Julie Ann Schnider

Representative -

Hello, my name is Julie Schnider. I am a happily married wife and mom to my 17 year old daughter and step-mom to my 18 year old son. I am the founder of WAID Paranormal based in WA State. WAID Paranormal is the second team that I founded going back 5 years. I am also the lead investigator and case manager. My focus has been primarily on audio and demonology. My team and I are diligent in trying to debunk claims before claiming they are paranormal in nature. I have personally witnessed the dark side of the paranormal and this event is why I chose to research and form a paranormal team. I believe that when people need help, especially families, there should be a resource available. If adults and children are able to sleep well at night, free from activity or with a better understanding of what’s happening, then my job is complete.