Candy A. Meehan

Executive Director

Candy started with NPS as a representative and Department Chair overseeing the Aliens & UFOs department. Since that time she has headed up various other departments such as Demonology, Occult, and Ancient Mysteries. To say she is well rounded in the paranormal field is an understatement. She has had numerous experiences in her life that have continued to tie her to the paranormal in some form or fashion making her passionate about this field. In December 2013 Candy took over NPS as Executive Director with 12,000 members; today we are nearing 50,000 members who reach as far as Ghana, Malta, the Middle East, the United Kingdom, Canada and the United States.Through her commitment, passion, exploration, and dedication to not only the members of NPS but those she chooses to represent NPS as a whole, her vision is to make a serious impact in the Fringe Sciences not only in the United States but around the world. Candy has a deep understanding of the Earth and looks to science for clarification as well as standards of methodology. She is compelled by curiosity and the need for knowledge within the Fringe Sciences.