Shawny Darby

Senior Director

Hi. As you can see, my name is Shawny Darby. Born in April of ’76 and mother to one sweet and sassy girl who is currently revelling in the fact that she has just surpassed me height wise. Lol!

I currently drive for Uber and work as a territory manager for Mosaic Sales and Marketing which has recently become integrated as a subsidiary for Acosta.

I have always had experiences with the paranormal for as long as I can remember. My family tended to hush these things as no one really understood or wanted to understand what was happening. I am one who likes getting answers and I never liked being brushed off or receiving canned answers regarding these things. I began my quest for answers when the internet became publicly available. But I did not devote myself to this quest as wholeheartedly until much later.

When my daughter was born I began realizing there were things happening even more so than I was aware of. Over the first two years she would say things and do things that caused me to question what my stance would be when she was old enough to realize the difference between this realm and the other side. It was then that I vowed to never let her feel like I had when I was shut down so many times with so much confusion. I vowed to find some kind of answers that would help her know that not only was she not alone, but that I would be right there with her helping her through and helping her find some answers that could, at least possibly, make some sort of sense. I can honestly say…she is way more comfortable with herself in that department than I ever was at her age.

My quest for answers continues…as does hers. I have had the privilege of investigating and researching both as a group with others as well as independently. For now…I choose independent research while researching collaboratively with others.