Andrea Wilkins Morelli

Senior Director

Hello, My name is Andrea and I currently live in Welch, OK. I was born 25 March, 1974 and have three babies… A 17 y/o; a soon to be 16 y/o; and even sooner to be 13 y/o.My full blown interest in the paranormal began when my youngest was two. She had a “friend” as most little ones do, but this friend she came face to face with eight months after she first started making me do things like, buckle him in the car, feed him and make him a bed on the floor. She came face to picture with him by chance at a local cemetery! I have had my own experiences, but chalked it up to just being over imaginative. However, sharing in this experience with my littlest baby, peaked my interested beyond words.I look forward to being able to help educate, keep receiving education and pressing on in the paranormal world!