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The Secret Language of Symbols in the Occult

The Secret Language of Symbols in the Occult
By: Tamara Ortiz

Sign and symbols rule the world, not words or laws. ~ Confucius

Hello Paranormal Seekers,

Many symbols used in the Occult and for magickal purposes share similar shapes, forms, ideas, meanings and histories. Knowing the similar histories and ideas of representation behind certain shapes and images found within symbols is “The Secret Language of Symbols.” What is wonderful about symbols is even in different cultures that don’t speak the same language, there will be an understanding of symbols shared amongst these cultures. The language of symbols encompasses the very simple in design to the very complicated. It can take many years to learn but learning how to read and decipher smaller/simpler symbols will lead you to being able to decipher more complicated symbols as you further your knowledge. I am going to discuss the most common symbols circle, triangle and the square.


The circle is a symbol of boundary and enclosure, moon and sun, life and death and is found in many cultures its representation is a powerful and profound one. It represents the infinite energy of nature, and of the universe. The circle represents many things but usually the representation is the cycle of a system such as the circle of life and other representations like it. The circle can also be the visual form of the word “us” when a symbol is placed within a circle this can mean group or can even trigger are brain to be drawn into the symbol within the circle, making the viewer connect with the representation involved.

The circle represents what is spiritual and sacred in nature. In Chinese symbolism the circle expresses the heavens and when this circle is viewed within a square (the square representing the earth) this symbolizes the union between heaven and earth. The well-known symbol of yin and yang is circular; this speaks to the duality for a unified balance. Many Celtics believe circles to be symbols of protection. In Egyptian cultures the circle had many meanings but one of its most profound was the representation of the sun god. Throughout the world you can find the symbolism of the circle and its many meanings.


The meaning of the triangle is structured in the number three, the vertical side will represent one aspect, the horizontal side another and then the two sides combining represents the hypotenuse, such as:

Mind, Body, Spirit
Past, Present, Future
Father, Son, Holy Ghost
Love, Truth, Wisdom
Waxing, Waning, Full

The triangle stands out from others shapes in its symbolism because it’s the one shape depending on your view, the meaning can change entirely. For example if a triangle is sitting flat on one of its sides it represents fire, male energy, active, up, father and solar energy but when you flip it on to its point it represents water, female energy, passive, down, mother and lunar energy. The triangle is very much tied to the number three, most practices of the occult incorporates the number three within its teachings thus represents three sides which equates to the triangle. You can find the triangle used in the Celtic culture in the form of the triskelion the triquetra and many other Celtic knots. Another well-known trinity is “Celtic Life:” Birth (renewal), Death (closure) and Life (transcendence). Triangles also represent the elements of fire, water, earth and air. Greek symbolism uses the triangle to represent to delta glyph and this is in representation of a doorway meaning through balanced thought and emotion you receive a higher knowledge.


The square’s fours sides and straight lines represent foundation, structure, stability, honesty, earth, integrity, male energy and the physical realm. Buddhist believe the square represents the human and the circle represents the divine and when together this means a balance within you. The square can represent the heart in some cultures, the four sides stand for angelic, diabolic, human and divine which equals awareness and inspiration. Although more often than not the symbolism of the square has four parts, it can also represent opposites such as light and dark, up and down, physical and spiritual. In the Hindu culture, the square represents the order of the universe. It is said when you draw the square in representation of the four elements it also stabilizes the elements because of the structural properties of the square.

Other symbolic meanings of the square:
The four cardinal directions (north, south, east, west)
The four major season (winter, spring, summer, autumn)
The four cosmic elements (suns, moons, planets, stars)
The four common phases of human life (birth, child, adult, death)
The four prime elements (fire, earth, air, water)

The vast knowledge of symbols and the secret language found within is a never ending interpretation. There is so much more that can be discussed regarding this amazing secret language. Even the shapes and the symbolism I have discussed today could go so much further and deeper into what they mean, there use in the occult and the history from which they came.

So…When you see a single shape, do you see the symbolism behind it? If so then you speak the secret language of symbols!

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