address 1515 S. Harwood
Dallas, Texas 75215
Phone (214) 421-5141
Email email
Website www.DallasHeritageVillage.org
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The Alamo – Authorized Page

The Alamo - Authorized Page Address 300 Alamo Plaza
San Antonio, Texas 78205
Phone (210) 225-1391
Website www.thealamo.org
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Mystic One-Stop Paranormal Investigations LLC

Contact Name Tommy J Bowers
Location Rockwall, Texas
Phone (806) 340-2515
Email email
Website www.mystic-one-stop.com
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House Blessings
Assist in banishment procedures
Ordained by Mind-Body-Spirit Ministries
Public Information provider
Certified Instructor for stated ministry
To teach the first three out of twelve levels of MBS deliverance teachings

Trinity Paranormal Investigators

unnamed (1) Contact Name
Location North Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas
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Investigate known haunted locations, try to capture EVPs, use the Spirit Box, REM Pod etc… “We don’t provoke or disrespect spirits/ghosts.”


NPS-Default Contact Name Shaunie Deidre Perez
Location Grand Prairie, Texas
Phone (469) 322-9862
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I am a sensitive.  I often feel what others feel so much that it affects me, as most know,  after the encounter. I believe that spirit often comes through, good and bad and learning how to block the bad is difficult as it sometimes overwhelms you,  there will be a regular need for cleansing of the mind, body and soul.  I do like to talk to the spirits and encourage them that is okay to move on and  to the evil ones I have quoted scripture, I carry  Holy water, Bible, and crucifix  in order to try and rid a place of some of the evil. I’ve only been doing this for 8 years alone but I’m at a spiritual time where I feel it’s time to start helping others and growing myself.  I have equipment that I have done EVP recordings, analysis, used the Ovilus, etc.  The places  I’ve  done these recordings have been in homes of relatives or on my own.  I’m excited to begin the journey with others in the field.


NPS-Default Contact Name Julie Koenig
Location Dallas, TX
Email email
Website www.texpartparanormal.com
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Ghost Hunting.

Byron Arroyo

NPS-Default Contact Name Byron Arroyo
Location West Texas
Phone (432) 894-9455
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I’m an empath. I can absorb spiritual energies. Astral projection and other talents is what I bring to the table.


Enigma Paranormal

unnamed (1) Contact Name Amber Phillips
Location Longview, TX
Phone (903) 931-1061
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We are a NON-PROFIT team of paranormal investigators and researchers investigating all activity and specializing in activity around children. We investigate paranormal occurrences of any kind, specializing in cases that may be disturbing your children. We will try to debunk it, give you answer whenever we can so you and your child will feel safe. We are a group that wants to help you and your children understand, how to cope with the paranormal. Enigma Paranormal has adapted a spiritual approach to all investigations. A prayer is said before and after EVERY investigation. We leave it up to the client to decide if they wish to participate in the prayer.  Regardless of the client’s decision, Enigma Paranormal will always open and close with a prayer.

Janey Thornton

NPS-Default Contact Name  Janey Thornton
Location Houston, Texas
Phone (281) 894-9752
(Please Leave Message as I screen my calls)
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I have been studying (academically) on the paranormal for almost 10 years. I have had several experiences and hundreds of photos that I have taken investigating on my own. I would very much like to become involved with others who have the same interest and if we mesh join a group.

Ghost Hunters of Southeast Texas (GHoST)

Ghost Hunters of Southeast Texas (GHoST) Contact Name Reichal Winn
Location Southeast Texas
Phone (936) 756-7267
Email email
Website www.GHoSTexas.org
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Our mission is to aid any individuals having problems dealing with or understanding something they believe to be paranormal activity.  We will do this by educating them as to the true nature of their situation and giving them the information and understanding to create a livable solution for the person and the spirit.  We will also help those who may not be able to live comfortably with their current situation through our means or put them in contact with another trained professional who can assist them further.  Our second goal is to  gather and study data that will help lead us to a better understanding of the true nature of what  ghosts and hauntings are. In the end, we hope to collect the necessary evidence and proven theories that will be recognized by the scientific community and that will help bring the subject of parapsychology into mainstream science.


Paranormal Junkies Contact Name Betty Moore
Location East Texas
Phone (903) 690-1334
Email email
Website paranormal-junkies.com
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Sensitive, medium


InQuestParanormal Contact Name Shyiara Shavoni
Location Abilene, Texas
Phone (325) 733-3625
Email email
Website www.inquestparanormal.com
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Paranormal Investigators/ empathic/ sensitive, Study and analyze spirit communication

Texas Department of Paranormal Research

Texas Department of Paranormal Research Contact Name Amanda Wilson
Location East Texas
Phone (903) 373-3681
Email email
Website texasdeptofparanormalreaserch.weebly.com
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Hello, I am Amanda, the founder and head investigator of the Texas Department of Paranormal Research. We are a professional paranormal investigation team that includes a medium and an ordained priest with 20+ years of experience. All of our services are always completely FREE of charge.  We are able to perform cleansings, blessings and in extreme cases exorcisms.  We are heavily involved within the paranormal community and believe wholeheartedly in para unity.  Please give us consideration as we would love to be a part of the National
Paranormal Society.  Thank you.

Texas Paranormal University

NPS-Default Contact Name Joe Trevino
Location East Texas
Phone (281) 751-6665
Email email
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Paranormal Investigations, Ghost Hunting Classes, Everything paranormal

Fort Worth Ghost Tours

NPS-Default Contact Name Paula Schermerhorn
Location Fort Worth, TX
Phone (817) 975-2686
Email email
Website www.fortworthghosts.com
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I have been a paranormal investigator for over 15 years. I have been on investigations in Nevada, California, Oklahoma, Colorado, South Carolina, North Carolina, Georgia, New York, Missouri, Illinois, and Texas. I have investigated historical places at the request of historians in both Texas and Illinois. I hold a certificate in Paranormal Investigating from Nevada School of Paranormal Studies, Parapsychologist Certification from Flamel College, Certification as UFO Investigator form Flamel College, as well as a Bachelor in Metaphysical Science from the University of Metaphysical Science in Arcata, California. I have designed classes that I teach in Paranormal Investigating, Psychic Protection, and Ghost Psychology as well as classes in Charka, Energy Healing and Psychic Development. I have been a speaker at paranormal conferences as well as small groups in the DFW area. I also am a practicing psychic medium with experience in helping Police and Sherriff department in missing person cases. Seances and private readings are also available.

Rachel Sosa

NPS-Default Contact Name Rachel Sosa
Location Leander, TX
Phone (512) 784-9588
Email email
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Intuitive/sensitive, spiritual cleansing, readings (both Oracle and  Tarot.) I’m also a paranormal investigator affiliated with Paranologies/TPR. Practicing Wiccan and research the occult.

White Noise Investigations

White Noise Investigations Contact Name Natalie
Phone (214) 449-3005
Email email
Website www.whitenoiseinvestigations.com/
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Our main objective is to investigate homes and business with claimed activity and find creditable evidence of paranormal activity. We envision a future of paranormal science that embraces a disciplined, measured and creditable approach. We work with our clients to find the logical solutions to their concerns and questions.

The Thunderbird

Alexander LaFountain

Alexander LaFountain

Sr. Director/Demonology Dept Chair at National Paranormal Society
Alexander LaFountain is a Demonologist based out of Texas. He was a member of Ghost Watchers Paranormal Investigations when he lived in Georgia and became a member of the Afterlife Research Team when he relocated to east Texas. He spent the last several years studying demonology and handling demonic based cases. He is also working towards becoming a Catholic Priest in the Independent Catholic Community.
Alexander LaFountain

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For this article we are going to discuss the Thunderbird. There have been many accounts of giant birds all over the world and indeed some famous birds that many have heard of (from a mythological or cryptozoological standpoint) are the phoenix and African Lightening bird. So what is the basis for these giant bird sightings? Are people simply misjudging the size of these birds? Are they lying to get attention? Are they perhaps mistaking other known creatures for these allegedly unknown birds? Or is there some thing more to these accounts of giant birds? Indeed we are going to examine a well known giant bird, called the Thunderbird.

The Thunderbird is commonly talked about in Native American legends. Many of these legends describe a giant bird with a wingspan of 20 feet or longer. Some of these legends say that these birds are really Gods that protect their territory by flapping their massive wings which causes thunderous booms to scare people away. They describe what many believe are the now extinct, pterosaurs. These Thunderbirds are said to have eaten everything from killer whales, to small animals, to even human children.

So apart from the Native American legends are there any modern accounts of these creatures? In fact yes, there are many. One famous account comes from a group of cowboys who claimed to have killed this creature, nailed it to the side of a barn, and even photographed it, though the photo has long since been lost (this took places before the 20th century). Another modern account comes from an incident that took place in July of 1977, when a boy claims to have been picked up by a giant bird and carried over 30 feet before escaping unharmed. Another account takes place in Pennsylvania in 2001, when a 19 year old man claims to have seen a giant bird making large thunderous flapping noise, fly above him with a wingspan of 10-15 feet.

Texas, Alaska, New Mexico, and Pennsylvania have reported frequent sightings of these large birds. So do they prefer to live in these states? Do they migrate perhaps from state to state? To date there has been no hard, concrete evidence found to substantiate the existence of the Thunderbird. However sightings continue to happen and people continue to hunt for evidence to prove these birds exists.

Alexander LaFountain

Alexander LaFountain

Sr. Director/Demonology Dept Chair at National Paranormal Society
Alexander LaFountain is a Demonologist based out of Texas. He was a member of Ghost Watchers Paranormal Investigations when he lived in Georgia and became a member of the Afterlife Research Team when he relocated to east Texas. He spent the last several years studying demonology and handling demonic based cases. He is also working towards becoming a Catholic Priest in the Independent Catholic Community.
Alexander LaFountain

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Charlotte Lindawy

NPS-Default Contact Name Charlotte Lindawy
Location San Angelo, Texas
Email email
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Esoterica, Studying paranormal and esoterica for 25 years, Casting, invocation, Tarot, Spells, bindings, cleanings, blessings, Empath, Cultural anthropology, World religions

The Basement Files Texas

The Basement Files

Mr. Tracy Frost: basementfiles@hotmail.com

Team, organization, or location name: The Basement Files

Phone: 210-632-4974
Location: San Antonio Texas

I host a 1-2 hour Paranormal show on CBS-Para-X radio once a week.
Shows cover a wide range of Paranormal topics and local investigations I participate in with various local groups.


Texas UFO Sightings Texas

Texas UFO Sightings

Team, organization, or location name: Texas UFO Sightings
Website: http://www.texasufosightings.com
Location: Texas – based in Austin
Comprehensive UFO blog/documentation for the great state of Texas.

Heaven Sent Paranormal Texas

Heaven Sent Paranormal

Kathy Duncan: heavensentparanormal@yahoo.com
Team, organization, or location name: Heaven Sent Paranormal
Website: http://heavensentparanormal.webstarts.com/index.html
Phone: 409-225-0435
Location: Port Neches Texas 77651
Our goal is to investigate and document any and all paranormal activity, using video and Audio recording, while maintaining a professional manner.
HSP approaches the paranormal not only with a scientific approach, but with a religious understanding as well.

FEAR Paranormal Society Texas

FEAR Paranormal Society

Selena Roane: fearparanormal@yahoo.com

Team, organization, or location name: FEAR Paranormal Society

Website: http://www.fearparanormal.wix.com
Phone: 469-438-0310
Location: Rockwall-Dallas Texas

private or commercial, cleansings



DarkHour Paranormal Society Texas


Jeff C: darkhourps@gmail.com

Team, organization, or location name: DarkHour Paranormal Society

Website: http://darkhourparanormal.webs.com

Phone: 903.603.8322

Location: Rice, Texas

Serving Navarro, Ellis, Freestone, Hill Counties. Will travel anywhere in Texas.

Cherokee Paranormal Texas

Cherokee Paranormal

James Schock: cherokeeparanormal@yahoo.com

Team, organization, or location name: Cherokee Paranormal

Website: http://cherokeeparanormal.weebly.com/

Phone: 903-393-2602

Location: Texas



Paranormal Society Investigators Texas


Jason Gentry: psiteam@live.com
Team, organization, or location name: Paranormal Society Investigators
Website: http://www.psinvestigators.net
Phone: 214-517-0623
Location: Dallas

Investigation team of four. We strive to help people in needs of paranormal encounters & seek out the answers of the paranoramal in
historic & active places

Spirit Rescue California

Spirit Rescue Contact Name
Location Worldwide
Email email
Website www.spiritrescueonline.com
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Spirit Rescue is different than other paranormal teams. Like those other teams, we investigate your home or business which includes taking photos and recording audio and video (if wanted), however the difference is that at the end of the investigation we help the unwanted spirits go through the doorway to the white light that takes them Home To The Other Side. Then we bless your family and property thus removing the negativity that has been plaguing you.

DFW Ghost HuntersTexas


Lyn: info@dfwghosthunters.com

Team, organization, or location name: DFW Ghost Hunters
Website: http://www.dfwghosthunters.com
Location: Fort Worth, Texas

Paranormal investigations, EVPs,video.

PEN and PEMA Texas


Eric “THE YETI” Risinger: ericthered71@hotmail.com
Team, organization, or location name: PEN and PEMA
Website: http://paraencountersnetwork.com
Phone: 615-692-1262
Location:  East Texas
Specialties: Documented investigations and internet broadcaster  and videography.

Fourth Dimension Investigations of North Texas Texas

Fourth Dimension Investigations of North Texas


Team, organization, or location name: Fourth Dimension Investigations of North Texas
Website:  www.facebook.com/FourthDimensionInvestigations
Location:  Dallas, online slots TX
Specialties:  Paranormal research, house cleansings, private residence, historical locations and business investigations. Researching all that is considered “unexplained”.

NPS of Texas



 NPSGraphic Contact Name Sheri Collins
Location North Texas
Phone (469)345-9706
Email email
Website  npsoftexas.com
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Private residential and commercial locations

Robby Rush

22315e_54166c4f3fb84da599f48872621489cc Contact Name Robby Rush
Location Mesquite, Texas
Phone (214) 382-1699
Email email
Website www.TheOccultSpecialist.com
Specialty: Investigate Occult activity & Paranormal phenomena, and provide Countermeasures to end Spirit infestation.

Paranormal Xtreme Investigations Texas


Michael Garza: executiveoffice@paranormalxtreme.com

Team, organization, or location name: Paranormal Xtreme Investigations

Website: www.paranormalxtreme.com

Phone: 9562008564

Location: Harlingen Texas

Specialties: We are a paranormal team from south Texas that ready to investigate
any location where paranormal activity has been reported.

North Texas Ghost Society Texas

North Texas Ghost Society

Andre Wullaert: northtexasghostsociety@hotmail.com

Team, organization, or location name: North Texas Ghost Society

Website: www.northtexasghostsociety.com

Location: Fort Worth Texas

Specialties: We investigate Residential and Commercial Properties all over North Texas and surrounding area’s.

TexOma Paranormal Investigations Texas


Suzette Munson: suzettemunson77@gmail.com

Team, organization, or location name: TexOma Paranormal Investigations

Phone: 972-898-5462

Location: Alvord/Bowie , Texas

Specialties: Debunking and research

Texas Research and Investigations of the Paranormal Texas



Executive Director at National Paranormal Society
I have had numerous experiences in my life that have tied me to thisplane of existence and others. I came to the paranormal field,compelled by curiosity and the need for knowledge. On a very personal level, I understand my connection to this earth. However, I look toscience for clarification, standards of methodology. The mysteries that surround us provide a plethora of opportunities I believe that my professional background and my spiritual experiencescomplement each other, allowing me to bring my strength andperspective to the NPS.

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Texas Research and Investigations of the Paranormal

Melissa Allen: melissa-allen@tripinc.org
Team, organization, or location name: Texas Research and Investigations of the Paranormal
Website: http://www.tripinc.org
Phone: 469-877-7182
Location: Dallas, TX
Specialties: We research and investigate all things Paranormal. Ghosts, Cryptids, and UFO’s.



Executive Director at National Paranormal Society
I have had numerous experiences in my life that have tied me to thisplane of existence and others. I came to the paranormal field,compelled by curiosity and the need for knowledge. On a very personal level, I understand my connection to this earth. However, I look toscience for clarification, standards of methodology. The mysteries that surround us provide a plethora of opportunities I believe that my professional background and my spiritual experiencescomplement each other, allowing me to bring my strength andperspective to the NPS.

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Paranormal Palace Radio Texas


Paranormal Palace Radio


Name:  Paranormal Palace Radio with Royce Holleman

Location:  Houston Texas

Website:  http://www.paranormalpalace.com/

Email:  redneckradioman@comcast.net

Phone:  713-859-5762

East Texas Paranormal Texas


etx paranormal

Name:  East Texas Paranormal

Location:  Kemp, TX

Website:  http://etxhaunted.com

Email:  etxparanormal@gmail.com

Phone:  903-340-7405


Paradigm Paranormal Investigators Texas


Paradigm Paranormal Investigators


Name:  Paradigm Paranormal Investigators

Location:  Dallas/Fort Worth

Email:  tandmclayton@sbcglobal.net

Phone:  214-704-4277

Nocturnal Paranormal

Nocturnal Paranormal Contact Name Nocturnal Paranormal
Location Alton, Illinois
Phone (618) 876-9246
Email email
Follow Us facebook
Specialty: We are a small paranormal research group located out of Alton, Illinois dedicated to helping others and searching for that which goes bump in the night. We do residential locations and offer cleansings as well.
Not Given

Woodlands Paranormal Texas


Woodlands Paranormal


Name:  Woodlands Paranormal

Location:  Spring, Texas

Website: woodlandsparanormal.com

Email:  cathy_nance@yahoo.com

Phone:  832-296-1858


Another Paranormal Society Texas


Another Paranormal Society


Name:  Another Paranormal Society

Location:  East Texas

Website:  www.anotherparanormalsociety.com

Email:  brandy@anotherparanormalsociety.com

Phone:  903-292-8735


Purple Sage Paranormal LLC

purplesagepara Contact Name  Marlane Barton
Location New Mexico
Phone 505-228-8463
Email email
Website Purplesageparanormal.com
Follow Us
Our group consists of members in their 40s, 50s and 60s. We investigate paranormal phenomena in both public and private venues. We also have conducted lectures in regards to the paranormal at the University of New Mexico, a Charter high school in Santa Fe and 9 of the ABC libraries in Albuquerque, New Mexico. “We don’t believe immortality because we have proved it; but, we forever try to prove it because we believe it.” James Martineau 19th century Unitarian minister.

Ghostfinders Texas



Name:  GhostFinders

Location:  El Paso, TX

Email:  ghostfinders@mail.com


Dallas Area Paranormal Society Texas

Dallas Area Paranormal Society


Name:  Dallas Area Paranormal Society

Location:  Dallas
Email:  dapsresidential@yahoo.com

Phone:  214.556.2100


Paranormal Truth Seekers Texas



Name:  Paranormal Truth Seekers

Location:  North Texas

Website:  http://www.facebook.com/Paratruth


Phone:  903-647-6999


Richard Contreras Texas


Name:  Richard Contreras – Mystic One-Stop Paranormal LLC

Location:  Dallas

Email:  rcontreras3237@gmail.com

Phone:  972 859 0196


Texas Paranormal Investigations Texas


Texas Paranormal Investigations


Name: Texas Paranormal Investigations (TPI)

Location:  Texas

Website:  http://www.texasparanormalinvestigations.com/

Email:  jeromy@txghosthunters.com



Ghost Investigators Team Texas


Ghost Investigators Team


Name:  Ghost Investigators Team

Location:  El Paso

Website:  http://www.wix.com/gotevps/git

Email:  gotevps@yahoo.com

Phone:  915-309-1509


Southern Paranormal Occult Research Team Texas





Location:  Houston,TX and surrounding areas

Website:  http://www.southernparanormaloccult.com/


Email:  sport.burrow.jim@gmail.com

Phone:  832-489-0412


Southern Paranormal Investigations Texas

Southern Paranormal Investigations


Name:  Southern Paranormal Investigations

Location:  South Texas

Website:  http://www.spi-texas.org/

Email:  jhanson@spi-texas.org



Graveyard Shift Paranormal Investigations Texas


Graveyard Shift Paranormal Investigations


Name:  Graveyard Shift Paranormal Investigations

Location:  Harlingen TX

Website:  http://www.graveyardshiftparanormal.com/

Email:  graveyardshiftparanormal@yahoo.com



Grayson Paranormal Society Texas


Name:  Grayson Paranormal Society

Location:  Denison TX

Website:  http://www.graysonparanormalsociety.com/index.html

Email:  info@graysonparanormalsociety.com

Phone:  903-624-2522




RIPCrew Texas



Name:  RIP Crew

Location: Central Texas

Website:  http://ripcrew.org/

Email:  robbie@ripcrew.org or shelleybird1@aol.com

Phone:  (817) 412-4842



Texas Intuitive Paranormal Research Texas

Name:  Texas Intuitive Paranornmal Research

Location:  Amarillo Tx and Surrounding Areas

Email: info@texasintuitive.com

Phone: 806.471.9313 or 806.584.2338

Unknown Paranormal Radio



Name:  Unknown Paranormal Radio Show

Location: Longview, TX

Website:  http://www.blogtalkradio.com/unknownpg     http://www.facebook.com/UnknownParanormalRadio

Email: jeff@unknownpg.com

Phone:  903-445-2875



Michelle Roan Texas

michele roan


Name: Michelle Roan

Location: Denton, TX

Email: ghostgirl@charter.net

Phone: 940-595-9300