The Amstel House

The Amstel House

By: Katie Snow
2 E 4th Street
New Castle, DE 19720
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Built in 17th century The Amstle House and The Finney Inn, were homes of means. They are two homes that face each other and were owned by a father and son who had a connecting tunnel beneath ground for passage between the two. Amstel House, Now a Museum, is said to be the most paranomally active with most of the activity taking place on the third floor. Windows will open and close of their own accord, items soar through the air and are found in alternate locations then where originally placed.

Many of the locals as well as visitors have spoke of a women in a blue dress that haunts the well to do home. She has been seen for over a century on and off gazing out the windows. No one knows for sure who she may be, however, there are three likely possibilities. A woman named Elizabeth who’s child died moments after birth and she herself passed shortly after, another woman named Elizabeth who watched her whole family be consumed by TB or Ms Anna Finney herself.

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Katie Snow

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My name is Kathy Snow however in the Paranormal world I am simply known as katie! My team and I take the paranormal field very seriously and have been up and down the eastern seaboard investigating known and unknown locations. My team consists of all family members giving us the opportunity to work well together with no drama. I am a national as well as internationally published paranormal writer. Our evidence has been shown on My ghost story caught on camera and we work hard within our community to bring awareness and understanding to the field. There are four ordained ministers on the team. After 16 years in the field we no longer do in house investigations as we are out trying to find unknown haunted locations and we consult on cases other teams may have questions on. After founding 3 teams, we have recently relocated and our new team name is Dead Ringer Paranormal. We are proud of the work we do and try to show the community it is a scientific field of study and a lot of work goes into what we all do. We are an old world team meaning we investigate with just what we need, we do not hook up wires and tons of equipment, we believe in studying the paranormal in traditional proven ways. I am excited and proud to have been asked to be a rep for NPS..
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