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Delta Colorado Paranormal Investigators

 delta-colorado-paranormal Contact Name Cynthia Hammer
Location Delta, CO
Anywhere throughout Western Colorado
Phone 970-549-7054
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We seek out the Truth to help families and business find out what they are seeing and feeling. We do intense Research of the Property we are investigating. Some of our Investigations have been a double suicide in Crawford, Colorado, A couple of Investigation in the Canyons and abandon Cabins (hint: Mike does like Bourbon more then Coffee.), Private homes in the area and contacting lost love ones for family closure. We also investigated a lady that was murdered which gave us so much information on who and how she died. We bless homes and cast out any evil that may be lingering around. We never judge the dead for their pass life. Give us a call, we would love to help anyway and our service is always FREE and PRIVATE. We never give out the location we investigate for the owners privacy.