Jake Fife

NPS Representative

My name is Jacob Fife. I am a paranormal investigator with over 8 years of in the field experience and I am the co-founder of Fife Paranormal based out of Virginia. I have had paranormal experiences all my life and since the age of 9 I have been on the search for answers for the experiences I had when I was very young. I am a believer in the paranormal but I like to approach each investigation with healthy skepticism as I believe this doesn’t cloud my judgement from what is and what isn’t paranormal. My approach to investigations is I pay more attention to what my body is telling me than what any piece of equipment is telling me. I love history, photography, old music, and I try to use my love of history to study and get as much background on a location as humanly possible. I also conduct my own experiments with various devices to try and find other ways to communicate with spirits.