Sheri Collins

Assistant Executive Director

National Paranormal Society (NPS)
Assistant Executive Director
Department Head: Photography & NPS Photography Team
Department Head: Investigation & Research Education Resources

NPS of Texas
Founder, Case Manager, Lead Investigator

Sheri has always had an interest in the paranormal – from watching different paranormal shows over the
years to having déjà vu experiences throughout all her life that she has tried to put an explanation to.
She has had several encounters over the years and takes more of an “old school” approach to her research
in the paranormal. She is a supporter of today’s modern technology being used on investigations and encourages the use of various tools when investigating. Fascinated by modern day paranormal equipment,

Sheri’s team is a Focus Team for a local paranormal equipment manufacturer and will use their products during their investigations. Sheri is always looking for a new “old school” method to try on investigations
and will often employ the use of trigger objects in an effort to get a response. She became fascinated with the pendulum after using a set of original jailer’s keys as a trigger object on an investigation at a local
historic jail and they began to sway in response to her questions. Sheri is a huge proponent of education in the paranormal field choosing to debunk things immediately by trying to recreate situations and experiment to find logical explanations to things that have happened or been captured in photographs or on video in an effort to prove or disprove the paranormal activity.

You will often find Sheri assisting and consulting with other paranormal teams on their cases. She is well respected in the paranormal community and spends time working with members of NPS talking about their experiences and assisting members with finding teams local to them if they are outside of the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex. Sheri is constantly studying and researching paranormal subjects in an effort to educate herself further for her clients and is currently studying the subject of Demonology on her path to become a Demonlogist.

Sheri is a certified paralegal and Notary Public for the State of Texas. Her professional background includes working in the non-profit sector, legal field, sports marketing, handling event coordination and business management. She is active in volunteering in her community’s charity organizations and events.

Sheri serves as the Assistant Executive Director of the National Paranormal Society (NPS) where she has been a member since the organization started back in 2011. Her responsibilities in the organization include overseeing the Photography department and the NPS Photography Team in addition to leading the Investigation & Research Education Resources department which provides information, links, and articles surrounding education in the paranormal field. Sheri also periodically writes articles for the NPS website that are tied to photography and education. She is the founder of NPS of Texas, a paranormal research and investigative team based out of Dallas, Texas. You can visit her team at