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Grave Concerns Paranormal Investigations and Research

Grave Concerns Contact Name  Jeff Conner
Location Clovis NM , west Texas and All of NM
Phone (575) 762-9989
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Website paraportal.wix.com/graveconcerns
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Tx-Paranormal Search Investigators Texas


Name:  Tx-Paranormal Search Investigators

Location:  El Paso, Texas

Email:  dreamcatchertmz@yahoo.com




Ghostfinders Texas



Name:  GhostFinders

Location:  El Paso, TX

Email:  ghostfinders@mail.com


Ghost Investigators Team Texas


Ghost Investigators Team


Name:  Ghost Investigators Team

Location:  El Paso

Website:  http://www.wix.com/gotevps/git

Email:  gotevps@yahoo.com

Phone:  915-309-1509