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Warrenton Paranormal Research Society

 Warrenton Paranormal Research Society Contact Name Heather Lynn Keeslling
Location Warrenton, Virginia
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Website  thewarrentonparanormalresearchsociety.webs.com/
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As a Ghost Hunting Unit, WPRS concentrates our research on the preliminary interviews and the base investigations. Our primary objective is to either substantiate the report of our client, or find a reasonable explanation for what they are experiencing.
Our equipment includes, but is not limited to, audio and video recorders, EMF meters, motion sensors, and temperature guns. WPRS’s investigations have included historical sites, private homes and commercial properties. The primary function of the investigations is to be able to document paranormal activity, thereby giving credence to
the client that the activity is real and not imagined. If, during the investigation, we find that there is a reasonable explanation for the activity, that will also be reported. After the investigation a written report will be presented, along with a digital copy of all photos and audio on CD.
The standard WPRS team will consist of two-to-four investigators. All of whom have been involved in multiple investigations.
It is our policy to insure that no damage is done to any of the client’s property. Therefore, all of our equipment is hand held or on tripods, we do not string cables or use tape on any surfaces