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Northern Wisconsin Paranormal Society

Contact Name Kevin Malek
Location Rhinelander, Wisconsin
Phone (715) 614-1204
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A greater good, non-profit organization that studies, investigates, & documents paranormal & supernatural phenomenon in northern Wisconsin. We investigate all areas of the paranormal. We have one member, Jennifer Scelsi, studying to be a Praesidium Warrior of St. Michael, Kevin is also a Mufon investigator, Kevin and Jennifer Scelsi host a radio show on the Paranormal King Network on Fridays at 7 pm CT. There most recent guest was Loyd Auerbach. They were also guests on Coast to Coast radio. The team has a minister, Chomingwen Pond, a psychotherapist,Tom McGuire MA LPC, several mediums and experienced tech manager. Kevin and Jennifer Scelsi are also paranormal historians. Currently the Society is supporting the Restoration of Summerwind by helping with investigations open to the public at Summerwind.


 NPS-Default Contact Name  Scott Petersen
Location Westfield, WI and World wide
Phone (608) 450-0192
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Website  www.Spirit-Help.com 
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I personally cleanse people and their homes of unwanted or lost entities. I perform energy balancing of homes, businesses, etc. I provide personal energy to a persons’ own mental, emotional and spiritual aspects. I can perform personal health assessments to determine troubled areas within the spiritual and physical body.

WISPR / Wisconsin Society for Paranormal Research

wispr Contact Name Denni Towle
Location  Green Bay, Wisconsin
Phone  (920) 541-SPIRIT
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Website www.TitletownParanormal.com
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The Ghost Mystery Inc. organization has been incredibly busy over the past couple of years, but never too busy to thank our generous supporters for your time, patience, and interest. When we were initially approached with the idea of launching a television show based on our involvements and adventures our first reaction was to consider how doing so would impact our local communities, public & private clients, places of historic significance, and peer groups within this shared interest of “paranormal” – particularly those here in Wisconsin and Florida. Our primary goals have been, and will continue to be, focused on how our presence, activities, and interactions affect those with which we share this beautiful & historically rich region of the country, and how effectively we can; reach out to help those in need, teach those who want to learn, and influence those who are looking for direction. It is with our best of intentions that we bring the Ghost Mystery Inc. experience to you, the viewer, via the upcoming WISPR TV web show. WISPR proudly presents the perspective of the investigator – exciting events and lackluster moments because, at the end of each episode, we believe this is the only perspective that will leave today’s sophisticated viewers satisfied. It is what it is, and it’s time to bring that darkness into the light. The average WISPR viewer is about “authenticity” and we’re proud to bring the essence of our experiences to life in each of our episodes. We’re forever grateful & thankful for your continued support and, as always, we encourage you to reach out to us in a personal way by joining our ghost hunting group, “liking” our WISPR Media Facebook page, joining our Ghost Mystery Inc. Facebook Group, and “Following” our WISPRMedia and WISPR Twitter accounts.


And, of course, we openly welcome receiving your production tips, historical leads, and ideas for investigation locations, via e-mail.WISPR was established in 2000 and remained a very small organization until Spring of 2013. It is from these humble beginnings that WISPR is rooted, and with our unwavering dedication to our client-base, and passion for conducting investigations to the best of our collective ability, we continue to grow. It’s with pride that we can firmly state; the Ghost Mystery Inc. team name is associated with professionalism, dependability, and a solid reputation. We’ve worked hard to get where we are, and we’re thankful to everyone who helped us get here.“What goes bump in the night? We try to answer this question & more.” – Ghost Mystery Inc. is about finding rational evidence of the paranormal. We’re very active within our local communities and invite you to join our meet-up group where we do our best to bring you into the WISPR experience.

The American Club Resort

americanclub Address 419 Highland Dr
Kohler, Wisconsin  53044
Phone (866) 462-5645
Email email
Website www.americanclubresort.com/
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The Rave – Eagles Club

therave Address 2401 West Wisconsin Ave
Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Phone (414) 342-7283
Email email
Website http://www.therave.com/main.asp
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Octagon House

octagonhouseFDL Address 276 Linden St
Fond du Lac, Wisconsin 54935
Phone (920) 923-5656
Email email
Website www.octagonhousefdl.com
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Brumder Mansion

brumder Address 3046 W. Wisconsin Ave
Milwaukee, Wisconsin  53208
Phone (414)342-9767
Email email
Website milwaukeebedbreakfast.com
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AL Ringling Mansion

Al_Ringling_Mansion_Main Address 623 Broadway St.
Baraboo, Wisconsin 53913
Phone (608) 448-7455
Email email
Website www.ringlingmansion.com
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Great Lakes Paranormal Research Team

Milwaukee Lighthouse. Contact Name Liza Segleau
Location Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Phone 262-649-2688
Email email
Website glprt.weebly.com
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We investigate homes, businesses and we help individuals experiencing personal issues with possible paranormal events.

International Ghost Research Society

NPS-Default Contact Name Donald Mull
Location Des Moines, Iowa
Phone (515) 554-8052
Email email
Website igrsociety.com
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Our group is dedicated to the scientific evaluation and study of all  things paranormal. We have Donald Mull, Justin Fisher, Ben Watson, all in Iowa, Pat Bussen in Wisconsin and Dale Arthur, founder of Ghost Study Australia, in Australia.We are a group of friends trying to solve the phantom equation. We look at things in our investigations in a scientific light and eliminate all factors, leaving only the unexplained.We do this for a hobby but would not mind helping others understanding on what may or may not be paranormal. So send us some ideas if you are within Iowa.

Clearwater Paranormal

NPS-Default Contact Name Tina
Location Eau Claire, Wisconsin
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We are a group of four members who share a common interest in the paranormal. We provide investigations for both residential and business. Our investigations are professional, confidential and always at no charge. We provide our services to the Eau Claire, Wisconsin area as well as surrounding areas.

S-P-I-R-I-T (Supernatural Phenomenon Investigation Research Intercession Team)

NPS-Default Contact Name Jim Wright
Phone (608)-963-3098
Email email
Website www.spiritwisconsin.org
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Our mission is to try and debunk any and all activity and have complete explanation of our findings no matter if it is paranormal or normal.  Our investigations are 100% free, there is absolutely no charge to the
client at all.

R.A.P.S. Michigan

RAPS Contact Name Bradley Luoma
Location Detroit MI
Phone (734) 469-7910
Email email
Website redfordparanormal.wix.com/raps
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Demonic Infestation, Demonic Oppression, Demonic Possession.  We bless, cleanse and will perform rights of Exorcism (worst case scenario’s) for afflicted people.  Trained minister by the A.A.E. with blessings of the Church.  We do NOT Ghost Hunt, we remove the entities out of the home or lives of people.  Our group consists of 5 team
members currently to assist the Minister.  We will work all cases in a 6 state region from Detroit (Illinois, Indiana, Wisconsin, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Michigan).  We will travel to other states depending on the level of need.  We do NOT condone Psychic’s, Seances, Tarot Cards, Mediums or other Occult falseness.

Madison Medium & Associates Wisconsin

NPS-Default Contact Name Melanie Fritz
Location Cambridge, WI
Phone (608) 445-3497
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I am an Intuitive Medium. Jose Prado told me to say “Jose recommended me to you.” I have studied independently for 3 years with a month long internship in the very beginning. I have done private readings, families and group readings professionally for over two and a half years. I am very good at what I do but always strive to be better and seek a deeper understanding of protection and darkness so as to keep myself and my little boys from harm. I thank you for your time.

Wisconsin & Illinois Paranormal Investigation Team (WIPIT)

Wisconsin & Illinois Paranormal Investigation Team (WIPIT) Contact Name Laura Baker
Location Orfordville, Wisconsin
Phone (815) 289-6113
Email email
Website wisconsinpit.org/
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TnT Paranormal Investigators LLC

TnT Paranormal Investigators LLC Contact Name Melissa Tanner
Location Orlando, FL
FL, IL, MO, and WI
Phone 630-776-3610
Email email
Website www.tntparanormal.com
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TnT Paranormal Investigators LLC, also known as TnT Paranormal, is a paranormal research and investigation team headquartered in Central Florida with chapters in the Chicagoland, Milwaukee, and St. Louis areas. TnT Paranormal Investigators LLC use approaches/methods, techniques, processes, and technologies to investigate client locations (residential or commercial) to evaluate their reports of paranormal activity. We use these tools and processes to determine if these experiences are natural/environmental, man-made, or paranormal.
We will investigate with an open mind, but will not jump to conclusions. We will try to find man-made or natural causes while investigation claims. We do NOT use Ouija boards, witch boards, occult type of practices, or conduct séances.
We are dedicated to providing research, investigations, and documentation of paranormal activity as it relates to ghosts, spirits, and hauntings. We hope that the documentation of data will aid in our efforts in educating the public about, as well as encourage, understanding and awareness of paranormal activity.

Northern Alliance of Paranormal Investigators

Northern Alliance of Paranormal Investigators Contact Name Nikki Krebs
Location Kenosha,WI
Phone (262) 748-0476
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Studies mythology & the occult. I am a ssensitive. Study pyschic and medium abilities. I have Empath and energy seeking abilities.

Instrumental Transcommunication



ITC – The Basics


Submitted by Mitchell Goth


ITC, it stands for Instrumental Transcommunication, and it’s safe to say that just about every paranormal investigator out there has used it, but not many know the meaning of ITC, and some still haven’t even heard the term before. ITC is a rather broad term of electronic spirit communication as opposed to EVP which just includes voice recorder communication, although EVP is a sub-category of ITC.
In reality, if you’re communicating electronically in any way shape or form with spirits, it’s ITC. The most common devices used for ITC are digital/analog recorders (for EVP of course), ghost/spirit boxes like the Shack-Hacks and the P-SB7, and even EMF detectors. EMF detectors can only be considered ITC tools if you use them for communication rather than for diagnostics and searching for random EMF spikes. Along with all of these you can also find specialized ITC devices such as the Ovilus. For those who are unfamiliar with that the device, the Ovilus is an ITC tool that contains an internal electronic dictionary that is powered by environmental sensors. The theory behind the Ovilus is that spirits can manipulate the environment to choose their words from the dictionary to speak.
While those are the most common methods of ITC, there are many other smaller sub-category’s. Television communication was a very popular means of ITC back in the 80’s. It was used mostly to capture visual evidence through blank channels, but was utilized later on as a means of audio communication/white noise generation (a lot like the TV from the movie Poltergeist, but on a less dramatic scale). Other forms of ITC include people using phones, cameras/camcorders, bionic ears, and even fax machines to communicate with the dead.
Since the 1970’s ITC has been a staple of the paranormal investigation community. But, it seems that it has become so common, people have all but forgotten that it’s still a term at all. But, remembered or not, ITC is used by every paranormal investigator who utilizes any of the above techniques, or any other kind of electronic communication, it’s really any type of way to achieve intelligent ghostly communication with electronics, be the result audio or visual evidence. So, as long as you don’t entirely rely on metaphysical means of investigation, you use ITC on your paranormal investigations.



Mitchell Goth is the Wisconsin State Representative for the NPS, and a passionate researcher in the paranormal field.  He can be reached via email at mitchell.goth@yahoo.com




Old School Paranormal Wisconsin

NPS-Default Contact Name
Location Waukesha, Wisconsin
Phone (262) 424-6127
Email email
Website oldschoolparanormalwisconsin.webs.com/
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