The Brightside

13The Brightside
Raquette Lake
In the heart of the Adirondacks, NY
(not accessible by car)
While it is currently being used for Fiber Optic training classes, you may contact
John Bruno for more information at 315-737-2157 or email
The Brightside Hotel is a rustic inn on Raquette Lake \in the Adirondacks. Originally a residence in the 1880s, the Bryere family build a hotel and a complex in the style of the Adirondack great camps. Now owned by The Light Connection, it has been renovated and modernized.
The owners admit to non-living gusts and residents and share living guests’ stories. Many have reported being touched or seeing something watching them. In the 1970s, a husband’s death in a blizzard, has since caused witnesses to see the wife waiting for her husband in their room if the piano is being played below. During renovations workers found two coats from yesteryear on a coatrack; a situation that has never been explained. Because the original owner was the county’s coroner, bodies were stored in the basement if the ground was frozen. One room seems to have continual reports of blue orb-like lights seen by the naked eye, if that is not enough, the bed also sometimes shakes. There are other reports of activity in the kitchen, doors acting strangely without human intervention, and cameras taking pictures on their own.
According to the Brightside’s web site, in 2002, the Mohawk Valley Ghost Hunters investigated and found some evidence in the original building.
The building is only accessible by boat.