Anastasia Megremi

Alternate Assistant Director - Div 4

Hello everyone I am Lykos Firewarspecialist. This is my code name for facebook and other websites. On the photo I am girl to the right. I am 17 years old, I am an athlete of karate and jujitsu and my goal is to become a champion. Another occupation of mine is music, I play guitar and write songs. I’ve always been into paranormal, I have had some experiences with it both good and bad and since last year I am studying everything, although I am expertised on demonology because my mentor is a demonologist. I have also studied ghostology, angels, witchcraft (only from an academic perspective), lore and many books related to them. Especially here in Greece there are lots of stories around the country, but few are willing to investigate them. Ghost hunters here are not really accepted here so it makes the job harder. But of course that wouldn’t stop me from being one.