Jim Brown

Representative - Div 2

I am Jim Brown. Located in Southwest Pennsylvania, I have been investigating claims of paranormal activity as an independent researcher for nearly 40 years, taking a scientific approach to all such cases. My specialty is in the electronics and instrumentation field, having a lifetime background in that area. I worked for West Virginia University for 30 years until retirement in that capacity. Currently I continue to do electronics work as a consultant to those needing custom design and specialized equipment using my own facilities.

I also provide consultation services to investigative groups and researchers who are investigating reports of unexplained activity with regards to evidence analysis and evaluation. My primary goal in that capacity is not to provide a final conclusion in the case, rather it is to provide an evaluation of evidence based on the content provided. In so doing it allows the primary investigator to use the evaluation as a tool to draw his conclusion based on data from an unbiased source.