Jaime Nessett

Representative - Div 6

Hello, my name is Jaime Nessett. But lot’s call me Jai. I was born on November, 22 , 1976. Born in Mason City, IA. I am engaged to be married to my best friend and also have two handsome boys. One 15 and the other is 1. I’m a avid disc golfer. I am also a ordained minister and can preform house blessings and exorcisms. I’ve always had a fascination with the paranormal and became even more so while living in my sulfur, ok house. We had a residual shadow, a benevolent entity and a malevolent entity who resided with us. I have a skull fetish. I love skulls. I’m also a with a paranormal investigation team as well. And love to research and learn new things and spread my knowledge.