The Bell Nursing Home Ohio


The Bell Nursing Home



The Bell Nursing Home in Kimbolton Ohio is a 14000 sq. ft. facility.  The original house was built in the 1800s, two large additions have been added since.  The building has served as a family home, funeral home, tannery, nursing home, and now offers paranormal tours.

Many that have come to visit and many who have worked there in the past, have reported seeing, hearing, feeling, and smelling things that could not be rationally explained.  Visitors have reported hearing a woman scream, hearing footsteps and voices, seeing misty and shadowy figures throughout the building, and much more.

The owners have personally heard footsteps while no one else was in the building, seen lights turn on by themselves, heard doors slam, seen doors open, seen figures in the empty halls, and countless other unexplained occurrences.

The owners have captured photos of figures that were not there, video of movement in empty halls, and audio of people who were not present at the time of the recordings.

Some footage is available on YouTube. Search for the Bell Nursing Home. Other audio recordings are posted on our information site:

We have a Facebook page also, search for the Apparition Commission.


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Kimbolton, Ohio


Natalie Dickendasher