The Burrunjor of Australia

w1When we think if dinosaurs, one of the first to come to mind is Tyrannosaurus Rex. A terrifying two legged 40 foot killing machine. He has been brought to life by fossils in museums and into our nightmares by movies like “The Lost World” and “Jurrasic Park”. The king of the dinosaurs leaving a path of destruction in his wake. Thank goodness he died out 65 million years ago. In the case of the Burrunjor, the Aboriginal tribes of the Arnhem Land region of Australlia will disagree with you.

Among the Aboriginals, stories of Burrunjor have been around for centuries. There are even ancient Aboriginal cave drawings of the creature. 25 to 30 feet tall walking on hind legss with to small , useless looking front legs, this reptillian appearing cryptid certainly sounds like a Tyrannosaurus. They are said to roam across the Gulf country and Cape York.

It is not just an Aboriginal myth however. Many cattlemen, explorers, and vacationers have claimed to have encountered these creatures.

In 1950, cattlemen lost many cattle to a mysterious predator that left half eaten carcassas in a path from the border country to Burketown. Searchers on horseback set out to investigate. They found huge three-toed tracks, measuing 2 to 3 feet wide around the kill sites. They followed the tracks through some jungle type terrain into a swampland area. When they reached the swampland area, the cattle dogs and horses refused to go any further. Most of the searchers heeded the advice of their animals and turned back. Two men decided to press forward on foot. When they came to an open swampy area one of the men saw a huge 30 foot reptillian creature in the timber a little ways away. The men quickly retreated.

In 1961, Johnny Matthews, a part aboriginal tracker, claims to have seen a 25 foot bipedal reptile moving through the scrub near lagoon creek on the Gulf coast. Johnny was quoted as saying “Hardly anyone outsite my own people belive my story, but I know what I saw”.

In the 1970’s , Northern territory busman and explorer , Bryan Clark, was mustering cattle in the Urapunji area when he became lost. It took him three days to get back to the homestead where he started and there he heard an interesting story. Unknown to Bryan, two aboriginals and a mounted policeman had picked up his tracks and were searching for him while he was lost. On the first night, the policeman and trackers made camp on the outskirts of the scrub. After they had eaten and settled in for the night, the policeman was awakened by the yelling and scurrying around of his aboriginal trackers. He heard a huffing noise made by an obviously large animal and realized that the ground was shaking. All three men quickly gathered their belongings and rode away. The policeman warned Bryan to not return to that area again because if he got lost again he would be “on his own” as the policeman would not be going out there to look for him.

w2In 1985, the Askey family were taking a trip to Roper River Mission. On their way they decided to take a side road for some sight seeing. Just as they were about to turn around and resume their journey, in the distance they saw something that frightened them terribly. There on the plain were two bipedal reptillian creatures moving across the land scape. They appeared “greyish brown and looked like dinosaurs”. They family of 4 did not waste time resuming their journey.

Over the years, numerous three-toed tracks have been found, photographed and even cast. The tracks are all three-toed and 2 to 3 feet wide. The most popular theory is that the creature is actually a species of giant monitor lizard. Monitor lizards have been known to raise up and travel on their hind legs for short distances. They are also more likely to survive in Australlia’s harsh terrain and climate. The world the dinosaurs lived in was much different than it is now. Most of the larger animals they relied on for food are gone as well as the pollution free, oxygen rich atmosphere. Is the king of the dinosaurs still holding reign in the outback of Australlia? Until one is captured live or on film we can only speculate. Until then, as always, you be the judge.…/th…/the-burrunjor-of-australia/……/burrunjor-living-din…

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Sara Fawley

Hello my name is Sara Fawley. I was born and raised in San Diego, Ca Oct 1965. I lived there until I was 19, then moved with my now ex-husband to Texas where I lived for the next 25 years. I have two grown sons who are married and have lives and families of their own. My current husband and I now live in a small town in Arkansas with our dachshund Shabar. I owned and antiques and collectibles shop but closed it down in September 2013 after having a heart attack. I still buy and sell antiques and collectibles and make handmade natural gemstone jewelry which we sell at shows and festivals. I don't recall ever not knowing that there was more than just us out there. My first experience happened when I was a young child and was visited by my godfather "Grandpa Clyde" at the time of his death and for three weeks after that. I have seen one other full bodied apparition in my life and had several other minor experiences that left me scratching my head.I am not an investigator but have a huge thirst for knowledge. I am always looking up this or that legend, myth or story I hear or sometimes I just have random thoughts and look them up to see if anyone else thinks the same way. I am very analytically minded and always like to get to the bottom of things.
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