TCB Paranormal

NPS-Default Contact Name Sherry and Tony
Location Central California (based out of Modesto)
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We have many years of experience combined from our members. Currently, our adventures consist of mostly Northern/Central California and Nevada locations. As time goes on and the team gains strength and a growing, positive reputation, we aim to branch out to further destinations. We are not interested in becoming famous or popular, we just strive to help when and where we can, and to do what we love. Our mission is to explore reports of paranormal phenomena, and educate our clients on the paranormal, supernatural or unexplained. TCB Paranormal will never charge a fee for any service provided. Any investigative team that charges for their service should be considered fraudulent. We utilize a variety of up-to-date, professional equipment. If we are unable to provide assistance to anyone requesting our service, we can, with permission, attempt to locate an organization that may be able to help. TCB Paranormal begins each investigation as skeptics, aiming to provide a rational explanation for all reports of activity.